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FIFA 12 English Commentary Patch by Merdiso


The Award-Winning FIFA 12 commentary, formed by Clive Tyldesley and Andy Townsend, has been ported and optimized for Pro Evolution Soccer 2012, allowing football fans to play their favorite matches like never before, in a completely new match-day atmosphere era, with improved scripts responsiveness, all new authenticity, compact Installer, and many more.

Key Features:

• Brand New Authenticity: Probably the best commentating team ever met in a football video game, formed by Clive Tyldesley, and joined every match by the expert analyzer, Andy Townsend, is now ready to take the match atmosphere to a new, higher, and more realistic level, in Pro Evolution Soccer 2012.
• Revamped Experience: Discover the new key elements of your favorite game commentary. The improved scripts responsiveness is going to deliver a more complete experience, new inclusions, such as specific “World Cup” speeches and improved tactics samples, being also added, to make sure the gamers will notice a big change from the first match they take part in. Hearing both commentators getting excited in a very natural way when scoring, will make gamers feel the moment like never before in the entire PES history.
• Advanced Compatibility: Every fan who owns a PC version of Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 is able to enjoy the superior quality of the patch, even without having the UK version which includes the original English commentary by default. In addition, the patch is officially Online Compatible, allowing fans to fight for the UEFA Champions League trophy in a much more polished atmosphere.
• Maximum Compression: Not having a very fast Internet Connection doesn’t mean downloading the Installer file will take years or so, as the commentary has been coded and structured not to absorb a big size on your HDD, plus the additional maximum compression process that has been done for the patch installation (.exe) file.
• Free Download: PES gamers can get the entire quality patch package for free.
• Easy-To-Use and Fast Installer
• High-Quality Samples

Additional Information:

Release Date – December 2011
• Feedback & Support email: [email protected]
• Author: Merdiso (Romania)
• Overall Status: 4250/14314 (10%)
• Version: 1.0


• KONAMI @ Tokyo (Pro Evolution Soccer 2012)
• EA Sports @ Canada (FIFA 12)
• Winning Eleven Next-Gen Team (AFS Explorer)
• Sony Corporation (Sound Forge 10 & Sony Vegas 10 Pro)
• Rinaldo (Sound Master 10)
• Evo-Web Forums
• PES-Patch
• PES-Edit

New feature announcement – “Authentic Match Introduction”

Some people might think that this year’s version of PES english commentary patch will only be a 2011 port, but there is one important feature that has just been added this year in this addon, which is called, as you may have noticed in the title, “Authentic Match Introduction”.
This big key component brings the following 3 new features in the introduction of each match you play in your favorite football game:
• Over 80 teamnames
• A whole new series of introduction phrases has been added, including a lot more diversity and 4 times more Townsend opinions about the upcoming match. In addition, there are also some new samples regarding many of the licensed stadiums and also about derbies or important matches aswell.
• Both commentators will now talk about referees.

Aren’t you excited enough ? Do you want to see what all this “talking” was about ? Then watch this:



  1. Bravo merdiso!Ti-am scris in romana din moment ce ai zis ca esti din romania.avem si noi cu ce ne mandri :)felicitari inca odata si spor la lucru!

  2. while your effort is appreciated it isnt really that good, the default commentary is better, this commentary sounds rushed and overdone, the goal celebrations by clive is too over the top if you ask me.

  3. How far have you come? Looking forward to this a lot!! Tired of these PES idiot commentators who talk at the same time.

  4. Hi Merdiso,

    That is one of the best commentaries I have heard so far!! Just a request, as you are in the process of making the sound patch, I hope the commentators call out the names of the players as well. In the video you posted there wasn’t any players name being mentioned.

    Cheers :)

  5. it’s already december. c’mon! i want this. i’ve been bored to hear jon champion and jim beglin..

  6. lol yeah qiw, im bored of hearing “this is jon champion with jim beglin here”, its been like that for years now

  7. on utube it says this:
    Release Date – Q1/2012 (Sorry for the delay but I was very busy all this period and I cannot get this huge patch done for a 2011 release)

  8. Its releasing at feburay-march 2012……..
    overall progress is 8500/14314 (35%) -> all callnames are done !

  9. He said that he going to release this weekend so stop aksing.Merdiso you’r a king :)

  10. Indeed it is, I’ve been browsing this very URL since 2011, I even stopped playing the game, and I won’t play until I hear a decent commentator! :D

  11. well i hope it will be good and no bugs since we are waiting for this couple of months

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