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Fire Patch version 1.5 All In One + FIX v1.5.3.1


Fire Patch version 1.5 All In One + FIX v1.5.1

Fire Patch version 1.5 All In One New Features :

* Fire Tool : many selection Logo, SB, Stadium…
Specialy, Stadium pack is very quality and some stadium can be replace for every stadium in game.
* Unlock League in Exhibition : Classic team & Star team ( 8 teams National Classic, 4 teams Star)
* Add Classic Vietnam and National Vietnam
* New Leagues : Other World Teams ( 128 teams in the world) and Classic UEFA Champions League Teams ( 18 clubs take part in final match from 2002 to 2010)
* Copa Libertadores 2011 : add 2 invited team: Manchester United and Barcelona
* Exhibition : 393 teams
* Master League : select 1 in 3 of D2 team league : Npower Championship , Serie B , Liga Adelante
* New Teams :
National : Full National Euro : AZERBAIJAN, KAZAKHSTAN, MACEDONIA, …
CLUBS : Full clubs Europa League and Champion League
* Callname for player of Premier League
* Newest Bootspack with 60 HD boots (it’s very nice)
* 2 stats : KONAMI & PSD
* Update and add new face for more 300 player
* Update kit for clubs and national
* Update squad for clubs and national
* Full winter transfer
* Update tatoo for many player
* New gameplay and gameplay of Konami
* Auto setup with newest DLC & Patch of KONAMI

General Features :

* Master League : Full 214 teams
* UEFA Champions League 2010-2011 : Full 32 teams
* 5 Big league ( Premier League, Ligue 1, Eredivisie, Serie A, Primera División, Bundesliga): name, line up, kits, logos, map position, … exactly!!!
* All National have squad, kits, flag , map position ,…
* New Adboard.
* New Menu ( Thanks xexx)
* Kits for refree
* New Ballpack
* Turf HD for some Stadium
* New style hair in edit mode

* Addon logo : full Logo HD, logo Kit, logo EPL style, logo Konami style…

Fire Patch 2011 version 1.5 :

Fire Patch 2011 version FIX v1.5.1 :

Fire Patch 2011 version FIX v1.5.2 :
– Face: classic VN
– Fix Tool
– Default Camera of Konami
– Fix error League Structure

Fire Patch 2011 version FIX v1.5.3 :
– Face: Referee, Coach, update more 50 tattoo.
– Tool: Fix PSD & Konami stats selector.
– Other: error SB. (run fix SB after install Update 1.5.3)

Fire Patch 2011 version FIX v1.5.3.1 : new

Master Soccer Team:

– Theblues911
– Mr_Zung
– Stevenpnt
– Sad.Kulnie
– Hak912000
– Bayern Munchen
– Mr[a]shin286
– Boythacloan_deptrairoisao

Credit and Thanks to:
Ilhanmlk, vinh_blackmoon, nenmanja_mtinh, ramusmen, Jenkey1002 and yair (gameplay)
Kitserver by juce & Robbie
Game Graphic Studio by obocaman
PES 2011 Editor by [email protected]
PES 2011 Map Editor by barcafan
PES 2011 Ultimate Data Editor by barcafan
PES 2011 Ultimate Editor by barcafan
Pat, All Scoreboard Maker, Stadium Maker, Kit Maker, Face Maker…


Fireptach tool needs:

– Microsoft .NET Framework 4 click here

– Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 click here

* Run as Administrator when you run tool.
* Error when choose scoreboard: find folder vi-VN and delete file sco.ini.


  1. how to use this patch?it would be nice if u could add some direction on how to use this patch..tq :D

  2. Is all in one, no previous versions needed. How to use it ? Click installer Firepatch 1.5.exe

  3. Hi! I’m using Fire Patch 1.4 for my PES 2011 with add on stadiums & chants pack. Fire patch is the best!!!!…..I’m extremely happy with it! Do I need to uninstall the old version for installing this….or is this an update?…..Help pls!

  4. please help me i have a biiiig probleme when i try to replace bootpack the game crashes or i miss all leagues exept nPower championship please help me

  5. please give us your boot map because i think it’s not the same as it was in previous other patches . thank you

  6. Step1: Install FirePatch 1.5
    Step2: Install FirePatch 1.5.1. then 1.52
    Step3: Install Net Framework 4.0 and C++
    Step4: Delete sco.ini in folder vi-VN

  7. You don’t need previous version. It’s file setup. You only next next and finish.

  8. Simple question.

    I think it was FirePatch 1.4 which crashed in ML after a few seasons when Transfer Window opened.

    Has this been fixed? Please answer as I loved your patch otherwise, it had everything right!

  9. its crashing man! what to do?
    i already installed framework 4.0.
    but what is C++?
    HOW to find C++?
    stevenpnt its work totally?

  10. Pls, can you tell me what is the problem with scoreboard selector, it just keep showing error: “Unhandled exception has occurred in your application. If you click Continue, the application will ignore this error and attempt to continue.

    The device is not ready.”

    What I need to do, I have framework 4.0 and everything what I need to run this patch smothly.

    Thank you in advance.

  11. spevenpnt.. why cristiano ronaldo rating just 96 in ML?
    and its different with his skills.
    i can adjust in your PSD?
    its look different man!!

  12. patch is great but it seems they lots of national teems dosen’t have numbers od they back mey i ask why??? and how to fix that thx in andvance

  13. 60 boots please there are only 53 and i don’t know what’s happen with them but something is messing please help

  14. Master League crashes even when we install the 2 updates that you have added, please fix it. any way your patch is perfect but need to fix the ML crash.

  15. please “stevenpnt” can you tell me how can i put 60 other boot to replace the existing ones without game crash !!!

  16. everthing is okay.
    but im not satisfy with the players like their drible, movement. its not real. please help me solve this problem

  17. I used the boots in dt0c from 5206 to 5275 and in dt0f from 1866 to 1916 and the previwe 177 in dt06 and 1814 in dt0f and it always crashes or i got sometime many austria teams :((((( please help

  18. ML is crashing, and the scoreboards are not coming correctly when i play the match, some kits are not correct like Athletic Bilbao…….please advise

  19. I have done everything that you wrote I have deleted file sco.ini, but still scoreboard not correct and ML crashes.

  20. there are more than 6 players in La Galaxy team have the same face….i hate all comments that i post because i love fire patch and it always perfect without any bugs but this time the patch is so perfect but there are alote of bugs.

  21. same thing for me i love the patch it the best patch ever done but some bugs and some imperfections still exist and we hope you’ll fix them as soon as possible. thank you :)

  22. Edit the file is missing teams Žilina,Partizan. ( again :-( )
    Error in these teams for home matches in the Champions League mode !!!

  23. Thanks for your comment. We will test it. ML doesn’t crash. You can try to choose logo HD and other logo or other D2. Did you change anythings of Patch? Error SB. You must download 1.5.3

    Please visit firepatch2011.blogspot.com, we will anwser faster

  24. Yay! A new FirePatch. : D

    I hope you fixed the Master League crashes. If you did, then I highly recommend this patch to everyone.

    I played 50 or 60 Master League seasons of the Razib_46 patch. And it never crashed once.

    Fire Patch & Razib_46 are the best patches for Pes 2011 on the PC.

  25. You don’t know use my patch, so you say it’s crash

    Many people are using normally

  26. There is error in the scoreboard selection. It says ‘

    Unhandled exception has occured in your application. If you click Continue, the application will ignore this error and attempt to continue. If you click Quit, the application will close immediately.

    The device is not ready.

    how can this be fixed? Thanks

  27. Stevenpnt
    the Patch is crashing in ML, and scoreboard is not correct i have applied all the fixes but the bugs still there, just look at La Galaxy team, most of the players have the same face,please Stevenpnt just test and see by urself.(It’s so strange that ur patch have these a lote of bugs, i am using ur patch since long time and i did not face any problem or bugs before what’s wrong with u, i am so sad to post these comments in your patch, but u must fix these bugs for us.)

  28. after you install you must run fix SB in folder pes of you. it will fix error SB. How did ML crash? Can you visit firepatch2011.blogspot.com and post picture of that error for us?

  29. ok.. i will reinstall the patch and install it again and run the fix, i will get back to you when i finish

  30. i tried this patch. its great and awesome!!!
    but.. i want asking
    answer me.
    what is SB?

  31. Dear Stevenpnt,
    the patch is working correctly now, it was my mistake i did not run fix SB in ur latest update, but there are a lote of repeated faces specially in La Galaxy team, i wish you can fix it in ur next patch.
    thanks ur patch is the best ever

  32. dear Stevenpnt,
    the game start crashing again in ML, i want to send u a screen shot, how can I, i coudnt do that at your forum.

  33. Does this new patch automatically apply to my existing Master League save?
    That I don’t needa open a new ML to enjoy the patch?!
    I wanna know if the Inter kits have all the badges on them.

  34. I’m getting an error while installing Fire Patch 1.5.2
    Plz stevenpnt, help me out.
    I’ve already installed the .NET framework and Ms Visual C++ 2005

  35. @ stevenpnt …..Really Perfect Patch i have ever seen but ….how Can fix SB…..i cant understand your answers about SB Fixing……Plz explan that agian…how to fix SB ????????

  36. how to set camera like pes 2012 in this patch…no camera tool included here…

  37. Dear Stevenpnt,
    I have Microsoft .net framework4.0, but in Turn windows feature on or off the version is 3.5.1, how i can change it to 4.0, this is my problem, please help.

  38. it’s crash when i start to play with Macedonia in the Cup.HELP !!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Great so far in Master League. 4th season. It crashed once when I put it in windowed mode. But nothing since.

    I’m keeping autosave enabled just in case.

  40. Thanks for the great patch! But could you please make an update add the supporters banners, also the new ones from today. That would make the patch PERFECT! Thanks!

  41. Hey there, this patch is one of the best i played, but if u could update a patch fix with stadiums like VN Patch or PES Edit patch it would be great. I’m tired to play always on those default stadiums.

  42. Yes, Master League just crashed in the same spot, right after the July transfer window. 4th season I believe. Master League.

    However, I just noticed you added another fix.

    I haven’t added yet.

  43. to fix scoreboard…..
    go to your own pes 2011 folder…..
    there is a flie called “fix sb”……
    click it then try apply the score board using selector….
    good luck….

  44. dear Stevenpnt,
    ML is crashing please help us its not only me a lote of users have the same problem.

  45. can you fix that ml will not crash every time i want to save the game or even play i can’t ,thanks

  46. Stevenpnt,
    please fix ML, please we love ur patch dont make it missing in ML.

  47. as I said, this’s s#ck patch
    dont use it. If you want your game crash randomly & cant save ML , this patch’s recommended

  48. Hey! I think its a good patch, but i cant play with club teams in exhibition, only with national teams…why???????? If i choose a club team, like real madrid, than freeze the game and its quit to windows:( Why cant chose club? PLS answer somebody!

  49. dear stevenpnt
    i found the problem in ML crashing:
    when i switch on the classic players in ML it will crash after i play any game or if i open the saved game, while when i switch off the classic players the game runs smoothly without crashing at all.
    please fix this bug, we are waiting for you.

  50. anytime i try to play with the new gameplay tool, the game crashes. pls help with this problem.

  51. I am getting this every time i change 2nd divison :
    ************** JIT Debugging **************
    To enable just-in-time (JIT) debugging, the .config file for this
    application or computer (machine.config) must have the
    jitDebugging value set in the system.windows.forms section.
    The application must also be compiled with debugging

    For example:

  52. pls halp : when i change 2nd division i get, FIRE PATCH SELECTOR

    UNhandled exception has occured in your application.if you click Continue.The applicationwill ignore this error andattempt to continue. if you click Quit. the appliation will close immediately.

    Access to path”mstserver\config.txt’is denied.

  53. aka.. thats mean you are still not complete the fix for this patch.
    now.. my fire patch is not problem.
    its work

  54. PLS somebody help me!!! I cant play with club teams, cuz its freeze and quit to the windows! HELP!!!!

  55. Master League Crash T_T. PLease update patch.
    pes was uncomplete if without master league

  56. as i told u Stevenpnt,
    the problem is with Classic Players in ML its making the patch to crash, if we play without classic players it will work perfectly, please solve this bug.

  57. somebody have the problem with the stadium in ML? when i choose one of the 2 devision team in ML and when i playing at home ground it shows me the stadium of “club house” what should i do to fix it?

  58. Hey guys this is the best patch ever,but the sad partis every time i try to do some changes in FIRE PATCH SELECTOR it givesme a massage that : Access to path C:\program file (x89)\KONAMI|Pro Evolution Soccer 2011\ what ever i selected is denied.pls pls pls help thxxxxx.:)

  59. worked alright in the beginning… master league tended to crash…
    but now it crashes once i am in team selection. not sure why. in it’s basic this is an amazing patch, however something is faulty which causes crashes. don’t install just yet.

  60. @ to ALL play Fire Patch 1.5 : if you don’t play CLUB in EXHIBITION ( crash when choose Club) please Enter : FIRE PATCH SELECTOR =>> LOGO =>> choose LOGO 3D or HD or KONAMI or KIT ( DON’T choose LOGO EPL Style )

  61. Hope Fire Patch creator could fix all crash problems and reply us.. I have been waiting this for so long. Now I’m still using previous Fire Patch. Thanks for created this awesome Fire Patch!

  62. Dear Mr_Zung,
    The Crash is in ML, and we cant play it when we choose classic players on, but if we switch off the classic players in ML no crash will happen, can you please reply us on this.

  63. @ All: more infomation , update fastest , support fastest, and more
    please visit :


  64. i cant play second season in master league . when the first season ends , the game doesn’t move on to the second season . What should i do?

  65. Myself, I always found the ML crashing happened at the July transfer window. About 3 or 4 seasons in. Regardless of whether or not classic players were involved. I never use classic players.

    The older patches did the same thing.

  66. @tas, ironmike : pl do step – step
    1. Download : http://www.mediafire.com/?4c81a58awap4ydw

    2. Enter FIRE PATCH SELECTOR, choose D2 ( ex. Serie b)

    3. Enter FirePatch_dt0f.img ( downloaded step 1), choose D2 as D2 choosed step 2 ( ex. choose Seri b)

    and : copy Folder dt0f.img to

    4. Enter Game & create new ML.

    @Shafei: pl remove game + Fire patch , and install again.

    @asperas: i tested it, and no crash

  67. @Shafei: pl remove game + Fire patch , and install again.

    @asperas: i tested it, and no crash

  68. for all the people that have ML crash problem – just remove PES11 and install again the game- and then install the patch its working… but still- i have a problem with the stadium in ML 2 devision its show me the club house stadium insted the stadium that i build myself

  69. @Navaro : pl download stadium pack version 1 here firepatch2011.blogspot.com/

  70. I saw the champions league classic teams from 2010-2011 in pes.vn patch first, also classic vietnemese team is also copied from that patch… its unbelievable… also as far as i can read ur patch crashes a lot? fix it then!

  71. why all of you have are problem? for me, ever things is alright. no bugs. perfect!
    but one thing, sometimes the faces of players looks blur. i do not know it is caused by computer. it is possible.
    Mr Zung any idea for this?

  72. asperas.. i means.. my pes2011 with fire patch have a problem.
    the face, kits looks blur. why? before this its not are okay. but now, the images got blur

  73. okay. i got the solution.. in kit server do not change the edit mode to high level. it is make this patch blur especially for images

  74. i have problem with the replay’s color. the color is red. how do i change replay’s color back to normal color (there is no red color again)??? please help me, this problem interrupt me…

  75. hey, how do i solve this problem? replay’s color was red, while i was playing…

    please answer my question Mr_Zung!!!

  76. Mr_Zung, could you pls update the bootpack with some of latest boots.
    Not all the boots appear in edit mode.

  77. @rooneyz : pl enter here and post picture :firepatch.oni.cc/forum/forum.php

    @dtee & ALL: wait Big update 1.5.4

  78. Mr_Zung, how can i post my picture or video in this sites firepatch.oni.cc/forum/forum.php??
    i don’t understand the language…

  79. @rooneyz: pl upload picture : imageshackold.us
    and post in sites : firepatch.oni.cc
    or: post in facebook : facebook.com/pages/Pro-Evolution-Soccer-Fire-Patch/215198601839209

  80. I ‘ve finished a season by using Leeds United in the second division.however , when i ‘m going to next season from the last week of the previous one, the game load indefinitely,it means that i can only play 1 season in 1 team. how can i solve the problem?

  81. i’ve installed the patch with all “fix” and i’ve a problem… when i start a match i see the presentation’s panel of the teams all white, after in game i see the scoreboard perfect… what i can do to solve the problem?

  82. Hi! :)
    I am from greece and i would love to see Greek Superleague in this fantastic patch! :)
    Hope to hear from you soon!!


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