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EXECO19 Update 11.0.7 For PES 2019 PC


EXECO 19 version 11.0.7c – Update For The Full Patch 11.0.5

Download Execo19 11.0.7

Changes from last version:

Added full MLS:
we have added the full american major league soccer, with all 24 teams to patch 2019, all teams are licenced with real kits and squads, this league replaces the fake american league.

Teams added are:
Atlanta United, Los Angeles FC, Columbus Crew, DC United, Los Angeles Galaxy, Seattle Sounders, New York Red Bulls, Portland Timbers, Toronto FC, Sporting Kansas City, Chicago Fire, New York City, Houston Dynamo, New England Revolution, Montreal Impact, San Jose Earthquakes, Minnesota United, FC Dallas, FC Cincinnati, Real Salt Lake City, Philadelphia Union, Colorado Rapids, Orlando City SC, Vancouver Whitecaps.

all MLS kits are made and provided by elements max

Winter Transfers:
thousands of winter transfers are made in this version, some leagues are in between seasons and its still a busy market, these leagues will be reviewed later to updated the relegated and promoted teams, we postponed this for the new patch because there will be a heavy ID changes in the new patch.

Compatible with new DLC:
two days ago there was a new update version 3.01, usually this makes the patch incompatible and resets the game, this update will apply and is fully compatible with the new version.

Added and fixed faces:
we fixed some bugged faces following fans reports, added and updated many faces in this version, thanks to (omina) for sending faces and tattoos files for the patch,

Other enhancements:
a lot of enhancements and fixes are included, most of them are details like stat fix or graphics optimizations…

EXECO19 (ALL IN ONE) v.11.0.5 + Update v.11.0.7c :


Update 11.0.7c is a repacked update, no big changes from 11.0.7b.

DLC4 compatibility (steam) released 7 February ’19 : this is only temporary compatibility fix, we used (SMK_Extra15.cpk) for this fix, make sure you did not remove smoke patch files from the dpfilelist.


1. copy and replace (edit00000000) to the save folder of the game
2. copy and replace (SMK_Extra15.cpk) and (DpFileList.bin) in the download folder of the game.


– don’t generate the dpfilelist
– changing the patch files or adding other mods is at your own risk.
– adding or updating the game EXE is not the patch responsibility.
– this patch is made to focus on offline modes.

Thanks to all patch fans and anyone who contributed.


  1. Read my comment on Smoke website, I wrote a tutorial how to install. For me everything is fine. Do what I did. ;)

  2. Hola. Alguien me podria explicar bien como añadir el paquete de estadios de MJTS-140914 al parche de smoke?

  3. You can add many cpk files with this patch, you can’t generate dpfilelist only, isn’t the same.
    This patch have 16 SMK_Extra, only replace them with your’s cpk renamed obviously:
    Ex. Evo_ballv7.cpk >>renamed to SMK_Extra1.cpk and pasted in download folder, that’s it.

  4. Hi, Just want to say that your classic players’ faces are incredible. It is nice to note that you do really care for our comments. Thanks for updating E.Cantona’s face. However I noticed that Mazzola’s face is without skin color. He can be found in Rainmaker Classic. I did a very thorough check and can confirm that he is the only classic player without skin color. Sure hope you can rectify this small error in your next update. In the same context I hope that you can edit Roy Keane’s face in the European Classic as it does not look like him. Thank You guys for this fantastic patch. Keep up with the good work.

  5. Sadly bloody Konami releasing their new data pack at the most inconvenient time rendered this broken


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