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Fire Patch Vietnam 2012 version 1.7 AIO


Fire Patch Vietnam 2012 version 1.7 AIO

Fire Patch Vietnam 2012 version 1.7 AIO



OF SUPPORTER hak912000, mikazan, nhandi, spinzka
MENU DESIGNER: kuchjc, tuan9159 (logo pack)
STADIUM EDITOR (IN GAME): tuan9159, tung211102, frazero99

* Tool Selector – update new tab
* D2 Selector
* Big Graphics Pack
– Emblems Selector (Total 9 logo pack – Full teams season 2011-2012)
And….default HD emblem by Edu
Official Themes for Fire Patch 2012 ( Screen start ,edit player background, preMatch background,icon menu , taskbar,gamepan ( import from FP 2011 )…..)
– Wallpapers Selector
– Position Selector
– Font & Text Start style
– Loading icon selector
– Themes selector
– Icon menu selector
Add more new wallpapers pre-Match Champion League & Exhibition
Gameplan import from FP 2011
NEW Menu icon Fire Patch 2012 by kuchjc
* Add New Estadio Mestalla Stadium
* Add New Bootpacks

Informations for Patch:

– Big Leagues: English Premier League, Ligue 1, Serie A, Eredivisie, Liga BBVA, Liga Zon Sarges, Bundesliga
– D2 Division Leagues: Npower Championship, Liga Adelante, Serie B
– Full 32 teams Champions League
– Compatible DLC 3.0
– UEFA Champions League Final Teams: Manchester United vs Chelsea 2008, Manchester United vs Barcelona 2009, Inter vs Bayern 2010, Manchester United vs Barcelona 2011 (full kits, fonts, real young faces & hair) and restore Thailand National.
– Add Friendly Mode (you can play with all team and anyteam Copa Libertadores in Exhibition)
– Update Winter Transfers .
– Update New Kits with GDB
– Add more 500 real faces in dt0c (HD faces, new hair & faces) + more 1200 faces with faceserver
– Updates 81 HD boots (Correct Preview, full 3D preview, brands & stats)
– Relink Boots for Almost players
– Add New balls
– Add Vietnam National Team (real kits, faces)
– Logo HD by xEdux
– Scoreboard Selector: (Update Scoreboard UEFA Champions League & Europa League)
– Other: Fix Duplicated players, Add missing players (DLC 3.0), Fix skin players, fix some wrong faces, update stats from DLC 3.0
– Stadium Selector (Stadiumpack)
– Coach’s faces (by MST): Villas Boas, Asene Wenger, Alex Ferguson
– Selector: Change Letter Case, Loading Color, Emblems Selector, Wallpapers Selector, Position Selector, Font & Text Start style, Loading icon selector, Themes selector, Icon menu selector…

*New Boots:
– Nike Mercurial Vapor VIII Mango/Grey
– Nike Mercurial Vapor VIII Sail/Red
– Nike T90 Laser IV Soar/Black/Silver
– Nike CTR360 Maestri II Elite Black/White/Orange
– Nike Tiempo Legend IV Elite White/Green/Silver
– Puma King SL Black/Rosso/Silver
– Puma v1.11 Charcoal/White/Fluo Peach
– Mizuno Morelia Neo Black/White/Red
– Mizuno Wave Ignitus II Green/Black/Orange
And Update more better textures for boots.

*New kits: Australia, Netherlands, England, France, Germany, Brazil, Chile, Korea, China, Croatia, Czech, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia,Spain, Tunisia, USA …

● Using Fire Tool must install
*Microsoft .NET Framework 4 & Microsoft Visual C++ 2005
*● Run as Administrator when you run Tool Selector.


– Delete previous version ( delete folder mstserver, vi-VN, save)
– Install pes 2012 full —> install patch 1.7 AIO
– Don’t use our data for the other patches. It is our effort, please respect it.

Credit & Thanks to:

ilhan_12, Ercan Ayan, DracheN,Barcafan (UE tool), [email protected] (Pes Editor), Juce (kitserver), KO (Scoreboard), xEdux (logo), toxic_nova, Ron69 (ballpack), Leo Arsalan (Tool HD), Boonaun (81 slot boots), CaosEnver, Tommiks

* Kits: metay, KARKZ, Tottimas, EL APACHE 32, dimasalmarza, mentorman13, NEFTAN, EDXZ101 and all kit makers

*Faces: Bebylover (QN), Buggy – Pesshop, EL NINO 9, MichalGRau, Cigman, ilhan, Ercan Ayan, tbvsac, eliascolorado, ANAT-Z, Yury, Leonardo, alex7, el_nazho, el yorugua, Elboss, nickless, strest, avrupaslan and b1a2y3, ReZtart, Teiker17, Starkiller, Andrews, Michelot, Drachen, Damn, BIGCLUB & all face makers

*Boots: Nilton1248, FCB1719, Grerq, WECN QINCHAO, Paul81118, ALKMNDZA, kevin_cd & All Bootmakers

* Graphics : heru87, Tunizizou, Forzamilan, Kmargo, Matrixwwe,mota10 & BEtosago (themes), aldanger, Cronos (Fonts), Genko06,arthmael & Cro Manager,Chelsea FC 555,Derek,Touchdown ( Emblem), stranxk,NeC, Txak, aPESsionato, ONG, 1002MB…..

Fire Patch Vietnam 2012 version 1.7 AIO Download :





Part 1: http://adf.ly/6x8UQ
Part 2: http://adf.ly/6xAQV
Part 3: http://adf.ly/6xC3n
Part 4: http://adf.ly/6xGXZ
Part 5: http://adf.ly/6xHn3
Part 6: http://adf.ly/6xIrf
Part 7:http://adf.ly/6xMgM
Part 8: http://adf.ly/6xSey
Part 9:http://adf.ly/6xSld

Password: firepatch.net


  1. hey guys,to play maslter league,just open the Firepatch selector tool, and then choose ML mode,now you can save your ML file

  2. it ok..sorry for that answer..for one request…
    can u make classsic for chelsea 2011 CL?..please…it will be more pleasure…

  3. that why i love fire patch!!!…you all make great..i love the way you make like this etc: classic patch..it will bring back nostalgia…thanks!!hope will do more…

  4. one thing…after this please add malaysia team…please..and add more or all stadium..ect each team has their own stadium..

  5. @miruol: send me faces if you have. i will add your team.
    @Boz: Are you sure? please give me example. who have black face. yes remove logo replay. visit my home page. i will post it to you

  6. Hello MST team, does this patch have stadiumpack ??? Is this patch better than fire patch 1.5 ?? Currently i’m using 1.5 but i want download this !!! Please answer fast !!! Thanks !!! :)

  7. hi steven, what if i would like to add one local club from my country? do i just email you their photos?

  8. If you want to request some things, you should visit my forum firepatch.net and send it to me :)

  9. i already sign up in your forum but it’s not english. it’s vietname. i can’t read other peoples comments. most of the african national teams players faces are not fixed. pls try to fix alot of faces for africa players and when i install fire patch 1.7.. everything look fine but after installing the update. the replay on and off id not in the fire patch selector, that what i mean, please make a fix that would have the repay off and on on the selector ok. u’re the best patch maker n we want to help make u the best always. my game runs slow always but after using yair gameplay. it runs perfect. i wish u could send me a gameplay exe from fire patch. pls make fix that would have more faces fix and will fix the fire patch selector cause the 1.7 has replay on and off but the doesn’t have the replay off and on. YOU’RE THE BEST PATCH AND YOU’RE THE BEST STEVEN

  10. Hello in last fire patch stadiums were very poor please make a stadium pack compatible with v 1.3 please…. Thanks…. :)

  11. When I run the patch and game starts, it crashes when selecting team. I have tried in both Friendly mode and ML mode. It always crashes when I try to select a club in exhibition mode. Please help.

  12. How I can play the game in the Emirates Stadium I see it in the stadium pack but I can’t play there why ?!!! please help me I have reinstalled the patch and PES 2012 the patch was activated and I can play with the patch normally but I can’t play in the Emirates Stadium what’s wrong !!!!! please help me soon !!

  13. steven please make chelsea team 2011 ok at firepatch 1.8…i hope it will be more better than 1.7.. and more stadium ok..please fix such lampard face..i think lampard face on fifa look more real..why lampard face still not much real at pes..please if u could do something..it would be more pleasure..hope 1.8 will be more better.. go fire patch!!

  14. @miruol: send to account Steven in my forum :D.
    @Jeff: Left Bottom in my forum, you can choose language

  15. Add a stadium pack with next patch please…. need white hart lane emirates stamford bridge n other epl stadiums…. please would be very helpful… Fire patch is the best !!! :) thanx

  16. rar 9, but people reluctant to take him down where and how you work at all … I can not always extract the problem says 9 rar corrupt?

  17. I figured the problem of the crash. In emblems, the Orb Emblem doesn’t work. The game crashes. Also in font, a couple of fonts crash the game. Please check. Cheers. Also fix some player who play on Left or Right but have the wrong foot as stronger one. The rest is fine, great paatch. Cheers.

  18. Also, I would be glad if someone can tell me what song is playing when the intro video of this patch is playing where people are playing on sony gamepads. Nice music. Cheers.

  19. When fire patch 1.8 will be release?..cant wait until the next patch..hope will be more great..good work fire patch!

  20. Steven, I found Bundesliga patch on you’r website, but the problem is that i can’t download it, because it is removed.. Is there a way to put it back? And I wanted to ask you if you can put Allianz Arena, and the newest squad of FCBayern with the newest treansfers… And Kit. The sound track is very good by the way. Keep you’r work like this, you are the best! :D

  21. one thing. please make HD turf all stadium include stamford bridge and others..please!! thx…

  22. does someone know how to get the patch from your mac to ps3? please reply to my email or here.

  23. Can anyone help me please. every time I start a game, is appearing in the advertising boards “SPORTV” and is on top of these advertising boards, I do not know why, but it has something to do to fix this error?

  24. Steven when i run the game it show error “send error_don’t send”.i don’t know what can i do

  25. hi steven i have 1 problem …. when laoded become a legend file the game crashed any idea why ?

  26. If you want to play with classic team, go to Fire Patch Selector, switch to Friendly Mode.


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