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FBNZ OptionFile 2018 v1.0 by Cristiano92


FBNZ OptionFile 2018 Version 1.0 by Cristiano92 – PS4 and PC

Download FBNZ Option File 2018 Update 2

All 18 teams in the Bundesliga with complete stats, jerseys, coats, stadiums, etc.
ALL BUNDESLIGA players with correct stats, sizes, nationalities, etc.
70 % of the players with correct faces, shoes, accessories
Series a with uniforms, coat of arms and correct names
La Liga with jerseys, coat of arms and correct names
All other teams with coat of arms and correct names
All National teams with correct names and jerseys
and more.


Alle 18 Teams der Bundesliga (komplette Kader, Trikots, Wappen, Stadien etc.)
Alle Bundesliga Spieler mit korrekten Stats, Größen, Nationalitäten etc.
70% der Spieler mit korrekten Faces, Schuhen, Accessoires
Serie A mit Trikots, Wappen und korrekten Namen
La Liga mit Trikots, Wappen und korrekten Namen
ALLE weiteren Teams mit Wappen und korrekten Namen
ALLE Nationalteams mit korrekten Spielernamen und Trikots


1. LIVE Update im PES 2018 Hauptmenü machen um alle aktuellen Stats und Kader zu erhalten
2. Den WEPES Ordner auf den USB Stick kopieren
3. Im Editor alle Teams AUßER „NT-“ und „GER1-“ importieren und den Haken bei „Bilder mit gleichen Namen überschreiben“ setzen.
4. Danach alle Teams MIT“NT-“ und „GER1-“ importieren und den Haken bei „Spieler und Kaderdaten anwenden“ UND „Bilder mit gleichen Namen überschreiben“ setzen.
5. Das selbe für WETTBEWERBE nochmal machen.
6. Speichern und den Editor verlassen.

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1. LIVE Update in PES18 Main Menu, save
2. Copy my WEPES folder to your USB
3. Import all teams except the ones woth “NT-” and “GER1-” and select “overwrite existing images” (or something)
4. Afterwards, import all teams with “NT-” and “GER1-” select “Use Player and squad data” AND “overwrite images”
5. Import all Competitions!
6. SAVE, and play

Does the Bundesliga work on PC as well?

100% working Bundesliga , Yes it does all you have to do:

1. Select all the files except Ger1 choose import image not squad and player. [If you want national team just then Ger1 and NT files]
2. After that select only Ger1 files and select image,squad and player data.
3. Import Competition.
4. Go to Formation of each team in bundesliga and select default players in data management vola you are done.


  1. In all created teams there are only players with one name example: Augsburg –> LUSTER. When you go to edit player, game see lineup like it should be, but wehen we go to play match there are only LUSTERS. How to make i t right?

  2. loding failed on pc, few teams give this error: rio ave and portimonense, i don’t know about other teams

  3. Same problems here (I have PC Steam version too). I think there could be two possibilities:
    1. PS4 Option Files are not compatible 100% with PC, and when you select the option “Use Player and squad data” the problem appears
    2. There is a bug in the Import/Export option in the PC/Steam version, and it should be reported to Konami in order to fix it in a future patch

  4. For the PC delete all data excep the ML00… and tge file from career mood or anything from football life fromuments/Konami/PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER 2018 and import everything again

  5. Did I do something wrong or is Werder Bremen under the 30% with no correct faces. I mean like black players like Lamine Sane being a white dude with blonde hair, so not even just a bit off but a completly wrong model?

  6. When you get chose the option of “Overwriting image files of the same name” only select that.

    I think the duplicate keepers is if you select the apply players to a team option.

  7. How do I simply exchange pes united with Borussia Dortmund? Dortmund is already in the game, so why was it not added to the Bundesliga?

  8. So all the players are there. What you need to do in order to get some things fixed:

    Fix of multiple goalkeeper in the team:
    – Go to “Edit”
    – Go to “Teams”
    – Open “Bundesliga”
    – Pick the first Bundesliga Team
    – Open “Game Plan”
    – Open “Support Settings”
    – Choose in “Auto-Select Line-Up” the option “By Ability” instead of the currently chosen one.

    Voila! You need to repeat this for each team that has this problems.
    Took me roughly 15 minutes.

    In order to get the Bundesliga “fixed”:
    – Go to “Edit”
    – Go to “Competition Structure”
    – Go to “Draw Size”
    – Set “Bundesliga” to 18
    – Go back one menu
    – Pick “Europe”
    – Go two left or a half-life-time to the right until you reach Bundesliga with “LB” or “RB” on your gamepad (depends on your settings)
    – Choose any of this non-German teams and go to the right with “RB” (again depending on your gamespad-options) and pick any of the German teams there.

    For the DFB Pokal only the picture is missing, which is part of the pictures. In order to get this done:
    – Go to “Edit”
    – Go to “Data Management”
    – Go to “Import/Export”
    – Go to “Import Images”
    – Pick “Competion Emblems”
    – Choose: “Import selected images”
    – Scroll all the way down until you reach the file with the name “DFB-Pokal.png”
    – Select this
    – Press the “back” button
    – Press “Ok”
    – Go back to the “Edit” main menu
    – Go to “Competitions”
    – Pick “PEU League” and there “DFB Pokal” or Pokal, if it is not yet named
    – Change the name and upload the picture

    I am still figuring out how to get the other leagues “fixed”. From “KNVB” onwards the import of the competition throws an error for me. If I have any other help, I will post it. But right now, that´s the only way to get it working for me so far.

    I run PES2018 on PC / steam version.

  9. go to extras choose editor, choose competition management, choose Bundesliga, choose the wrong team you want to change, then go to more european competitions and replace with the team you want

  10. Found the solution:

    After import, when you have all the GKs, you go to the team and change the standard formation to “based on skills”. Then the team is complete with the real names!

  11. I had the same. Go to the club, here Bayern, and to the strategie. There you go to “support settings” and “auto formation”. Then press once to the right and you are good. Just have to do it once per team.

    Spread the news! ;)

  12. Go to Competition Settings and first to number of teams, reduce to 18 for BL. The go to “Participating Teams” > Europe > Bundesliga and there you can drag the teams from there to “rest of Europe” and vice versa.

  13. Just learned how to get it work without GK-Clones in PC/Steam-Version: You have to go in edit mode to the strategy/tactics menu of each Team with the Clones and reset the tactics (bar on the far right side) to default. But it’s a hell of a work… ;)

  14. Go to team management, support setting and there you change the formation to “based on skills”. Then the players are there.

  15. Hi Christiano, wann kann man die weiteren Korrekturen der Gesichter (speziell FC Köln) erwarten? Des weiteren ist es möglich auch die Buli Teams zum Beispiel in Online Devision Modus zu nutzen? Wenn ja, wie?

  16. You need to adjust the competition in editing mode and change bvb, schalke and Leipzig from the other league to Bundesliga. Furthermore you need to turn off live updates in Friendly game mode and you will get the real players

  17. Hey my friend, why APOEL FC is missing from the other teams? APOEL FC plays on Champions League. Last year was on Europa League and Cristiano92 includes it in his patch.

  18. Hi there, I accidentally ticked the box for “apply player and squad data” at step 3 already (yeah i know, stupid…) – can I remove the patch somehow and re-do it correctly? thanks in advance! <3

  19. The broadcasters stopped talking (in English or any other languages). I have only crowd and in game sounds. Is there a fix?

  20. Has National team players their correct names?

    Everything is working perfectly (PS4), but I have thhis doubt.


  21. Thanks for great work. Are planning to fix the faces of FC Cologne in Bundesliga? Some Players looks very unrealistic. Will it be possible to use FC Cologne online?

    Regarding the kits, are you using HQ with 2048 or 1024?


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