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Facepack 1.0 For eFootball PES2020 by Nahue Facemaker


Facepack V1.0 For eFootball PES 20 by Nahue Facemaker

Download Facepack PES2020 For PC

The first pack by Nahue includes 9 player faces in one cpk file (FacepackByNahue1.cpk):
– Marcelo Weigandt
– Jan Hurtado
– Emanuel Reynoso
– Julian Álvarez
– Federico González
– Iván Gómez
– Adolfo Gaich
– Brayan Cortés
– Osvaldo González


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  1. Hello there are Some great talents from the netherlands SHO i would love to see their real faces in the game maybe you have Some time to look at it.
    Mohammed ihatarren, Donyell Malen and Cody gakpo from PSV . Malen Made 5 goals yesterday only 20 years old. And then we have Dest, gravenberch, and naci unuvar. The last 2 were in the previous game but not in this one. Naci unuvar is 16 years old the biggest talent on the dutch fields. Would love to see their real faces for masterleague

  2. Hello i appreciate the work u r doing and hop to see more youngs 18,19,20,21,22 players please at least the players with good potential like Donyell Malen, James Rees,Billy gelmour… Etc
    Thanks a lot


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