1. man thats awesome really but i still hear champion’s voice and jim beglin’s and then the other 2 voices from fifa!!!! is that how its supposed to be?

  2. hey man thanks for your work but as i see in videos there is both commentaries pes and fifa’s , and fifa commentator dont say any names for player and that is very bad , u should work more on this and erase jon champion totally

  3. no aaa he says names properly…somehow he should just delete pes commentary cause we have 4 commentators now commenting…though i cant say its so bad!!

  4. Yes!need more work!i know.. i will come with one better version!Wish all the best !

  5. @iepuricanu: I made it and post it on evo and firepatch.net. You downloaded it and say that you made. Ok i will not share any commentary. keep it and play with beta version. I was angry about it

  6. yes is true Steven made it .
    admin you need to delete this because Iepure stole it

  7. Delay it Even More,
    But Make Sure it is Released before PES2014..
    If someone bets it will be released after Pes2014, i wont doubt..

  8. yeah it probably wont be released before 2022 , just hope he release it sometimes and dont lie to us like gay stupid merdiso

  9. @Steven you are retard because i dont stole anything!you find here program if you know program who let you convert commentary from pes2011 to pes 2012!i’ve downloaded pes2011 world cup and i converted for pes 2012 so stop to tell peoples i stole commentary from you!!!this commentary is made by me!


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