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Fire Patch version 1.6 All In One + 1.6.6 update


Master Soccer Team:

– Theblues911
– Mr_Zung
– Steven Pham
– Sad.Kulnie
– Hak912000
– Mr[a]shin286
– Hakerchampions
– Luanducgk
– Kuchjc

Fire Patch version 1.6 All In One Features :

* Unlock League in Exhibition : Classic & Star in the world ( 8 teams National Classic, 4 teams Star)
* Add Classic VietNam and national VietNam
* New Leagues : Other World Teams ( 128 teams in the world) and Classic UEFA Champions League Teams ( 18 teams palyed final match trong in 2002-2010)
* Copa Libertadores 2011 : 2 invited teams: Manchester United, FC Barcelona
* Exhibition : You can select 1 in 393 TEAMS to play with your friends
* Master League : You can select 1 in 3 D2 league: Npower Championship , Serie B , Liga Adelante and 219 team D2 mode
* New Teams :
Club : Full Club Europa League , Champion League
* Callname for player of Premier League
* 2 stats: KONAMI & PSD
* Faces: more than 1000 faces
* Kits: Update new kit 11 -12: Santos, Arsenal, Man Utd, Man City, Milan, Inter, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Chelsea and so on
* Transfer to 27/6/2011
* Fix 100% error Loading in Master League
* Update: “Swansea, Norwich, QPR to EPL, Siena, Atalanta, Novara to Serrie A, Granada, Real Betis, Rayo Vallecano to Liga”
* Menu: 32 new wallpaper
* Update tattoo for many player
* Auto install DLC & newest patch KONAMI
* Master League : Full 214 teams
* UEFA Champions League 2010-2011 : Full 32 teams
* 6 Big Leagues ( Premier League, Ligue 1, Eredivisie, Serie A, Primera Division, Bundesliga, Eredivisie): name, squad, kits, logos, map position… exactly
* National have kits, flag, map position… exactly
* New electrical Alboard
* New kits and faces for refree
* New Ballpack
* New Turf HD
* New model hair
* And many other things

Fire Patch version 1.6 All In One : (no previous versions needed)

Fire Patch 1.6.1 : (update)

Fire Patch 1.6.2 : (update)

– Fix show C. A Boca and River Plate in exhibition
– Update face & hair: Messi, Robinho
– Update newest transfer.

Don’t need 1.6.1 but need 1.6 All in One

Fire Patch 1.6.3 : (update)

– Update many face & hair for many player
– Update kit 11/12
– Fix wrong team in Copa Liberator and fix A.C Siena in 219 team ML
– Update OF psd stats for many player whom konami edit incorrect
– Fix Crash face
– Update newest transfer
– Update squad some team Copa America and other National teams
– Update new HD Wallpaper

Fire Patch 1.6.4 : (update)

How to Install:
– Copy folder KONAMI to C:\My Documents\
– Copy folder mstserver to your PES 2011 folder

This update is non-official. Just edit boots, add some faces and update some transfers (10-8-2011)

By Sad.Kulnie (MST team).

Install FirePatch 1.6 AIO –> 1.6.3 –> 1.6.4. Enjoy…

– Don’t edit anythings about added team
– PSD stats will be updated later
– Run fix SB “in installed game folder” after installing the patch.

Fire Patch 1.6.5 : (update)

* update error FIX gray player (1.6.5)
* download and copy in the installation folder of your PES

Fire Patch 1.6.6 : (update) new

– TRANSFER UP TO 18-8-2011

Install FirePatch 1.6 AIO –> 1.6.3 –> 1.6.6. Enjoy…

Using Fire Tool must install:

Microsoft .NET Framework 4 and Microsoft Visual C++ 2005
* Run as Administrator when you run tools. How ? See HERE.

– Don’t edit anythings about added team
– PSD stats will be updated later
– Run fix SB “in installed game folder” after install patch
– Using Fire Patch Tool—>Config–> Path: How to tool can get to mstserver

For example: If you install game (C\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2011\…..), you select in fire patch tool. Go to Config–>Path and seclect Pro evolution Soccer 2011 is C\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2011\

And kitserver img patch is C\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2011\mstserver\firepatch

Remember run fix SB

Credit and Thanks to:
Bayern, Trantienhc, Boyk3n, Ilhanmlk, vinh_blackmoon, nenmanja_mtinh, ramusmen, Jenkey1002 and yair (gameplay)
Kitserver by juce & Robbie
Game Graphic Studio by obocaman
PES 2011 Editor by [email protected]
PES 2011 Map Editor by barcafan
PES 2011 Ultimate Data Editor by barcafan
PES 2011 Ultimate Editor by barcafan
Pat, All Scoreboard Maker, Stadium Maker, Kit Maker, Face Maker…


If you get this error :

go to Config—Path: select game pes folder again and seclect link to mstserver\firepatch

For example: If you install game (C\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2011\…..), you select in fire patch tool. Go to Config–>Path and seclect Pro evolution Soccer 2011 is C\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2011\

And kitserver img patch is C\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2011\mstserver\firepatch

Remember run fix SB (stevepnt’s quote)


  1. really l0ve fire patch !
    but can u add malaysia team in next versi0n 0f fire patch ??
    really appreciate it..

  2. In next version, i’m going to make full team Southeast Asia. and Turkey League. I will make Jordan if Pes has empty slot

  3. STEVEN, i did evrything but i still get the error in scoreboard, and also the game crash in ML. please help.

  4. I have a master league with fire patch 1.5.5!
    Can it work with the 1.6 version?

    Because you made some changes with the teams. (from division b to a)!

    For example west ham is to div b and Norwich City to a. An old master league file can work without any problems or changes?

  5. Hi! :)
    I am from greece and i would love to see Greek Superleague in this fantastic patch! :)
    Hope to hear from you soon!!

  6. steven, can you post some instruction screen shot how to solve scoreboard error.

  7. thank you asperas,
    thats solved the problem, please steven correct the steps the you wrote here becuase they are wrong the correct steps are as asperas said in vi-VN must delete config.ini and sco(config settings)!

  8. Wow. I tested it out. No crashing at the July transfer window.

    Finally! :D

    You made a lot of great improvements since i last played. Fire Patch is amazing now. The wallpapers, the ambient soundfx/cheers, the gameplay improvements, all the selector options, the HD logos, stadiums and turf…

    It’s come a long way. Great job you guys.

    Best PC patch by far.

    Love it.

  9. Please, pes-patch, this 1.6.2 is complete, please delete it. i’m making 1.6.2. I will post it in tonight

  10. Please, pes-patch, this 1.6.2 isn’t complete, please delete it. i’m making 1.6.2. I will post it in tonight

  11. 1.6 > 1.6.2 > run scoreboard fix ? i accidentally 1.6 > run scoreboard fix > 1.6.2 …. is it ok ??

  12. I get the scoreboard error since installing fresh. I do the sb fic (clicking the sb.bat file in the game folder) and I’ve got the right path via config.

    Also,I can play hte normal fire patch just fine but if I click on “..with new gameplay” I can only play it in windowed mode since my “computer doesn’t meet the minimum specifications” which it does (core i5, nvidia gt540m) any ideas?


  13. fresh install and i never had a scoreboard error with this patch. but i did have to delete the config.ini & sco in order to change the scoreboard to a different one.

  14. My game freeze after 2 seasons, please fix that. I did update 1.6.2 and play with new ML.
    No change anything, no new team, same problem with 1.5 version. Please fix that and add more team.

  15. …best patch ! work more on sound ambient , crowd.. chants, and the fu**ing refferie! :))

  16. @noplease:

    My game always froze up at the July transfer window, in the second season, or third, whatever. But this is the first time it didn’t. So there must be something you are doing. I installed the game fresh, then added the patches, then ‘run fix sb’, followed by his instructions to change the ‘configure/path’.

    then deleted the config.ini & sco icons in the vi-vn folder.

    Only then did i touch the other stuff, like game speed, second dividions and other stuff.

  17. You can config speed game in config gameplay. You change 1.00. It’s better if you feel slowly.Real version 1.6.2 is 59,5 MB

  18. psd stats, i’m making it. i’m busy so i don’t have many time. Understand me?

  19. why u change the camera ?? can u just stick with default camera (wide)… i tried ur camera fix but not working…. :( other than that, the patch quite good !

  20. hey stevenpnt
    what do i have to do when it says

    Cannot create the following file:
    C:/program files/KONAMI/Pro Evolution Soccer 2011/mstserver/GBD/faces/OTHERS/STEINH?ER_FACES.$$A

    Please tell me!! I really need this patch i love it!!

  21. how do i nake player names with big letters example : messi and i want like this MESSI

  22. You fix name again… ID player, “OTHERS\name player_FACE.BIN”, “OTHERS\name player_HAIR.BIN”

  23. you use gameplay config in tool to seclect gameplay that you want. I very like gameplay of Yair ^^

  24. @vladvader: stevenpnt says:
    4 July 2011 at 14:03 this comment that i speak with Pes fan.

    If you want to change name of Messi. Use pes editor tool of Wild. Go to tab seting to change it. But you should create ML file before you make it. Good luck

  25. hi, stevenpnt , it is my first comment in this site but your work is the best i have ever use thanx , but i relly want EL AHLY club in your next, this club from Egypt and its the best club in africa , i hope you can , and if you do not ,,,,,,,thank you again for your work

  26. So we can’t edit anything?

    I hate that yellow ball in Master League. If I edit the yellow ball and change it to something else will ML crash?

  27. how do I apply camera settings change to this patch. eg pes 2010 camera settings. It font work in the camera settigns change patch/tool. when I load exe it gives error msg

  28. sorry stevepnt im asking again..
    so while installing the patch i should fix the name??
    sorry i kinda dont get it..
    when the installation gets to about 50% ? it says

    Cannot create the following file:
    C:/program files/KONAMI/Pro Evolution Soccer 2011/mstserver/GBD/faces/OTHERS/STEINH?ER_FACES.$$A

    Sorry for asking again…but i have to play this patch ^^;

  29. hey stevenpnt
    what do i have to do when it says

    Cannot create the following file:
    C:/program files/KONAMI/Pro Evolution Soccer 2011/mstserver/GBD/faces/OTHERS/STEINH?ER_FACES.$$A

    Please tell me!! I really need this patch i love it!!

  30. stevenpnt tq so much your great answer..

    i like gameplay by Yair too.. RC2 is awesome..!!

    so i’m downloading your patch now..

  31. Hi, stevenpnt, thanks for your tip of downloading the real 1.6.2 patch. Yet the patch didn’t address the glitch that some players (like Klinsmann) who, whenever are put into the pitch, will crash the game. That be said, the fire patch is awesome, simple and pure. I sincerely hope that future patch can have the mentioned glitch removed. That, I believe, will make the patch perfect.

  32. How do I swap stadiums using the firepatch selector to swap.

    I have just been swapping stadiums via replacing files in the dt7.img folders etc…

  33. Its first time I write a comment
    Please stevenpnt I stop playing until you send PSD stats patch

  34. When I try your fire patch I like it so I delete old patch and I did format to my computer
    And install new pes game with your new patch.
    But I am waiting PSD stats to start new ML with my favorite Liverpool fc.
    Please do it soon.
    Thank you

  35. Amazing patch thank you.

    I was wondering how do I set my Xbox 360 Controller as Default instead of Keyboard?

    Thank you again,


  36. I can’t extract the patch 1.6 all in one from the RAR file, it said that the file is corrupt! what should I do! Plz, help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  37. I can not change the scoreboards, follow the steps listed there, but I can not.
    As I do to fix this error!!!!
    Helllppp meee!!

  38. the best patch for me thanks very much i love pes patches very muchand his patches and all thanks alllll

  39. Please setup 1.6.2 and play new ML. 1.6.2 fixed error SB, freeze in ML and path get mstserver

  40. Hi guys! Gimme advice, please. Seiteiro balls r black, but the others are good. What should i do? Anyway the patch’s great, thank for it!

  41. hey did Vichka Microsoft and below where you have given them downloaded and will not let me do what pray tell me I love this patch

  42. Will someone answer? Also, when I try to run Fire Patch 2011 with new gameplay in Selector, it says “error-pes2011-jen.exe” file doesn’t exist.
    Thanks for answers.

  43. firepatch.tk it’s my web. You must delete previous version before install 1.6

  44. Fire Patch of Vietnam 1.6.3 – coming soon

    – Update many face & hair for many player
    – Update kit 11/12
    – Fix wrong team in Copa Liberator and fix A.C Siena in 219 team ML
    – Update OF psd stats for many player whom konami don’t edit incorrect
    – Fix Crash face
    – Update newest transfer
    – Update squad some team Copa America and other National teams
    – Update new HD Wallpaper

    New Features in 1.6.4: We will add Turkey League in this version. It will release after 1 week.

  45. add lastest yair’s gameplay please, not RC1.
    I wanna play with new yair’s beta version

  46. Fantastic update for the game, it’s brilliant! Only one query though, where are Brighton and Hove Albion in the new NPower Championship for 2011/2012? Also, if possible, adding the new Brighton Amex Stadium would be amazing! Thanks for the update and keep up the great work!

  47. I keep getting the Unhandled Exception error….I did what you said in the instructions but still the error is there…Please help. Thanks

  48. I keep getting the Unhandled exception error. I did what you said in the instructions but it didn’t fix. Please help. Thanks.

  49. thanks for your effort on PSD
    but its not correct as pes stats database

  50. I have in ML some duplicated players (e.g. Matthews from Wales). And Kevin Grosskreutz has no hairs.

  51. Hello! great patch! add greek superleague please! please! it would be great! if you want help i can help you! (kits,option file,transfers,faces,emblems!)

  52. when u’re g0nna put malaysia team 0n y0ur patch??;)
    btw, thanks f0r the great patch !

  53. can u make real madrid team when there are zidane, r0nald0, raul, fig0, beckham n carl0s ?? (d0n’t remember what seas0n it is)
    really h0pe u can make it ..
    thanks …

  54. huh~ does anyone have a solution when it says

    Cannot create the following file:
    C:/program files/KONAMI/Pro Evolution Soccer 2011/mstserver/GBD/faces/OTHERS/STEINH?ER_FACES.$$A

    plz find out if u can,…. i really wanna play this patch!!!

  55. NO, we use edit full psd stats, ok we only edit some player who edit incorrect. some player we edit with my friends’s comments

  56. NO, we don’t edit full psd stats, ok we only edit some player who edit incorrect. some player we edit with my friends’s comments

  57. NO, we use edit full psd stats, ok we only edit some player who konami edit incorrect. some player we edit with my friends’s comments

  58. NO, we don’t edit full psd stats, ok we only edit some player who konami edit incorrect. some player we edit with my friends’s comments

    Sorry for my english

  59. Transfers in some teams not good.Partizan,Crvena Zvezda and other Eastern Europe club.

  60. estou baixando as atualizaçoes agora quais devo baixar e como instalar ? se alguem puder responder agradeço !!!

  61. I had an error some time ago,and NO PERSON HELPED ME,i have found the fix for the error
    For people who are getting the Unhandled Exception error in your Fire PAtch Selector,Just do one thing
    Go to YOur Original EXE file(PES2011.exe)
    and right click,click on properties,and remove “read Only nature of File”

  62. you made mistake with stefan savic(new MCFC player)..you put vujadin savic face(bordeaux)..fix please?

  63. can you plise fiks fc partizan transver. Krstaic,Tagoe,Adya,Ilijev,Smiljanic i Fejsa no long play for PFC. NEW player< Eduardo Ferreira Abdo Pacheco,Vladimir Jovancic,Vladimir Volkov,Ivan Ivanov,Aleksandar Rankovic …..

  64. I installed the patch. The first time that I started it worked perfectly. But now everytime that I start it, it doesn’t work. It just opens the regular PES11 without the patch. Can someone please tell me how to fix it? Thanks

  65. hteo sam da ti ostavim adresu ali mi odmah skinu komentar. nadji me na fejsu pa ce mo se cuti aleksandar miletic ja i devijka smo na slici ja sam jelen a ona rendzer.

  66. fuck me !! when i put the game in REalistc mode, i cannot score goal !
    the ball always goes out or the goalkeeper get it ..
    fuck my world !!

  67. you have many errors…i can’t change kun aguero face..carlos sanchez (colombia) doesn’t have any face,looks like dummy player…fix please

  68. who is dummy player?. We use faceserver. If you add face you must study how to do that thing. Don’t talk m path error. OK?

  69. Nice patch

    I just put in several stadiums made by jenkey1002 and all work ingame having trouble inserting the stadium previews.Whatever i do they remain the default stadium im trying to replace.Despite replacing the image in dt06 1401.bin

  70. @stevenpnt and faceserver doesn’t work,could you fix that please?because carlos sanchez is still dummy player and aguero have old face…

  71. i install the game,and when i am starting the game the game crashes ,please tell me why it always crash

  72. Anderson Marques de Oliveira (6.2.1983. 182cm, 76kg)BECOME NEW FC PARTIZAN PLAYER PLEASE PUT HIM IN THE SQUAD LIST. TNH BIG FAN

  73. when will you release firepatch 1.7,btw in this 1.7 firepatch,are
    there new kits for dinamo zagreb

  74. Best regards and every cast for this patch.Ovo a really great job and for me this patch inserted with a tool to improve the game is what is supposed to be a PES 2011.Imam one application and it is to do if you can update new players and formations.

  75. I’d like to edit the emblems on the patch for my own use (add my own emblem to one team) which img file does hold the emblems? I checked like dt0f – 1920 but wasn’t there..

  76. So… I start ML with Leeds Utd, I finish 3rd in 2nd division, then in PL I finish 10th and then, at the end of the 2011-2012 season, when I enter the transfer period, the game blocks, the music is stil on, the loading circle is stil moving, but nothing happens. I have to rebot my PC. What can I do ?

  77. I want to play in full screen mode but I can’t and the resulotion is bed Where can I setup this???pls help :(

  78. At alex:

    Did you put all the firepatch updates before starting your ML? That sounds like a bug which was in Firepatch at like 1.4 version, but I thought it was fixed.

  79. after i close the fire patch selector, then when i execute it again, i cant play the game! it says Pes2011 gameplay tool + new gameplay patch has stopped working. anyone knows the solution to this problem?

  80. hey. thanks for the patch.
    can u make Liga Super ( Malaysian Leadue )?
    Thanks :D

  81. New Features in 1.6.4: We are editing to add Turkey League in this version.
    I will release after 1 week after release 1.6.3.

    three weeks are passes since july 1st when this was posted.what is happening?

  82. Damn this FirePatch has sure improved.

    I’m liking it a lot. ML hasn’t crashed, so i must have done something right when i installed it.

    Can’t wait for PES 2012. I’ll look forward to your patches for that game, as i know they’ll still have no licensing.

    It’ll have better gameplay and other features, but it’ll still be an incomplete game, as always. Licensing is definitely not Konami’s strong point. But as long as they improve the gameplay, i’ll be happy.

  83. you better but zweite bundesliga in the next update rather than turkey super lig, it’s not cool to start with an german team and have an diffrent second division.

  84. First, what a nice patch. I have one question. I was playing ML with patch 1.5, can I continue my ML on 1.6? Or I have to start a new one? Thanks

  85. This patch is the best one i ever seen ,but i have problems in my become a legend career every time i play the super cup match the game crashes and it happens for some uefa champions league matches as well.

    please tell me what to do to fix this

  86. A great patch but the update 1.6.4 has been delayed .. it was expected to be after one week but a very long time have passed

    can I know when will it be .. 1.6.4 ???????

  87. yeah, make new changes, add south east asian teams like malaysia,indonesia and singapore.. support asian..

  88. please where is the update 1.6.4 in this patch fire patch ………………
    in this update 1.6.4 there is only the tukey league???????????????

  89. Ciao ascolta ma posso scarica subito lA 1.6.3.. ode vo scaricarle tutte la 1.6.1 1.6.2


  91. @Mick

    As I said to Alex I ran into this problem in older Firepatch version. You surely installed all the fixes of 1.6 before playing?

    Also which D2 you had enabled? 210 teams or just 200. (I think running with 210 teams might cause this)

  92. @ kiefer

    Thanks for your respond.:)

    yeah. i currently play, then install the patch.
    probably that cause this bug.

    what’s D2? where to know which teams i enable?

    Thanks a lot Kiefer!!

  93. hi and thanks for the patch… i have a problem with the master league when i make advanced search to a cf age 15-25 and overall rating 75 or 80 to 109 and press search i drop down the list and then my game crashed any fix pls

    10x m8 and gj on the patch my friend

  94. hey.
    why my BECOME A LEGEND can’t change the squad number? it will not respond after i change it.

  95. I have a problem . In BAL , when I start a match , PES 2011 crashes if I watch the entrance , can you guys fix that ?

  96. . it was expected to be after one week but a very long time have passed

    can I know when will it be .. 1.6.4 ??????? the update 1.6.4 in this patch:patch version 1.6 all in one please whene came out the update 1.6.4

  97. just be patient.

    maybe they update the latest transfer.
    so do not need to be updated 2,3 times again.

  98. How do you replace stadiums on the Patch Selector?
    I have the dt06.img and dt07.img files for each stadium but I still keep getting “No bin files in directory”…. How do you fix this?

  99. Hello can anyone help my with 3rd kits? Do we have 3rd kits already installed in FirePatch ? If so can anyone tell me how to use them please ? Thanks for your help

  100. some of the premier legue have their comment names wrong. can you correct that please ? thank you

  101. please i want the update 1.6.4 of fire patch version 1.6 all in one=the update 1.6.4 of this patch in pc

  102. need the update 1.6.4 of fire patch 1.6 all in one please it’s urgent
    why they say the update 1.6.4 OF fire patch 1.6 all in one came out after a week but a long time have passed

  103. i need this update please : update 1.6.4 of fire patch 1.6 all in one pc please i love it this update very i love it very very very muchhhhhh = update 1.6.4 of fire patch 1.6 all in one

  104. give me the date of this update 1.6.4 of the fire patch 1.6 all in one this patch

  105. The best patch I’ve ever seen, great one indeed. I’m not rushing into pes2012 like I did before. wow……… U guys are great

  106. i need the update 1.6.4 of fire patch 1.6 all in one pes 2011 pc today or tomorrow please i love it this update very very much the update 1.6.4 of fire patch 1.6 all in one pes 2011 pc os the best update please make it in fire patch 1.6 all in one today or tomorrow please

  107. fuc* you messiiiiiiiii/counter strike, wtf are you doing with a post like that.

  108. I’m getting crash when i want to start a new cup (doesnt’t matter – world cup or euro cup )with Lithuania team or other new added european teams. But when i start playing with those teams in exibition mode – everything is fine. Can someone please help me ? Because i really want to play with Lithuania in euro and world cup :(

  109. could you explain better what i have to do if i get this error i didnt understand very well plz :/

  110. Try to start new cup , select world cup or euro cup (doesn’t matter) and select Lithuania’s team and confirm and you get !crash! <— How to fix this ?

  111. i dont know how to fix this stupid error. Yes it has latvia team but its not working on new cup too :@

  112. i wanna know how to fix this error on the screen i couldnt understand what exactly to do

  113. pes 2011 fan you need to fix this error which you see at the screenshot but i didnt understand well the way maybe you author could you explain to me better plz

  114. if you fire patch selector button I get a box myself access to the path C: \ Program Files (86) \ konami \ pro evolution soccer 2011 \ vi-Vnconfig.ini is denied

  115. i cant use fire patch selector from this problem and the kitserver manager doesnt attach my pes any solution?

  116. Played a trillion seasons. Had a couple billion dollars. Tons of Cups.

    No crashes.

    Then today my power went out. And it screwed everything up.



    But it ran great for a looooooong time.

  117. Can someone please tell me why is this happening:
    Whenever I install fire patch my controller is automaticly set to controler 2,and controler 1 is taken by the keyboard,i cant change it anywhere and I don`t like playing on the keyboard,kills the fun.
    pls someone help me with this,patch is briliant and i really like it.

  118. go to firepatch forum there you can find it! But it’s not official and there is some transfers and faces

  119. michael i dont know but when i put the files of the 1.6.4 some players dont have their face

  120. First thank you for this patch.
    I’ve just on remark about installing stadium. In fact when I want to apply stadium, I’ve the above message “No bin file in the directory !” despite there’s two folders with files on that directory (dt06 and dt07).
    Can you help me.

  121. Thanks for the patch, but I think some players faces like ivanovic, drogba, lampard & others in 1.6.4 is not their true faces. Why lampard has a dummy grey skin?

  122. Anderson of MU doesn’t have a face..its just a dummy. can you fix this or can you tell me how to fix it?

  123. I was fixed it. I was copying C:\Program Files\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2011\mstserver\GDB\faces from other computer (installed patch 1.6.3) to my computer (installed patch 1.6.4) & it was fix my players skins and faces.

  124. And I think there are wrong folder location for 1.6.4 patch that put dt0c.img, dt0f.img and dt06.img in mstserver\firepatch\ (C:\Program Files\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2011\mstserver\firepatch\). I think this three folder should be put in C:\Program Files\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2011\mstserver\firepatch\img\

    Please check it and sorry if I’m wrong.. :)

  125. @kortanizma
    Yes, for me this way is working. I just replace face folder from other computer that installed v.1.6.3 and this is working.Just face folder.

  126. in AC MILAN Seedorf is still grey player ,also Grey player is Bodnár Laszlo in Hungary National team. :)
    Please fix these grey players ,because 1.5 Fix didnt fix grey players.
    Why is this??? The 1.6.4 Fix was brilliant and without problem , and that was EXCELLENT patch. Please fix GREY PLAYER fast as you can

  127. pround having firepatch as my official pes 11.
    great! fast update for 1.6.5!

    lokking foward this great PATCH!


  128. Seedorf in AC MILAN is still a grey dummy (1.6.5). Fantastic work otherwise! wow my pes is phenomenal!

  129. 1.6.4 update if I want I get turkey leugue in league with all teams turkey.
    That’s not good or I make a mistake?

  130. Fire Patch version 1.6 All In One + 1.6.5 update It is not working with massage the file contains invalit data.

  131. quick question – since Jenkey’s gameplay tool is 0.8 in firepatch how do I update gameplay tool to current version (0.9.9 Beta)? I change the files and keep the file names so that the firepatch launcher can find them – but pro evo crasches on boot every time with the new gameplay tool – which files, other than gameplayjen, pes2011 – config.exe, pes2011-jen.exe do I need to delete when updating jenkey’s gameplay tool?

  132. this is what Jenkey’s install notes says:
    – For upgrade to the new version you must delete all files & folder from old version (for remove all effects for old version)
    + Gameplay tool – run.exe
    + Gameplay tool – config.exe
    + Gameplayjen

    So which are the files and folders I have to delete PLUS the 3 mentioned in his install notes? I feel totally lost here! please help out if you know what I’m taking about

  133. F. Lampard, C Seedorf, etc. are grey even with all updates installed in right order. There are some teams in Npower championship league that have some weird turkish names it’s not ok for me (I have install all patches and run fix after and it’s not helping) so it would be great if you could fix those things. Other thing is that my game is crushing from time to time after I’ve install all your adds so please do something because previously I’v play on your patch 1.5 and it was brilliant (for me it is the best patch ever!!!) Please make us thinking the same way about patch 1.6.5:)
    Great job boys!!!! We are still waiting for more;) Your team is the best!

  134. i made a fix for the grey models it was and error with the mapping, you can get the file here just delete the stars, cheers all credits go the firepatch and the maker of this great patch. w*w*w**.m*e*g*a*u*p*l*o*a*d*.*c*o*m*/?d=WWQEKZPL

  135. plz where is the final transfers
    There are some teams in Npower championship league that have some weird turkish names

  136. and me too i wait for the update 1.6.6 of this patch come on with the last transfers 2012

  137. There are some teams in Npower championship league that have some weird turkish names???????????

  138. PLAY CHAMPIONSHIP Copa limpertadores and throw out only in the Copa limpertadoreas other leagues ok some help

  139. I do not understand how others can say they are pleased with this patch, select the Series B and me in my game is the two English league. I play with AS Roma and it’s normal to play the master league and I promote Italian campionatu all teams in Italy rather than England, and transfers to Say It can never be to me eg Rise Doni Mirko Vucinic and other are to AS Roma .. frankly disappointed .. I am a total fan of this game but with such patches ..

  140. can i ask…
    for update 1.6.4 can i copied only the mstserver to pes directory and not the konami folder cause i have updated the whole team stats using psd stats…it took me a lot of time

  141. why when i want to extrate fire patch update 1.6.2,it say the file is corrupted??

    please helps…Thanks

  142. Please any one can tell me is the transfers working..?!!
    cos i can’t find any transfers or even load them.??

  143. Bad transfers in many teams,Olympiakos,Blackburn,Partizan Belgrade,Red Star Belgrade …and many other teams…

  144. there is 1.6.7 or no because in 1.6.6 jeffren with fc barcelone and thiago with number 30 not 11 please make the 1.6.7

  145. Who can me help? The Dutch league is the league Turkey league. I sometimes wrong with the copy of the files? or anything else?

  146. npower league appears Turkish second league. it is big mistake the patch was great until the none official updates:(

  147. ok guys quick update sorted couple transfers, made couple players, alex chamberlain, joel campbell,etc some faces added, i WILL put it up in a few hours, so keep a look out here, cheers phil

  148. here it is guys delete the stars, and let me know how it is, cheers

  149. @ mesut ozil, na mate havent touched stats, ill have a look into changing that for you, cheers phil

  150. olle como puedo volver a poner la psd de konami sin que se quien los jugadores nuevos es que no me justa nada que allas modificado la psd del juego

  151. Hey man…thank you so much for these patches
    they are so good
    continue what you doing man
    I have a little question,ain’t anything big
    I am a Juventus Fan but I can’t find Stefan Lichsteiner, our new right-back from Lazio.
    He is neither in Lazio Or Juventus squad
    He is in the Swiss National team though
    Can u let me know how to get him in a club team or check ur database & see what club u put him at
    Please & thanks.

  152. @ cotes, have you got my little update, hes definatley on juventus? cheers

    @ mesut ozil, hello mate, i dont release any official updates im just a fan of the patch and trying to help people out if theres any reccomendation youve got for me ill try my best, cheers phil

  153. Hi, sorry but i just got pes 2011 and i want someone to teach me how to install this amazing patch.

    thank you !

  154. ronaldo in 1.6.6 is different with 1.6.3. i love his face. but i dont like his movement. phil
    i want the original movement of cristiano ronaldo. can you make this?

  155. @ mesut ozil, ill have a look into that for you mate, ill get back to you soon let you know , cheers

  156. porfavor como puedo quitar psd osea ahora el estilo de juego es diferente y no me gusta pueden decirme como poner de nuevo el estilo de juego de antes sin quitar los fichajes nuevos por favor

  157. great work, even the gameplay is quite a blast. I hope that once 2012 is released a fire patch will soon follow…

    cheers, and keep up the great job you’ve been doing so far.

  158. Hi Phil .. grey players : Queens park rangers .. players : Connolly , Taarabt, Hulse , Rowlands ,Clarke , Ephraim and Agyemang

    Master league game back to windows when log in transfers

    Thanks Phil for your great work but I hope to fix these problems

    by the way This is After the little patch


  159. this fixes the grey model problem for QPR w*w*w*.*m*e*g*a*u*p*l*o*a*d*.*c*o*m*/?d=MQZ83Q5L

    let me know how this fix helps, couple of transfers too, cheers phil

  160. Thanks Phil .. taarabt still grey .. the problem of going back to windows ?? what is the solution ????

  161. @ mesut ozil, heres ronaldo from 1.6.3 new stats *w*w*w*.*m*e*g*a*u*p*l*o*a*d*.*c*o*m*/?d=XBL0A8WI

    @ mohamed, taarabt still grey have you used the new map i put in that f*i*l*e should have sorted it, never had the going back to windows problem, ill look into it for you mate

  162. Thanks Phil .. but many times the game back two windows .. Now in master I am playing with Chelsea if the match against Blackburn game always back to windows

    map used

  163. @ mohamed, is it just taarbt grey or some other QPR players? im not sure why the game crashes, it could be the unofficial files of firepatch that has done that, part of championship have turkish names and other strange stuff, what ill do tonight is make all transfers like 1.6.6 but will be fire patch 1.6.3 because that is the most stable version i should have that sorted by tomorrow, like i say ill try my best to sort the crashes out mate, keep you updated cheers phil

  164. It’s just taarbt ..

    A question : I am playing with chelsea but my stadium is not satmford bridge why ?? Has the stadium been changed ??

  165. phil
    maybe i am wrong
    but i cannot find *w*w*w*.*m*e*g*a*u*p*l*o*a*d*.*c*o*m*/?d=XBL0A8WI
    what can i do?

  166. @ xavi,i dont have the crashing issue, but a few here do, ill release an updated 1.6.3 which was the most stable firepatch, it had the championship on and not half the teams turkish, i think the crashing must be and issue withn the unofficial files there sending out, grey models etc, i will sort this today, hope fire patch hurry with 1.7.0,haha, cheers phil

  167. ok guys nearly done the 1.6.3 transfer updated file,just like the 1.6.6 file but this means championship no longer turkish!!, most transfers for big clubs done and squad numbers, few faces, and no grey models, and should result in no crashes of the game, hopefully so keep a look out today should be up within a few hours, cheers phil

  168. and now when i installed 1.6.6., what do i have to do to install the “new” 1.6.3. with transfers?

  169. all you need to do is install firepatch 1.6.3, then add my files, im putting here in about 20 mins then its sorted

  170. here it is, first install fire patch 1.6.3,you can install it over the top off any newer firepatch it dosent matter,then when 1.6.3 has been installed then add these files, cheers phil

    w*w*w.m*e*g*a*u*p*l*o*a*d*.c*o*m/?d=N6OWIOM0, delete the stars

    let me know how it is

  171. Phil where are you?!
    the game crashes when i reach the main menu after the intro..
    what should i do :s?!

  172. Phill cheers mate, well done. I started ml with Liverpool then second leauge is correct. a few transfers arent uptade example: Etoo but you can edit it in edit. thanks again bro…

  173. When I use this patch I can not play the game with my Xbox 360 controller. Anyone else has this problem?

  174. A question, is it in anyways that i can install the latest patch and still have all the original teams in the Eredivise(and not any turkish teams or what so ever). Cheers!

  175. will there be 1.6.7 guys? waiting on it…and can you make Manchester United Barclays Premier League Patch Gold(colour)? thanks !!

  176. Hi do you now only need update 6.3 and 6.6 ? and i still have that error dont know how to fix pls help me a bit

  177. I’m not sure,but for some reason whenever I wanna start ML it crashes,and also I don’t know if it’s only me,but I noticed there’s lots of gray players in Cardiff City…

  178. Does this have PSD stats?…i’m looking for a patch that has the PSD stats but no luck. Anyone know one?

  179. @Juan10MataChelsea , try reinstalling the game , update it to 1.03 and DL 7.0
    extract the patch 1.6 on the same drive of that of the game (in a new folder)
    once thats installed run exe 1.6.3
    once that is done run exe 1.6.6
    i was up from 5 in d mornin upto 7 just tryin to figure out how to install this coz i dont have much knowledge bout it, but this is workin perfectly for me now , awesome patch , all u need is ur version 1.03 n DLC 7.00

  180. hahahaha.. Adrine i have no problem in this patch. but i just want to play with orginal PSD n konami. i am still waiting the latest fire patch.

  181. Still got some gray players in Cardiff City and Queens Park Rangers…for instance Chopra in Cardiff City is gray…

  182. hi Phil

    New transfers :: ito To leave inter .. Forlan and Zarate to join Inter

    Andre Santos to Aresnal

    Sure u know more


  183. new transfer updates for firepatch 1.6.3 and updated save file, cheers
    1st SEPTEMBER all new teams, squad players and transfers most are done, please let me know how it is


  184. i really appreciate all you have done for this community phil… you should be added to this wonderful fire patch team man…. XD

  185. If you want psd stats for players, you can take these with fire patch and you can improve the statistics for some players :) This will be the best way

    I remember: Diego in Atletico Madrit
    Helder Postiga and Luis Garcia in Zaragoza
    Jeleń in Lille
    You can use the w*w*w.tr*ans*fery.*info / news-archive.html. This is a Polish website, you do not speak Polish just check the articles called “oficialnie” for example, “oOficialnie Marek Cech w Trabzonsporze”

    I hope that helped. When would you like us something to share?

  186. its all these unofficial updates by the firepatch team thats, f*u*c*ked the mapping up, im sure lukaku is fine on mine, anybody else have a problem with him? anyway ill look into it for you jaun10mata. :)

  187. @juan10mata, lukaku fine on mine, anyone else having this problem? ill look into it for you maybe sort a different map. any one have any other problems?
    cheers phil

  188. ok i cant release firepatch 1.6.7 because im not part of the firepatch team, i just release little updates, transfers nd that, about the champions league teams i have changed them, BUT they only change on the exibition champions league mode, not master league if anyones interested i can upload that. im not sure how to change the masterleague champions league its a mystery, haha cheers phil

  189. @sneijder, on my game i have updated champions league teams, but i can only get this to work on the champions league game mode, not in ML in not sure hoiw to change that. i dont bring out patches like 1.6.7 because im not part of the firepatch team. just trying to help the community out, cheers phil

  190. @sneijder
    – Theblues911
    – Mr_Zung
    – Steven Pham
    – Sad.Kulnie
    – Hak912000
    – Mr[a]shin286
    – Hakerchampions
    – Luanducgk
    – Kuchjc

    the patch belongs to them

  191. great patch ever..!!! keep up good work…i will always follow ur team.. i suggest u replace the legend team such as ac milan 2005,liverpool 2005 with u21 national teams….this will be great.. =)

  192. Hell yeah, transfers is something anyone can do… the hard work is improving the gameplay, getting out second divisions and so forth… When do you reckon the first fire patch will come out after pes 2012 is out on sept the 29th? Roughly any ideas?

  193. hey Phil..I’ve tried the Jenkey that you recommended (the Jenkey) but it doesn’t fix the crashes. any more suggestion maybe? really need to fix the bug and crashes

  194. @doctordarkside
    If u experience crash vs some small team(like some second division teams)…
    just sim the match (allow the coach) & just skip that match

  195. @Nasry whoever made that patch is really not quite right…the stats are a too high…Rosicky’s overall is 90,Mata’s 96… omfg



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