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Fire Patch Vietnam 2012 version 1.2 AIO


Fire Patch Vietnam 2012 version 1.2 AIO:

List member of team :

– Steven Pham
– Sad.Kulnie
– theblues911
– alexnguyen
– kuchjc
– Mikazan
– Nhandi
– hak91200

Fire Patch Vietnam 2012 version 1.2 AIO:

– Fix all fake name player
– Fix All fake name teams
– Add Full Bundesliga, Championship League
– Add Full Kit for all teams
– Update transfer some teams
– 29 teams in Champions League Mode
– Add more 150 real faces (fix faces, new hair)
– Add new boots (some HD boots, 1/2 correct Preview, full 3D preview & brands, not stats)
– relink boots for players
– Add Liberator in Exhibitions
– Add new Ball (Don’t unlock ball in extra content)
– Update new kits 2011-2012 for EPL
– Fix some collar kit
– Add National Vietnam (real kits, faces)
– Logo HD by xEdux
– Scoreboard Selector
– Stadium Selector (Stadiumpack)
– Compatibility with KONAMI Patch 1.01 (patch installs automatically)

Fire Patch Vietnam 2012 version 1.2 AIO:

filesonic pes-patch.com download wupload pes-patch.com download
filesonic pes-patch.com download wupload pes-patch.com download

Fire Patch Vietnam 2012 update 1.2.1:

– Fix league structure
– Fix some small error

filesonic pes-patch.com download wupload pes-patch.com download

Fire Patch Vietnam 2012 update 1.2.2: [12.10.2011]

– Compatibility with KONAMI DLC 1.0 (patch installs automatically)
– Including Fire patch 1.2.1
– Fix Nationality
– Fix boots
– Support for All Langues in game
– Install 1.2 –> 1.2.2

filesonic pes-patch.com download wupload pes-patch.com download

* Using Fire Tool must install Microsoft .NET Framework 4 & Microsoft Visual C++ 2005
* Run as Administrator when you run Tool Selector.


– Delete Previous version before you install 1.2
– Install pes 2012 full -> login game–>install patch
– Don’t use our data to the other patch. It is our effort, please respect it.

Credit & thanks to: Barcafan (UDE tool), Juce (kitserver), KO, xEdux, kit maker, alexiz, toxic_nova, mentorman13 (kit Liga Zon Sarges).


  1. my installed succes but if i want to log in in fire paacth selector alway the application unable to start??? why?? can u tell me to thats solution..thanks

  2. I got it to work, but club names are like North London, Merseyside and things like this.
    Is there an Option File to correct this?

  3. I uploaded update 1.2.1, please download it. Fire Patch only for english language in game with dt05_e.img.

  4. esta bueno faltan algunos pases, pero si pones el idioma del texto en español se borran los nombres de los equipos

  5. We will continue to make update 1.2.2 support all language in game after DLC of konami release

  6. whenever i change nPover legue structure it crases other latina america teams ???? why is that ???

  7. everything ok until i open it to play it just crash me out…
    reinstalled all the game and patch 1.2 and 1.2.1 still the same error…crash when i kick off

  8. Hi
    te kits for all teams is not the real
    like : Real Madrid kit for another team !!
    and and and …. !!
    PLZ , we want to play :(

  9. Nice work you guys. Much appreciated. The game hasn’t even released yet and you guys are going full steam.

    Can’t wait to try Fire Patch and the Razib patch. I should have the game in a week or so.

    Anyone who is complaining should know that Fire Patch is one of the best. They always do good work, so be patient.

  10. Update 1.2.2 [12.10.2011] added.

    Patch is sticky in our website, but site script always randomize the sticky posts and not showing always the last updated patch first :/ For visitors : check the main page for updates to patches.

    Thanks for update Fire Patch ;)

  11. Ok, three champions league teams are missing…but not very strong teams ;)
    APOEL Nikosia
    Viktoria Plzen
    BATE Borisov

    anyway, great work!

  12. Suarez and Messi face look weird.
    overall the patch is great but can you add ronaldinho in the game plz.

  13. Yes, tomorrow i will release 1.2.3 fix wrong kit C1 5 teams. Add new faces for Queen Park ranger. Add Ronaldinho to brazil (real faces, stats)

  14. when i m going to start the game it just crash me out…i cant play..does anyone know why??pleaaaaaaase…:D

  15. Please can someone tell me why transfert are not updated with 1.2.2 ????(you say patch installs automatically)Thanks anyway, your patch is great.

  16. when i try to play exhibition or UEFA CL, it crashes in load, why is this? i already downloaded 1.2 and 1.2.2

  17. Chamberlain, P.Jones, Spearing etc are all bald… and its still version 1.00 so keepers r still crap any help??

  18. None of the new faces install! & when i open selector it say “Unhandled exception has occured in application… C:/Program files (x86)/KONAMI/ Pro Evolution Soccer 2012/mstserver/docs/ks12logo.png.” anyone else get this???

  19. Sayan i think you have to unlock original players for master league in additional content !! hope i could help

  20. Oh my god! Sorry my mistake never mind guy’s I’ve fix the problem. Sorry once again for bothering :D

  21. Just wanna thanks to FIRE PATCH TEAM and keep on rocking guy’s! “You’re simply the BEEEST!!!” :D

  22. I have been using fire patch for the last year,this time i am facing some problems,i tried installing it multiple times,even then the EPL is not licensed and it shows D2 league instead of Npower championship

  23. Firstly, thank you so much for this patch! A few minor errors though, Gomes is still first choice keeper on Tottenham and Taarabt is still captain with QPR (it is now Joey Barton). Also, is there any chance you could release this patch with the default stats on the players?

  24. to remove/uninstall the patch, just delete the mstserver folder. remove also the KONAMI folder in the my documents folder.

    do not remove previous version, just install the new 1.2.2!

  25. i had try a lot of time,install 1.2 and then 1.2.2,but also without dlc 1.0 !!!i know dlc 1.0 man.utd have 3 to 4 new players !!!

  26. For those having problems with the rld.ll file and Norton. Just prevent norton from auto scanning your Konomi folder and problem solved. If you dont know how to that just google(v.) it and there will be plenty of tutorials.

  27. When I installed 1.2 & 1.2.2. The extra content was lost! and I cannot use the Fire Patch selector. Help me plz.

  28. helo.. why kit for real madrid has been changed when i play in uefa champion?? can you fix this problem.? as soon as possible. thanks!

  29. after installed patch game wont log on in online mode..
    eror”invalid player data”
    solution plzz

  30. 1.3 AIO will release soon, visit faceboook of Fire patch to see information, 1.3 is fixed all errors

  31. It’s a great patch man thanks but most of the young players aren’t in it?
    Lamela (Roma)
    Giandonato (Leece)
    Pasquato (Lecce)
    Estigarriba (Juventus)
    & some of the transfer aren’t done…

  32. Fix Kit in C1 of Fire Patch 1.2.2
    Delete in dt0f
    – 2171, 2172, 506->509, 1018->1021
    – 2173, 2174, 510->513, 1022->1025
    – 2175, 2176, 514->517, 1026->1029
    – 2177, 2178, 518->521, 1030->1033
    – 2179, 2180, 522->525, 1034->1037
    – 2183, 2184, 530->533, 1042->1045

    But, some kits of 6 team national will wrong, but i isn’t big teams :)
    1.3 will fix all

  33. There aren’t real players in Master league after installing Fire patch 1.2,1.2.2. How can I fix it?

  34. Pro-Evo-Pes 2012 Patch 1.0 stole our database. OF, slot face, kit, new faces, boots that is same Fire patch. Pes-patch need to solve it. We will not share 1.3 if you don’t solve. PES-Patch please.

    Pro-Evo-Pes 2012 Patch 1.0: damn it. I angry

  35. Should you answer the question about missing real players in Master league?I’m pretty desperate.

  36. 1.3 will all mising player, but i will not want to share it, because my patch is stole in other patch

  37. Sorry,but your english is pretty lame.If I catch it right,1.3 will fix the problem with Master league? Thats not my buissnes.I just want to play Master league with real squads.Could you send 1.3 on my email?I swear,I won’t share it with anybody.

  38. Pro-Evo-Pes 2012 Patch 1.0 stole our database, PEs-patch doesn’t solve it. I’m sad. We worked hard. He use it and call it by other name.

  39. stevenpnt why I can not go back to your site fire patch?
    you have changed address, then give me a criminal, the new address.

  40. After changing the league structure MASTER LIGUE doesn NOT i repeat does NOT WORK AT ALL!!!!! Do something with this or make some kind of tweak to change the league structure because it is not fun to play portuguese league with npowet as a secunda divsion…

  41. To Pro-Evo-Pes 2012: please get the f*&* out of here. We dont need your fraud and give some repsect to real work please. Stupid mofo.

  42. How to instal another ball pack because I really do not like finale london ball in champions league in BAL? With every ballpack I have the same problem, Ball names. Is it possible that there is no file with ball names in your kitserver?

  43. No comment?Nothing?nothing at all? If i would say it is a awful patch you would yell at me that i’m some kind of freak but if i complain about the most important thing in the game you are not going to say anything… great… thanks…

  44. PES yes you are right there is a problem in master league, i cant choose club team footballers i have just master league original footbalers


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