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EXECO19 11.0.8 For PES 2019 PC


EXECO19 Update 11.0.8 For PES 2019 PC

Download EXECO19 Update V11.0.8

– updated stats
– updated stadiums
– added more real faces
– compatible new DP 4.0.2
– various enhancements

– Updated database (stats-players)
all players stats are updated following the latest official dlc and live updates, all the players from the latest live update are imported into smoke patch database 2019.

Check players stats update in smoke patch

– Stadiums update:
we have updated our stadium pack following the comments and reports from the fans, also corrected the stadium assignment for some teams. two stadiums are imported from the latest datapack,

in addition, we are preparing a stadium server pack as addon for patch 2019, this is for users that want more stadiums in the game and do not mind downloading extra gigabytes.
more info about this will be available when ready, big thanks for omina for working on this.

New stadiums:
– Celtic Park
– Ibrox Stadium

Dlc 4.0 stadiums previews

– Faces addition and updates:
this version includes a huge face update, many faces are added, faces provided by the fans and all the faces that came with the latest datapack.
around 400 new faces are added, big thanks to the fans for sending missing faces.

– Included datapack features:
may features are imported from dp4, including balls, new Thailand teams in thai league, new classic players imported and moved to classic teams, and others…
updated new balls and other features from the last DLC

– Update size:
this update is huge, expected compressed size is around 2.6 GB, usually when update get this big we opt for full version instead to avoid bad installation, and to save disk space on your desk, but this update will be available to update any version starting from (11.0.5)

– Size:
faces files: 2 gb
stadium files: 700 mb
graphics and others: 1 gb

– Fixed stability for steam users
the new dlc and game version needed some restructure to be fully compatible, the compatibility fix we released for steam users made the patch compatible however not stable and might have crash at some point in the game, in this update its corrected and steam users have stable game, be sure to choose the correct option in the installer.

– Other enhancements:
a lot of enhancements and fixes are included, most of them are details like stat fix or graphics optimizations…

– Still in progress:
south american teams are still under review, soon the market will settle down in that area and we will finish up the updates and add more south american teams soon.

Version 11.0.8 is update for the full patch 11.0.5 (or newer), be sure to install the full patch before this update. EXECO19  AIO 11.0.5 + 11.0.8 :

mega mediafire

Small fix for reported issues in the latest update 11.0.8

– fix mazzola face
– fix bayer leverkusen issue
– fix referee boot
– 24 teams in MLS


Download and replace (SMK_Extra15.cpk) in the download folder of the game


– this update is compatible with the latest database and game
– this update will replace older update files
– this update will reset smk_extra15 cpk file
– this update will reset the dpfilelist of the patch
– this update will not damage your saved modes, you can continue ML

EXECO19 11.0.8 – 4.02 compatibility update 28 February:

a new update (DLC4.02) released today made the patch incompatible and will reset the game, the future versions of the patch will be compatible with it, until the next release, you can download this temporary fix to make the patch compatible.

Read carefully the information below:

this is only temporary compatibility fix, we used (SMK_Extra16.cpk) for this fix, make sure you did not remove smoke patch files from the dpfilelist.


1. Download and extract (comp_4.02.rar)
2. copy and replace (SMK_Extra16.cpk) and (DpFileList.bin) in the download folder of the game.


  1. Well it seems it f**ked up my master league. Cant play it now because of the data being 3 instead of 4. The patches before worked fine but this one bricked it

  2. i make fresh install of game and patch and update, excellent patch
    i think everybody should switch to smoke patch very nice work

  3. does someone have h.goya’s face from pes2018 or 2019? 2018 version’sid number is 1073853342 and 2019’s id is 111518. plz i need one

  4. Puse Master League sin jugadores de leyenda y sin embargo me aparecen algunos. Las camisetas de algunos equipos parecen mojados. Malísimo el parche.

  5. Hey there, i’ve installed the patch, but i noticed that they don’t work. When i tried to click and enter the game, it has this: “You’ll need an new app to open this steam”. How can i fix this?

  6. for someone who has never used this before do i just download this patch??

    which version do i need first??

  7. He instalado 4 veces el parche de todas las maneras posibles y el Stadiumserver no me funciona, en el log del sider indica que está desactivado y el weatherconditions también.
    Instale el 11.05 y el 11.08 más el fix en una instalación limpia y no funciona, me funcionaba perfectamente con el 11.07.
    11.05 + 11.08 + fix, EvoSwitcher 3.0 + sider 5.1.3 + GFX mod 4.1 + Stadiumserver 1.25 y no se activa, solo me funcionan los mods del Evo Switcher, PesSmoke dice que hay que actualizar el Stadiumserver, ya lo tengo actualizado.

  8. Thanks again guys for doing a great job on mazolla’s face. Your classic players I can sum up in just one word ” fantastic”. I can imagine the amount of effort spent in modeling the face to look like the real person. It is never an easy task. PES 2019 is the best ever footie that I have ever played. it is getting even better by the day as the classic player’ faces begin to get real. Keep up the good work guys and before I forget thanks for reading our feedback.

  9. Great patch and update, as always (Y)

    Could you please add the Syrian national team?

    Thank you so much

  10. after my favourites pes galaxy and pte shut down and pes universe being a rip off. I decided to try smoke.. and wow. what did I miss great patch..

    One thing gamarra of NY doesnt look like him and he has kaku on his shirt. and can you replace pes united with a real team in other euro?


  11. After my normal go too have given up. (pte and galaxy – not to mention the rip off that is pes universe) decided to come here – glad I did.
    two things –

    gamarra from NY has kaku on his shirt and doenst look like him
    can you make pes united a real team in other euros?

    cheers all the best

  12. indonesia nat. team is already in SP Patch 11..0.7 , but maybe there will be no liga gojek becoz, SP has already replace it with J1 League, so… in the future maybe SP only add some clubs from Liga Gojek, just like what they did in the past

  13. quando inicia a partida, todos os times da bundesliga estão com a mesma formação, só aparece quando coloca marcação individual, na configuração de marcação. Como resolver isso.?

  14. A new Update File (Data Pack 4.02 & Patch 1.04.02) was released on 28/02/2019.
    See below for further details.

    ・An issue that can cause the game to freeze during half or full time in online VS User matches.

  15. Hello,
    After installing the patch, the English teams still do not have their real name as well as the bundesligua..more all the clubs and logos are mixed in MLS and J League.I have uninstalled and reinstalled the game (steam), then installed the patch again and still the same problem ..! I do not use an external cpk..Someone has a solution? thank you in advance.

  16. Fantastic patch dudes!, however you should fix E.PRIB from Hannover 96, he looks like hes inflated somehow. Also miroslav klose, he looks like someone else.
    I`ve found lots of faces that are not in this patch? can you add them? or are there problems with their makers? just saying, cause im not able to turn (Asset/model/character/face/real/263877) folder into working fine .cpk files….even using the tutorial.

  17. Bolton shirt collars are wrong – please correct them. Otherwise a brilliant effort.

  18. My patch dosen’t work for me, it says you’ll need an steam to open this up, how can i fix this?

  19. I installed the patch for 1st time, and of course I saw some mistakes, I try to fix it reading here if somebody have the same problem, and I see some wrongs like I had.
    I installed again the patch, and I’m continiu seeing the same mistakes! What I do wrong?
    The falls are: MLS with out times, J-League with only 14 teams and the Latinamerican teams only with default teams.
    I start to install the patch until the number .0.3 or .0.4 and then I installed the last uptdate (3 times) patch 11.0.8. Who can help me?

  20. for some reason when I make a shirt name change it doenst change, if I change a hair colour it does?!

  21. I installed 11.05 all-in-one, then 11.08 update, then fix and then 4.02 comp.

    And there are wrong teams in MLS league (I think these are from PLA league). Maybe I need to install this like this? 11.05 -> 11.06 -> 11.07 -> 11.08?

  22. Hello can anyone tell me when the next patch wil be online?
    I have some problems in Pes when I play ML my scouts finds old playerse like beckham en gilberto silva I turned off Classic players before I started can you fix that?
    Also very strange transfers happening in Pes ML like Ronaldo to Atletico. I cant play it like this its not realistic also rashford transfered to Bundesliga low team a lot of things that dont make sense
    I tried to play online but cant find any players to play against even with several vpn attemps and I’m connected to their servers.

    Ryan Gravenberch is a big young talent from Ajax, an Ihattaren from PSV can you update their face s please?

  23. gracias por su aporte este para mi es el mejor parche les quiero hacer una sugerencia para la próxima actualización coloque los otros kits de porteros del Barcelona el verde y naranja

  24. Os vosso patchs são muito bons, mas eu vi que algumas equipas não tem os logos atualizados nas camisolas do jogo poe exemplo Swansea cujo logo atual e BETUK e nao LETOU, sera possivel corrigir, e se possivel ponham no youtube como instalar os estadios das equipas com o servidor. Obrigado e bons patchs.

  25. pessoal esse patch e top demais, um dos mais completos que ja usei, so por favor atualizem ele, nao ta saindo mais atualizaçoes, ate hj sem dlc 4.02, por favor olhem iso ai para nos, porque execo patch e top

  26. What was the issue with Bayer Leverkusen?
    I have a problem with their kits not loading, it was not fixed.
    Only team with this problem.

    I also have some issues with weird rendering of hair styles, for example:
    Pontus Jansson at Leeds and Hahn at Augsburg.
    Hair looks like bubble gum sometimes.
    My GFX is Radeon 580.

  27. Hi , eagerly awaiting for your next update. I love your classic teams. When will be your next update? Hope you can advise. Thank You.


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