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EXECO 17 Patch v.9.9.2 For PES 2017 PC


EXECO 17 V9.9.0 + Update 9.9.2 released 17 september 2018

Download EXECO 9.9.2

Changes from the first EXECO version: (includes all previous updates)

– updated database (players stats and attributes)
we have imported the new stats from pes 2019 to smoke database, more than 14000 players are now updated following latest konami live update.

– updated transfers:
the market is closed, we have completed the transfers following the fans reports, some players added to the database.

– fixed master league second season schedule
a problem reported of not having a scheduled in the second season when playing with any team from the serie A or B, this update will fix it, it you already started master league after installing execo then you might have to start a new one, ML started before execo can continue normally.

– fixed a problem with Chinese clubs:
a problem with the kits number of the CSL clubs that makes kits fail to load and so does not show the players, this causes bug in master league, it is now fixed.

– fix wrong team in laliga2
a mistake was made in Spanish second division having (Gimnasia La Plata) from Argentine instead of (Gimnàstic de Tarragona) of spain, this is fixed now

– Other fixes and enhancements
a lot of small changes, like parma kits or emirates stadium crowd and other fixes and enhancements

New in this update:

– fix GK stats (Catching – Coverage)
mistake in the script to convert stats was corrected and the goalkeepers stats are fixed now.

– updated Brazil-Argentine leagues
big update for both leagues (Brasileiro and Primera División), including squads, coaches, minifaces and kits.

– updated more kits
a lot of updated kits, most of them converted and edited from the PES 2019.

– updated balls
created new balls for the new season (EPL, La Liga, SerieA, CL, Braziliaro, Liga NOS,…)
files are optimized for best performance

– fixed arms bug (IMPORTANT)
some players reported with strange issue with the arms, this problem might make bugs such as the game not being able to finish or random hangs, this is now fixed and the players showing normal now.

other fixes…

Full patch EXECO17 (ALL IN ONE) 9.9.0 + Update for EXECO 17 v.9.9.2 :

mega mediafire

Thanks to all patch fans and anyone who contributed.

In progress for future Updates:

– updating Chile league (in progress)
– updating Colombia league
– updating China league


  1. Comment: with my execo 2017 I have all updates but calendar Still starts from 2016 January
    So I will plead with smoke to update the calendar
    Also most players contracts have either been extended or players have left their clubs but U still see contract xpires 30/08/2018.
    Then also Smoke shd try n block 1st Summer transfer window for Master league n become a legend
    Finally French ligue 2 promotion playoff is still not available in my game.
    if Smoke can add bundesliga 2 we would be very grateful .thanx.


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