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Fire Patch 1.5.4 [Big Update] by MST Team


pes 2011 Fire Patch Big Update Version 1.5.4

Update Features :

New Master League mode :
– MAX 219 teams in ML.
– MAX 20 teams in 2nd Devision.

* Update newest gameplay
* Callname when Scored
* New turf for some stadium
* New kits some teams
* FIX bug Loading in ML.
* Include Update 1.5.1 =>

Download Fire Patch 1.5.4 (update) :

* you need installed Fire Patch version 1.5 All In One.


  1. i already install it. but i want asking you. why no callname when score?
    for you information, i use fifa commentator 2010 south afrika.
    help me. i really need to listen this

  2. @ronaldo : some player have callname when scored

    @vad: pl create NEW ML

    @jaco10om : i’ll do it at next version

  3. i dont understand “bug loading in ML” ?? i dont have any bug in ML as far as i concerned (in… so why do i need the fix ??

  4. mr zung quand prochaine version ?et s’il vous plait metter un maximum d’équipe national.avec un maximum de club européen.s’il vous plait laisser championship,serie b et liga adelante.il manque juste la ligue 2 francaise et bundesliga 2.puis je avoir votre adresse mail mr zung.je veut vous contacter

  5. sounds like the ML fix i was looking for. ‘bug loading in master league’

    but i’m not sure.

    hopefully that means it won’t freeze up, 4 seasons in, at the july transfer window? : D

  6. the Master League loading bug is not fixed. the game does not load at the july transfer window. please fix that. thanks. (:

  7. @armalik17: pl install Fire Patch 1.5 & 1.5.4
    after Create new ML
    don’t use old ML of version 1.5.3

  8. Mr zung Quand prochaine version ? et ligue 2 french et bundesliga 2?PLEASE votre email mr zung

  9. When I install I receive this message error:
    FIRA PATCH 2011 v.1.5.4 has not been totally installed because of the following reason:
    mstserver\firepatch\img\unnamed_10293.adx: This file contains invalid data. (error 11FB). You will have to run this utility again to completely install FIRE PATCH 2011 v.1.5.4.

    Please help me

  10. mr zung..please do classic team for barcelona or real madrid..whereby ronaldo of brazil is playing..tq…PES fanatic

  11. why there are many AUSTRIA team in my game?etc in the EUROPE..please help me

  12. mr_zung, i would really appreciate it if you could create the singaporean national team. we need to increase the asian national teams.

  13. @torres:
    after install Update 1.5.4 , Create new ML
    don’t use old ML of version 1.5.3

  14. If I create one new ML with udpate 1.5.4,the bug which leaves no advance ML disappear or will occur the same?

  15. I just saw the gameplay changes for PES 2012. Looks great! Much more realistic.

    Can’t wait for that. Comes out in October.

    I’ll look forward to a mod from FirePatch or Razib to put in all the unlicensed teams. :D

    I never did get around to trying this new 1.5.4 patch. Hope the july transfer window crash got fixed. Keep up the great work, guys.

  16. Okay, I finally downloaded it.

    Master League is finally working. Yay! :D

    Fire Patch is back atop the podium.

    First prize!

  17. You should think in making some more new leagues like Liga Zon Sagres instead of second division :)

  18. GAME is still crashing ML at transferperiode 1 july!! sometimes after the first season and recently i got it in the third season very frustrating!!! ive downloaded all the updates from firepatch untill 1.5.4and still crashing everytime i start a new ML what can i do??? please HELP!!


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