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FAQ for goalserver2009 by masterz


This is errors you can see if you don’t follow tutorial:

1-Udp error:

You do open this ports and forward on computer local ip who run pes2009

UDP: 5730 and 5739
TCP: 20010, 20020, 20030 i 20085

For know how open just see in this url and search your router:

2-Password error on login:

If you have this error that’s because you don’t install Pes09.crt.
Please install certificate before launch pes2009.

3-An error occured during verification:

There are 3 ways:
1- You haven’t open ports in your modem router (see chapter1 from faq)
2- Your friend haven’t open ports in modem/router (see chapter1 from faq)
3- Your friend wan ip it doesn’t reply from ping

Try to ping your friend wan ip and if no reply, your friend need setup in his router a function call
“reply ping” or “allow echo icmp”


PS:I will add others errors if that’s need


  1. After 10 hours of frustration, I got this to work because of the ports. DMZ didn’t do squat for me? WTF!


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