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Fire Patch Vietnam 2012 version 1.3 AIO


Fire Patch Vietnam 2012 version 1.3 AIO

List member of team :

– Steven Pham
– Sad.Kulnie
– theblues911
– alexnguyen
– Mr_Zung
– kuchjc
– Mikazan
– Nhandi
– hak91200

Informations for Patch :

– Updated to KONAMI DLC 1.0 & Patch 1.0.1 (full transfer, kits, boots): DLC is included, installs automatically
– Big Leagues: English Premier League, Ligue 1, Serie A, Eredivisie, Liga BBVA, Liga Zon Sarges, Bundesliga
– D2 Division Leagues: Npower Championship, Liga Adelante
– New teams: Los Angeles Galaxy, New York Red Bulls
– Add Full Kit for all teams (2011/2012)
– Add more 250 real faces (HD faces, new hair & faces)
– Add full HD boots (Correct Preview, full 3D preview, brands & stats)
– Relink Boots for Almost players
– Add new balls
– Add National Vietnam (real kits, faces)
– Logo HD by xEdux
– Scoreboard Selector
– Stadium Selector (Stadiumpack)

Fire Patch Vietnam 2012 version 1.3 screenshots :

Fire Patch Vietnam 2012 version 1.3 AIO Download :

filesonic pes-patch.com download filesonic pes-patch.com download filesonic pes-patch.com download
wupload pes-patch.com download wupload pes-patch.com download wupload pes-patch.com download

To use Fire Tool you must install : Microsoft .NET Framework 4 & Microsoft Visual C++ 2005
Run as Administrator when you run Tool Selector.

OF without capital letter : copy to
C:\Documents and Settings\user name\My Documents\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2012\save

filesonic pes-patch.com download wupload pes-patch.com download

Note :
– Delete previous version
– Install pes 2012 full -> login game–>install patch
– Don’t use our data to the other patch. It is our effort, please respect it.

Credit & Thanks To : Barcafan (UE tool), Juce (kitserver), KO (Scoreboard), xEdux (logo), alexiz, toxic_nova, mentorman13 (kit Liga Zon Sarges), pesfan (some kits), dimasalmarza (Peru’s kit), Tottimas (kit some national), kit maker face maker


  1. ok thanks! i use this patch for npower championship and i hope there wont be a problem. abc you must forget your save and make a new sawe in new version of this patch ;)

  2. I wrote about this problem on your fb wall. There is two Vucinic in Montenegro national team. And there is no Nikola Drincic who is one of the best mf in our squad. And instead of MTN it should be MNE. Also there is two Beciraj. I hope that in next version this problem will be solved.
    I liked Fire2012 logo :D
    Thank You for the great patch…..

  3. Please make faces on Pablo Mouche-Boca Marko Arnautović -werder and more youngs player…plzzz fire patch…the best patch in the world….thanks

  4. hey , i was installed the firepatch but it’s weird .. a loading is so long .. i cant play !!! how to this ?

  5. and Alan Dzagoev , Zoran Tošić , Sammir Dinamo Zagreb i like to play with young players PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

  6. everything done is great, and face the jerseys and everything but you asked if someone could make a red star because I am from Serbia, everything is ok just to get you asked to do, would mean a lot, thanks in advance ARE THE BEST ! FIRE PATCH

  7. thanks! this is the best patch! i always use fire patch since pes2011 came out, @stevenpnt can u add Indonesia National Team in the next version please

  8. salut moi j’ai un problème en installent le patch il beugue au niveau du mstserver et c pareille avec les autre patch quelqu’un peut m’aider

  9. Amazing patch, thank you very much. Graphics are VERY GOOD & The physics and AI was modified? It’s all perfect.

  10. hey, can u make chelsea full CL kit or all correct fonts when CL mod . please! how to make CL fonts ?? example : when epl, all teams has on epl fonts . when CL all team included chelsea and others has CL fonts . please make it . this things really make better . trust me!

  11. please make CL fonts for chelsea and other . good job man utd fonts at CL . i like . but please make and other too .

  12. i hope next version all problem solve and be more fantastic . impotantly . please make true fonts for all team in CL mod . and firstly chelsea ok! thanks! this is very good patch . go go fire patch!! i really like it with those face . :) i will support these patch always .

  13. Someone know how I can add serie bwin after installing fire patch 1.3?

    “AIO” what means?

    Thank you.

  14. I think you forgot the important player in HSV :) Gojko Kacar :) he is a Serbian with number 44 on his back :)

  15. please tell me step wise how to install the patch..i have installed the fire patch applicatin but its not working some ddl error..m new to this so please help

  16. Hey i got a problem with the football life, everytime i try to run it the game frezes, a also had the same problem on the previous patch.
    Any ideas?

  17. Can someone put Ronaldinho in any team or even to free agency, i would like to play for him at Become a LEgend

  18. or tell can someone tell me step by step from installing the game to putting that save file in, PLZ help!! i Beg!! lol i love football.

  19. fire patch is the best. thanks all. especially to you stevenpth. thanks man!
    i am really funny with fabregas face. hahahaha so nice

  20. Thanks for using Fire patch. I’m happy to see many peoples are using it.

    Thanks arun, but My patch will automatic to find location pes folder and save folder. It will install automatily.

  21. If it wasn’t for your patch i wouldn’t even be playing PES.

    Fire Patch is KING.

    Now if i can just get my hands on the damn game.

    UPS Fail.

  22. guys which are the stadiums that can be used with this patch and also if anyone knws how to put new stadiums….

  23. apa beza version 1.3,1.2,1.1..kna downloads semua version 2 ka.dh downloads version 1.e.tp dya ckp volume 2 absent.apa mksd dya.

  24. apa beza version 1.3,1.2,1.1..kna downloads semua version 2 ka.dh downloads version 1.3.tp dya ckp volume 2 absent.apa mksd dya.

  25. fabregas: kau tk pyah download smua version tu,dwnlod yg 1.3 ni ja,sbb yg ni plg latest..klw kau dh install yg version sblm ni(1.2,1.2), dlte patch tu n install blik pes 2012 spya tkde mslh nt. yg volume 2 absent tu sbb kau tk dwnlod smua tiga part utk patch 1.3 ni kot..

  26. korang delete jer mtserver.. x perlulah nak install pes2012 balik.. lepas da delete mtserver baru la korang run setup 1.3 tu.. habis cerita.. firepatch aku xde masalah. Setakat ni memang terbaik. fire patch 1.3

  27. The best patch ever!! Fire patch made me love PES! Well done guyz..bt the real madrid kit has some bugs i guess!!

  28. The Leeds Utd away kit is last years plz fix. Also, a few other teams in championship have old kits, please put the new kits in subsequent version. Also, put 20 teams in Bundesliga ( not 18) and 24 in championship if possible. Good patch. Cheers

  29. if u can make and add real stadium for all team . eg:stamford bridge or anfield it would be much pleasure and great!! . please! the award winning will be fire patch this year !

  30. please insert 24 teams in shanpioship!!and patch bi full!!! stvarno dobar pec ali bih vas zamolio da popravite te dresove i odradite ostale ekipe za cempionsip.

  31. i am an Arsenal’s fan. i really like your patch so much. u did very good n excellent job. Thank you for sharing. Especailly, all players show up without capital letters. but arsenal logo on shirts look like alittle bigger. could you please make it smaller alittle for next patch? thank you so much….

  32. I left FIFA in 2010 to shift to PES and I have played PES 2010 and 2011 and I love it. But honestly speaking PES hasn’t changed its gameplay like FIFA did in these 2-3 yrs. This year I have played FIFA 12 and its gameplay is awesome. Still I am back for PES 12 just for this patch. Without it, it is no fun to play. Still I think Konami should wake up and bring a hell lot of improvement in gameplay in the next PES. Thanks….

  33. hey arun i did all that except adding the save file.What does it do by having that save file? can i ad it now?

  34. best patch ever and in all my years playing pes best job on the details in making faces….probably the only patch that has got david villa’s face spot on!

  35. JHass just copy the “rld.dll” file form the virtual drive and paste.just like how you do it with a patch…it will work i had the same problem

  36. Hi.
    First of all thanks for the patch, it is really good =)

    Now the problem is that I started a new League (not Master League) with Real Madrid and when i get to the 33rd round of the league, the game just won’t let me..

    I make my lineup, press to start the match and the game doesnt advance.. I get a black screen and nothing happens..

    I also notice that when I try to play a friendly match, the same happens so…
    I’d aprecciate a lot if you could help me, cause i really enjoy your patch =)

    Best regards m8

  37. responsible for the unnamed English league teams crests and kits, fonts, etc.? only that I need very please

  38. I do not understand me just needs with this patch emblems leagues, teams and kits font’s etc.. to england and portugal league for you Understand?

  39. I installed everything and now when I put the game to play on fire selector patch it seems the game will work just fine. but no. to have an idea of the thing is: I click to enter the game, black square of the game appear. but then nothing , comes right off. sorry my bad English. help

  40. some scoreboard is error, so you try to choose other scoreboard, i will remove all errror scoreboard in next version.

    @Arun: edit file edit-ch.bin (D2: championship) or edit-la.bin (D2: Liga Adelante). Switch D2 again after edit.

    facebook Fire Patch: search Fire patch

  41. mate i play the game and i hear a whole different names for all players!! i hear the names of the players u replaced from pes league to add nchampionship!!!

  42. How come Ignacio Abate(rating 86) has not got a real face but most of the QPR players have real faces??? Also Juan Vargas has generic face. Please make those faces. Can anybody tell me If i can use PES 11 faces in PES 12 and if yes then how?????

  43. QPR, Swansea, Norwich haves almost faces for player more 15 faces/team.

    I will fix commentary for Npower Championship in next version :D

  44. QPR, Swansea, Norwich haves almost faces for player more 15 faces/team.

    I will fix commentary for Npower Championship in next version

    pes 2011’s faces can’t be used for pes 2012

  45. Steps 1: Open edit-ch.bin or edit-la.bin
    Steps 2: select tab team, player which you want edit—Appy after every edit. Save

  46. suggestion for the next patch.Man city home kit should b made little light,nike tempo black boots repeated,also pls try and add new boots like the t90 laser black and the puma v.2 blacka nd red,a few players are duplicate e.g Welsh national Team…
    cant wait for the new version….ne idea when it will b out

  47. nationality of many players are wrong. and some faces. for example Corey Smith from Norwich have in reality life black skin. in patch smith have blond hair and white skin , is not him. what i must do to fix this problem/bug. Thx

  48. it’s a great patch, but still little mistake like juan carizzo has dark skin, and in npower league’s team some player is doubled and doesn,t use the real one like keith fahey in birmingham or mokoena in portsmouth. thx btw 4 the great patch

  49. @stevenpnt: U and your team have done a great job man. This is the best patch around and I am eagerly waiting for the next version. If u have time, please make faces of some more talented players(eg: Alvaro Pereira, Abate, Juan Vargas, Iker Muniain…). These are all very talented players and it will be gr8 to have their real faces. Thnx.

  50. Dont u guys think that the passing is too slow when two defenders pass the ball to each other???? And also to keep a shot in goal is too difficult!!!!!!!!!!

  51. @stevenpn hello friend!, I’m a fan of fire patch, but really the last AIO are not as good as pesedit, the pesedit is more updated, better finish, the champions league this updated and more things, I hope to improve for next AIO and return to my beloved fire patch, greetings and thanks! ;)

  52. hello friend!, I’m a fan of fire patch, but really the last AIO are not as good as pesedit, the pesedit is more updated, better finish, the champions league this updated and more things, I hope to improve for next AIO and return to my beloved fire patch, greetings and thanks!.

  53. i’m sure that we don’t change gamplay, So all problem about gameplay, please don’t tell it with us :(

  54. please guys i installed the patch
    but i can’t switch to liga adelante

    This message appears:
    Unhandled exception has occured in your application. If you click Continue, the application will ignore this error and attempt to comtinue. If you click Quit, the application will close immediately

    Access to the path “C:\Program Files (x86)\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2012\mstserver\config.txt” is denied

    Note: I installed Microsoft .NET Framework 4 & Microsoft Visual C++ 2005

  55. i thinks pes will be more great if the player and team like fifa12 . there are so real . i like the face at fifa12 . why pes cannot do like that . pes must combine with fifa or make like fifa12 . but the AL gameplay i like pes more fifa12 . if konami can do like that i think pes will be more best even fifa . trust me . i just give suggest . i hope pes2013 will be like that . please . i always love pes . but the player team kit and face i not much like . it better if it doing like fifa12 face and kit team . example: fifa12 frank lampard face is so real then pes12 . i like that . please follow like fifa12 style like but not the gameplay . pes gameplay is ok at all ! that all i want to tell . cheers!!

  56. hello! stevenpnt , can u make all team at CL has their own fonts number for CL . please! it would more great . trust me k .. i like that . and if you would mind please make lampard face like at fifa12 . after that add more stadium for epl and others .

  57. i hope pes12 fire patch 1.4 AIO will more great! and solve all proplem ok?? good luck guys. i waiting .

  58. i’m busy to preview and prepare next examination, but my friends will make small update 1.3.2 withh new faces, 81 HD boots and so on

  59. Still no problems with Fire Patch. Love it. Noticed a scoreboard error in the Tim Cup. And noticed the announcer calling the wrong names. No big deal.

    I hope they fix the players who take the ball, turn, and trot along with it forever. It’s like they’re bugged when they do that. It’s looks bad.

    And all those pass-backs to the goalie that players do now. What’s with that?? lol…the goalies look so awkward when they recieive the ball. They just stand there, stiff as a board, and one-touch it dangerously back into play. My heart skips a beat everytime a player passes back to the goalie now.

    Can’t believe master league starts you out with 3.6 million. -LOL!

    First two seasons i got fired. Very challenging game. Especially on hard settings.

  60. i think.. the gameplay is not real after installed patch AIO 1.3.guys. trust me. the gameplay look like pes2011!. sometimes it is not interested. it is different, different and different. sory to say this. why stevenpnt?

  61. i’m sure that we don’t change gamplay, So all problem about gameplay, please don’t tell it with us. Please read it and don’t ask about gameplay

  62. yes u right bout that stevenpnt . the gameplay dont change nothing . u must be wrong or used somthing jenkey patch . please tell jenkey about gameplay what u want . i think its gameplay just fine at all . just the kit and stadium . i will hope so stevenpnt and his friend to help about this and solve problem . i hope there have CL own fonts number at all team firstly chelsea and others . i undestand u kinda busy stevenpnt . but please spend time about this a while u have time . i m hope so on .

  63. Hi, I’m using this patch and had used previous versions also. No doubt it’s the best in the market. No big errors, almost perfect. just one thing i noticed, your gameplay is bit easier than original. just leave it as it was. any way thanks for such a good job. BTW i want to know about where the CL kits are. i mean the names of the kit files or map. cause i wanna update some kits thrugh GGS. if u haven’t any prob, please let me know. thanx again.

  64. I hope that the patch supports the Arabic language in the next Asdrar because the names of the clubs remain Kmahy in the Arabic language does not change for example, Arsenal remain the same North London

  65. Thanks for patch ^^

    but i very sad, olympique lyonnais (ligue 1) kits hasn’t right. Can you help me to change the kits?

  66. Fire Patch is God. Oh, hell, it’s at least a Lord.

    Not a single crash or glaring issue. Nice work, you guys! Looking forward to your Serie B, and replay disable option in the future.

    I got fired for the 4th time last night. So now i’ve been fired using Superstar, Top Player, and Professional. This game is so much harder than Pes2011!

    Demoted to Regular setting? …good grief.

  67. ı installed firepatch correctly but my menu language is italian ı cant change it bercause there isnt english languege option in system setting plz help me ?

  68. Hey some players aren’t in the game…
    Where is Cristian Pasquato, Manuel Giandanto, Marcelo Esitgarriba & some others?

  69. Why does it keep freezing my game when I go to play a match? After you go past game plan, general settings etc it crashing at loading up. How do you stop it from doing that?



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