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Facegen To PES 2013 Convert v2 by Twistedlogic


Facegen To PES 2013 Convert v2 by Twistedlogic

This is second version of the convert tool. Useful for Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 face modeling using FaceGen by Singular Inversions. The faces are also compatible with Pro Evolution Soccer 2012.

IMPORTANT!!! After creating your face don’t forget to fix it with this tool, otherwise in intro animation the created face will look weird.
PeSBoX Face and Hair Fixer 2012 v.2 by Ercan Ayan

Tools you need for face editing in FaceGen for PES 2013

-FaceGen Modeller 3.1 or FaceGen Modeller 3.5
-Photoshop CS or any other image editor
-Blender 2.49a (versions after 2.49 do not support the FEF plugins)
-Python 2.6.2 support for Blender 2.49a
-FEI 2010 2.0b by skunk
-PES Ultimate Data Explorer by Barcafan
-Game Graphic Studio by Obocaman
-PES2013 GDB Face Manager v1.00 by Jenkey1002

1) After installing these tools copy the following files from the archive:

– fef_export.py
– fef_import.py
– “captureshapepoints” folder

to C:Program FilesBlender FoundationBlender.blenderscripts (or Program Files (x86), that depends on your CPU – 32 bit/64 bit)

2) If you are using FaceGen Modeller 3.1 copy folder “csamFaceGen to PES by TwistedLogic” to C:Program FilesSingular InversionsFaceGen Modeller 3.1, then start FaceGen Modeller go to Model -> Change Model Set and select from dropdown menu “FaceGen to PES by TwistedLogic”

If you are using FaceGen Modeller 3.5 go to C:UsersAppDataRoamingFaceGenModeller3ModelSets and delete folder “csamDefault” and copy “csamDefault” from my archive. Folder “AppData” is hidden, just to let you know.

If the face doesn’t appear in Modeller 3.5 then work in Modeller 3.1 but still generate the desired face first in Modeller 3.5, it’s ten times faster than 3.1

3) Import/export only over the file unnamed.bin from BIN folder, otherwise “shape key transfer” in Blender will ruin your face.

4) Watch the tutorial

Thanks to du_oro10, cherif_nour_, skunk, Obocaman, Jenkey 1002, barcafan, Ercan Ayan and all the facemakers. Keep up the good work!


  1. Hi! when i want to Transfer Shape keys , i have the following problem:
    unboundlocalerror:localvaraiable “capture file” referenced before assignement. Help please!


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