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Fire Patch Vietnam Update 1.3.3


List Members of Team :

– Steven Pham
– Sad.Kulnie
– theblues911
– alexnguyen
– Mr_Zung
– kuchjc
– Mikazan
– Nhandi
– hak91200

Fire Patch Vietnam update 1.3.2 released #2/11/2011:

– Add 81 HD boots (correct all settings about it)
– Fix color kits
– Add new faces HD and fix hairs
– Install 1.3 –> 1.3.2

******** LIST **********



Preview boots for Fire Patch 2012 update 1.3.2


Using Fire Tool must install Microsoft .NET Framework 4 & Microsoft Visual C++ 2005

* Run as Administrator when you run Tool Selector.


– Delete previous version
– Install pes 2012 Full -> Login Game–>Install Patch
– Don’t use our data to the other patch. It is our effort, please respect it.

Credit & thanks to: Barcafan (UE tool), Juce (kitserver), KO (Scoreboard), xEdux (logo), alexiz, toxic_nova, mentorman13 (kit Liga Zon Sarges), pesfan (some kits), dimasalmarza (Peru’s kit), Tottimas (kit some national), milan84 (ballpack), ilhan, Ercan Ayan, Leo Arsalan (Tool HD), Boonaun (81 slot boots), kit maker, boots maker, face maker

Download Fire Patch Vietnam update 1.3 AIO (if you don’t have it) :

filesonic pes-patch.com download filesonic pes-patch.com download filesonic pes-patch.com download
wupload pes-patch.com download wupload pes-patch.com download wupload pes-patch.com download

Download Fire Patch Vietnam update 1.3.2 :

filesonic pes-patch.com download wupload pes-patch.com download

Download Fire Patch Vietnam update 1.3.3 :

– Fix font & number Away kit MU
– Fix Ball in Old Trafford Stadium
– Fix logo Classic Teams
– Setup 1.3–>1.3.2–>1.3.3

filesonic pes-patch.com download wupload pes-patch.com download

Fire Patch 2012 is compatible with KONAMI patch 1.02 : (new) 08.11.2011

filesonic pes-patch.com download wupload pes-patch.com download

Note: Setup 1.3AIO->1.3.2–>1.3.3–> File compatible with KONAMI patch 1.02

(Thanks Juce for kitserver 12.0.8)


Stadium Pack 2012 ver 2.0 for Fire Patch 2012

List Stadium:

* Anfield Stadium
* Britania Stadium
* Craven Cottage
* DW Stadium
* Emirates Stadium
* Etihad Stadium
* Ewood Park
* Loftus Road
* Reebok Stadium
* St. James Park
* Stamford Bridge
* White Hart Lane

Credits: SKT-SRG, Superwagon, All Stadium Maker.

Download Stadium Pack:

filesonic pes-patch.com download filesonic pes-patch.com download
wupload pes-patch.com download wupload pes-patch.com download


– Delete Fire Patch 2012 Selector.exe
– Download and setup again file is compatible patch 1.02


Note: Setup 1.3 AIO->1.3.2–>1.3.3–> File compatible with KONAMI patch 1.02

(Thanks Juce about kitserver 12.0.8)


  1. for the 1st.. thanks fire patch. i want asking, is it delete the previous version? make it the fresh installation?

  2. dude due to some reason i had to uninstall pes 2012 and now im reinstalling…as u know earlier i had the 1.3 installed so how should i go about installing the update…pls reply steven

  3. yea thnx done…great work on the boots and faces….chelsea players look awesome…but de gea was much better in the prev patch…b.munich,man city kit looks gr8 now…

  4. My game stopped working after installing the update. I did not delete the previous version and I just ran the update file. I can load the game but when I try to start a match, the game stalls. Anyone else have this problem?

  5. still munich home kits are not red in the edit player option i can see red kit but during the game its either black or white…is that a problem u havent fixed?

  6. thank you for the patch … but somme players dont have their real position and ability when i play ML example … beckham is LB ,Henry Is 62′ (rating) … evrything is ok in exebition mode … do i need to start another ML ??

  7. varios kits estan mal… por ejemplo chile tiene el dorsal muy abajo, varias faces del parche estan malas, pero es el parche mas bueno de PES

  8. Seems like some teams in nPower championship are still half-way there (like Nottingham forest players half looking quite wrong, and some have no nationality)

    Otherwise great patch by this team as always!

  9. your patch is good. but when i play english premier league, the ball is not premier league ball after i installed patch 1.3.3. that is pes 2012 ball. could you change that please??? thank you….

  10. I have a problem… i can start pes 2012 but when I start an match “i got a blue screen and the loading icon doesnt move … so the match doesnt start and I have to quit the game

  11. Kiefr: i will fix all players in next version

    @all: we edit from Konami, different slot faces, kit, iD new player and slot team and all.

  12. This is really a great patch. But i have encounter the problem that disturb me a lot. When i finish install 1.3, it will automatically pop up ‘Fire Patch 2012 selector’ and i can play it using that windows popup. However, when i close it and use the same icon as located in desktop/in the program file directory, it doesn’t work. I can’t play after i have restarted the computer coz the the program only appears once, how can i do. Can you answer me urgently???

  13. 1.If i understood well, when i have the Fire patch 1.2, I need to delete whole game, to install 1.3?
    2.Is it possible to backup some savegame files (master league etc.)?

  14. backup file save football life. Delete previous version. Setup 1.3AIO->1.3.2–>1.3.3–> File compatible with KONAMI patch 1.02

  15. Hi ppl,

    Can anyone tell me how to enable the 81 boots? I already have the .bin files in the correct pasts, but still have 36 showing in the game. Thanks!

  16. Fire Patch 2012 is compatible with KONAMI patch 1.02 this one i have to instal after konami 1.02 or after i install fire patch?

  17. Something went wrong i had 1.2 and I installed 1.3 with all updates , but my some of french league teams have npower team kits. What sould i do ? THank you.

  18. map ubication sudamerica teams correction please!!!! xD this pach amazing!!! Greats!! from Argentina!!!

  19. @lukas: remove 1.2 don’t need previous version. Setup 1.3–1.3.2–1.3.3–File is compatible

  20. @stevenpnt,do I have to install KONAMI patch 1.02 after your last update u have done in 08.11.2011, or Konami patch already included in the update?

  21. Stevenpnt , might I ask you when you are planning to realease an update patch just wondering cant wait to get new faces. Can you tell me how to inport faces to Pes would be perfect. Thank you again. Patch is great

  22. this update(Fire Patch 2012 is compatible with KONAMI patch 1.02) is damage.please put on the site correct update (Fire Patch 2012 is compatible with KONAMI patch 1.02)

  23. @stevenpnt, After I installed ur last update that is compatible with Konami 1.o2, when i have chosen to play in champions league, the game freezes suddenly!!!!!! what should i do???? ):

  24. @stevenpnt,
    please advise, what should i do now?? should i uninstall all the game again?? or what? and why the update made the game crashes??!!!

  25. Thanks, I have downloaded from Facebook,anyway, do i have to install,do I have to instal Konami 1.02, or its already included in the update?

  26. tell me please how did you use that font for letters , there are small letters is something with dt05_e.img ?

  27. Please add Ac milan players face such: Ibrahimovic face; pato face; Boateng face;abate face; el shaarawy face; riki alvarez, estigarribia,lamela,osvaldo too…. please do them in next update…

  28. hey steven i think the new updates will be awesome…can anyone tell me what i should do exactly i had earlier downloaded till 1.3.3 where utd kits were fixed wht should i do now?pls reply asap

  29. Woooow great patch…..please add more europa league teams in the next update….for now you’re the best patch creator… :)

  30. Hello

    I’m doing something wrong. It does not log on the internet always signals an invalid data found. I wrote my data not yours. I am certainly not appeared on, what am I doing wrong?

    Thanks in advance for the reply.

  31. @Superwagon: Hi mate, SKT-SRG (stadium maker of Russia) collected it and send it to me, i saw stadium of you. So i wrote credit for you and him, I hope you understand. Please

  32. @Superwagon: i think SKT-SRG converted it from pes 2011 and some your stadium from pes 2011. I write credit for you. I hope you don’t angry us. Have fun :)

  33. i think SKT-SRG converted it from pes 2011 and some your stadium from pes 2011. I write credit for you. I hope you don’t angry us. Have fun

  34. so where do i get konami 1.02??
    do i need to deleate the previous patch??steven i hope u give exact step by step instructions please

  35. the stw james park in the stadiums have a black grass and i cant see it’ also the anfield is destroying my computer help steven

  36. @stevenpnt: do you know when kitserver (with GDB folder) be released? I am quite bored about the same kits every game…

  37. psyco_freak and all of the other IDIOTS!!! im tired of your stupid questions. read the instructions, im done with this, i quit!

  38. I have a serious problem, it is not because of your patch but maybe you have a solution. When I go to exhibition mode I can’t choose which kits the player shall have or the stadium they should play on. The “Confirm” button dissapears. The green Xbox A symbol does not appear and I can’t make a choice. Help?

  39. @stevenpnt: I am just asking a question when will Juce release his kitserver (with GDB folder)….please don’t be mad..you and your team are the best PATCH MAKERS in the world

  40. look at this. stevenpnt has mad. for patchers. trying first. do the installation based on instruction. do not asking a stupid question. its make people angry and boring

  41. What default stadiums do these 12 cover ?

    Thanks …

    ps .. black grass St.James Park and crashes game , Loftus Road and Anfield working. Still trying to find the rest .

  42. ihh that plagiarism, stadiums (emirates by meysam iervani – name in turf), stamford bridge posted by forzaroma (pes11) (pack sky europe), very bad

  43. @psyco_freak: that is not the real stevenpnt. he always has that orange face on his comments and he never answers like that. seems like someone just used his name

  44. after downloading rar files install the exe file in pes folder and when you run the fire patch relace any existing stadium with the new ones

  45. hey guys can you give me some hints how to increase the chances of my player to be loaned by other club. For example: I put Ben Amos in the loan list but still no team tried to loan him. I also set transfer activity setting to High. Thank you in advance

  46. How wants install this patch correctly must do so

    1. Install 1.02
    2. Install 1.3
    3. Install 1.3.2
    4. Install 1.3.3
    5. Install Stadium Pack

    I hope that I m useful

  47. Hey menson if u delete Fire patch selector.exe how u can replace the stadiums ???LOL

    With him u moron , with fire patch selector , hey all of you , dont delete the fire.exe cause after u cant replace the stadiums like Stamford Bridge,Anfield,Emirates etc

  48. Right I’ve got the stuff to work but I don’t think it’s totally right.

    For example when I do the steps that are given, when you run the Fire Patch Selector and go into Stadiums, the list with which you replace the stadium with is all to pot. There’s a ? in there, and some other gobbledigook. Only when you run the initial 1.3 again can you get anything legible to come up, but then I’m pretty sure that by doing that you’re overwriting the files with a lesser version again?!? Confused.

    And yeah, in the steps guide it says to delete the fire patch selector lol, but why, how can you get at anything if you delete this?

  49. Can you correct the boots stats? Some of them is not correct, StevenPham. E.x: The top speed for Adidas Predator DB Boots is too high, whereas the shoot accuracy is too low… And, when I play the game in ML, the ball for Premier League isn’t correct. The ball must be ‘The Premier League Official Ball’ but the ball is ‘ Pes 2012 Ball’. Last but not least, some of the stadiums is not correct. I hope you mention this and fix these problems. TQ, Master Patch Vietnam…

  50. Oh, in the next version, can you add Adidas training kit and Malaysia football team? And also the national anthems? TQ…

  51. Cool to know new version is coming. Hopefully you check the nPower players a bit more! Some nationalities, player faces are a bit off :) Great patch otherwise!

  52. what’s d difference from the boots stats and the players stats. i think what matters most is the players stats or what do you guys thinks.
    @AZ, thanks so much dude for making this clear to me and i hope it doesn’t crash when i want to play game or do anything. how do i install the stadium pack and can i install other stadium pack and how do i install once i’m down downloading the patch, extract or what. plsss help, i need someone to explain how to install,. most of this patch makers forgets they need to show in pics and explain how to install their patch without problems, instead they display pictures of the patch features

  53. jai un souci kan jinstall le patch !!! sava !! je jou bin mais kan jarrete et je redémrre sa fonctionne plus !!!!!

  54. can you make malaysian team on the next patch please..it will be great if u make based on gold medal sea games squad.

  55. @femi: Yes, agreed with you (about the boots stats). The game will crash if you change the scoreboards to 1. GolT Scoreboard by Txak 2.Skysportlive by Ron69 3. Canal Scoreboard V3. I don’t have an idea why they always crash when I change to these scoreboards.

  56. how do i install the stadium pack plsss help, i need someone to explain how to install the stadium or if i have to delete selector?,. most of this patch makers forgets they need to show in pics and explain how to install their patch without problems, instead they display pictures of the patch features.pls someone who uses this patch with having the game crash everytime you play should explain how to install this patch step by step. this would be appreciated so much by everyone on here and also how to install the stadium pack

  57. can you make the stadium pack with 2011/2012 style(the fans wearing the same kit home as the weam)please…

  58. Dear Vietnam Patch Team,

    Please add Malaysia national team into Fire Patch for next version.
    From one of your fans pes edit, Fire Patch

    Mick from Sarawak,Malaysia.

  59. Please make a new version guys. thisone now is a bit old, come on
    you can:
    -add GDB
    -add UEFA Champions League’s teams or UEFA European League’s teams
    -add more faces
    -please edit more players, i mean like correcting boots
    -national teams new kits and formations
    -put on place kits’s numbers
    -Whatever you want to change

    Please tell us when you want to publicate it!!!! ;) beautiful patch indeed

  60. Can you please tell the face id of BAL(Become a legend Player) Pleasee.After all Fire patch Vietnam is the best of All ! ;)

  61. how do you install the stadiums? and should I delete the pes 2012 fire patch selector? just give me a brief instruction..thank you

  62. To istall the stadium, you need to extract stadium pack file to vi-VN folder. After that install file is compatible patch 1.02 support patch.Next choose the stadium you need to be replaced.

  63. 1. Please add official electronic adboards, in 1.3 they were half and messed.Thanks Fire patch for life ! <3




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