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EvoWeb Patch 8.0 For eFootball PES 2020 PC


EvoWeb Patch Version 8.0 For eFootball PES 2020 PC [ July 20 ]

by Cesc Fabregas, Hawke, mota10, Nemanja, Hoppus117 and ziyech.2304.

Download EvoWeb Patch V8 For PC

Version 8.0 Features:
– Full Datapack 8.0 compatibility
– Live Update included for active leagues
– Selected new Faces added/updated
– Several kit Updates
– Boot & Glove Pack updated.

+ Fixed duplicated national team players.

Version 7.0 Features:
– Full Datapack 7.0 compatibility
– World All Star team added with newly designed kits & 40 new Legends
– Several national team kits updated/added
– Bundesliga Lineups/Squads updated to more recent Lineups
– Selected new Faces added/updated
– Boot and Glove Pack updated.
+ Updates/Fixes V1 released on 11.06.

Version 6.5 Features:
– Updated Rosters with Konami Live Update data
– European and World Classic Teams updated (40 Legends for each Team)
– Newly designed kits for the Classic Teams
– New special Minifaces for Classic Teams and other Minifaces added
– National Anthems for all Teams enabled (requires anthem pack by predator002)
– Selected new Faces added/updated
– Boot and Glove Pack updated
– Several Fixes previously mentioned (like missing Other Asia section etc.)
+ Fixes (lastly updated: 04.05.2020 – 22:55)

Preview 6.5

Version 6.0 Features:
– Full Datapack 6.0 compatibility
– Updated Database structure
– Authentic National Teams with real ftex kits, fonts
– All National Teams updated with real players using real ID
– Coaches updated, every National Team licensed with Coach Miniface
– Several Minifaces added to newly licensed National Teams (more in the Euro DLC Update)
– Brazilian Serie B rosters updated
– Selected new Faces added/updated
– Tattoo files overhauled (no more graphic glitches, no matter what Graphics setting is used)
– Boot and Glove Pack updated.

Version 5.0 Features:
– Full Datapack 5.0 compatibility
– Boot and Glove Pack now included + assignments
– Bundesliga Minifaces now fully updated.

Version 4.5 Updates:
– Noticed Stat Fixes for players like Haaland, Hakimi, Ansu Fati, Szoboszlai, etc.
– Some Bundesliga players ratings upgraded
– Podolski, Reyna face added
– Colombian league & cup name changed + logo fixed
– Missing transfers for players like Braithwaite, Reid, Carrico, Piatti, Juan Villar
– Several kit fixes/updates
– Some Bundesliga Minifaces updated.

Version 4.0 Features:
– Full Datapack 4.0 compatibility
– Database structure updated to include Brazil/Thai league promotions
– Winter Transfer Update from Konami included
– Bundesliga and all created teams fully updated with current rosters
– Minifaces from new transfers updated for Bundesliga, LaLiga, English League
– Several new kits and new combinations added
– Coaches updated + Minifaces
– Selected new faces & several tattoos (thanks to *Supernova*) added

Version 3.5 Features:
– Full Datapack 3.1 compatibility and 1.03.02
– Authentic LaLiga SmartBank with real ftex kits, fonts
– Updated Team Data and coaches for LaLiga SmartBank
– Updated Team Data and coaches for RPL
– New Minifaces for PSG, Monaco, Marseille, Lyon, Porto & Leeds
– Some coaches updated (e.g. Arteta, Ancelotti, Moyes, Stankovic)
– Selected new faces added (e.g. Torreira, Griezmann, Selke, etc.)

EvoWeb Patch Version 3.5 Screenshots

Version 3.0 Features:
– Full Datapack 3.0 compatibility (+ new Edit File compatible 3.01)
– Latest LiveUpdate included (Squads updated)
– Licensed Crvena Zvezda & Salzburg added including Minifaces
– Updated Team Data & licensed coaches for Ligue 1
– Updated Team Data & licensed coaches for Serie A
– Bundesliga, LaLiga & English League coaches updated
– Several kits updated & new ones added
– Bundesliga Lineups updated
– Selected new faces added

Version 2.1 Features:
– Full Datapack 2.1 compatibility (and 1.02.02 update)
– Latest LiveUpdate included (squads updated)

Version 2.0 Features:
– Authentic Bundesliga added with real ftex kits, fonts (including special characters)
– Authentic Championship with real ftex kits, fonts
– Updated Team Data & licensed coaches for Bundesliga
– Updated Team Data & licensed coaches for the Championship
– 2019/20 Minifaces for every Bundesliga player (over 500 remade Minifaces)
– Several Faces added to Bundesliga
– Optional tight kit Kitserver Addon
– LaLiga coaches updated

How to install?
1. Install the newest version of Sider – extracted path is \sider-6.3.8\
2. Important to already have DLC 8 installed via Steam and started the game once before installing this Version
3. If you installed Version 1.0, 2.0, 2.1, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5, 5.0, 6.0, 6.5 or 7.0 delete the entire EvoWeb Patch folder from your livecpk folder first (very important to delete it because of removement of some files)
4. Now add the livecpk Folder from the Download to your Sider folder
5. Open sider.ini and add the following cpk roots if you haven’t already:

livecpk install

4. Open sider.ini from \sider-6.3.8\ using notepad++ and add the following lines:

cpk.root = ".\livecpk\EvoWeb Patch\Boots-Gloves"
cpk.root = ".\livecpk\EvoWeb Patch\Database"
cpk.root = ".\livecpk\EvoWeb Patch\Faces"
cpk.root = ".\livecpk\EvoWeb Patch\Graphics"
cpk.root = ".\livecpk\EvoWeb Patch\Kits"

like this:

sider ini install

(note that Boots-Gloves line is missing from image, needs to be added!, as screen is from older version)

5. Add the EDIT00000000 file from  ‘EvoWeb Patch 5.0.rar’ archive to Documents\KONAMI\eFootball PES 2020\Your number\save
4. Clean your WEPES folder (delete all inside) if you added an Option Files before
5. Start Sider and play the game.

Optional tight kit Kitserver Addon:
– This Addon is not needed anymore and you should remove it
– To have tight kits, install the new tightkit module from juce
– The Kitserver configs included are for people who want to experiment with things like tape colours.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q: Will there be a CPK Version of it?
A: No, Sider is way more powerful, is online compatible and you won’t experience DpFileList Mismatches. Also way easier to release Updates.

Q: Do I need to Download all Folders separately or the All In One is enough?
A: All in One is enough. We just add those separate in case we release a quick fix, so that you only need to download that folder. The “Last updated marker” shows you when the file was updated.

Q: Why aren’t all national teams licensed etc.?
A: Doing such detailed work takes time, especially with the new font formats. Other stuff will be updated/released when ready, don’t ask for when, we can’t or won’t give you a date.

Q: I can only see 5 kits (4 outfield & 1 goalkeeper kit) in Editmode but that team needs his 5th, 6th kit, can you make it?
A: Be aware that Editmode always shows just 5 kits. At the kit selection screen when you play a match more can be displayed for selection.

Q: Coaches don’t have real names in MyClub mode and some blank managers appear?
A: We haven’t found a clean solution for it and it’s not our focus right now.

Q: Can I use LiveUpdate with it?
A: If you play a Kickoff match with LiveUpdate on, created teams are back to default. We highly suggest to always disable it but since version 2.0 it’s actually possible to play with LiveUpdate on.

Q: Are new Faces part of the Patch?
A: A few have been added and certainly some more in the future but won’t be overloaded. We want to keep that simple. You can add your favourite faces yourself to the Faces folder.

Q: Will we get Bootpacks, Ballpacks, Scoreboard Packs, etc.?
A: That stuff is actually no part of this Patch. With all those Modules for Sider there will be and is already stuff like that out which is compatible with the Patch.

Q: When the next Update will be out?
A: That question will be ignored forever, don’t waste your time writing it.

Q: What’s the ID’s for the new Teams/League/Cups ?
A: Below:
Bayern München 127
Leverkusen 128
Schalke 184
Dortmund 2293
Leipzig 2300
Union Berlin 2346
Frankfurt 2356
M’Gladbach 2301
Fortuna 2353
Wolfsburg 2297
Augsburg 2344
Hertha 2349
Köln 2354
Mainz 2351
Hoffenheim 2298
Paderborn 2357
Bremen 2348
Freiburg 2347
Crvena Zvezda 2345
Salzburg 2350


Q: How to put pes2020 offline?
A: Use Netblock by juce.

Download Section:

All In One Version 8.0: Download Part1 Download Part2 Download Part3 (lastly updated: 28.06.2020 – 18:30)
All In One Version 8.0: Mirror MediaFire: Download Part1 Download Part2 Download Part3 (lastly updated: 28.06.2020 – 18:30)
All In One Version 8.0: Mirror Sharemods: Download Part1 Download Part2 Download Part3 (lastly updated: 29.06.2020 – 16:49)

Separate Downloads (not necessary to download if All In One is updated)
– Database: Download (lastly updated: 28.06.2020 – 18:30)
– Faces: Download (lastly updated: 28.06.2020 – 18:30)
– Graphics: Download (lastly updated: 28.06.2020 – 18:30)
– Kits: Download (lastly updated: 28.06.2020 – 18:30)
– Boots & Gloves: Download (lastly updated: 28.06.2020 – 18:30)
– Edit File: Download (lastly updated: 28.06.2020 – 18:30)
– Full Kitserver Structure: Download (lastly updated: 28.06.2020 – 18:30)

Fixes for EvoWeb Patch Version 8.0

– Fixes duplicate national team players
– Fixes Uzbekistan national team
– Fixes Belenenses kits

Download from [mega] or [sharemods]

How to install?
1. Necessary to have EvoWeb Patch Version 8.0 correctly installed.
2. Delete the following folders in livecpk\EvoWeb Patch\Faces\Asset\model\character\face\real
– 54818
– 54260
– Schaub

3. Delete the full Graphics folder in the EvoWeb Patch folder.
4. Add the livecpk folder from the Download to your existing folder and overwrite files when prompted.
5. Add/Overwrite the EDIT00000000 file to Documents\KONAMI\eFootball PES 2020\Your number\save

CYPES (Bundesliga Data)
NFS_FM (Some Logos)
all Facemakers
juce & nesa24 (Sider)
zlac (Kitstudio)
shawminator (CGPE)
MFZ69 (UniNameFontPermissions Tool)
Maritimo (Liga NOS fonts)
Xurgen PES (kit texture)
ICMP Team (some kit textures)
PESWorld (some kit textures)
Il Sarto di PES (kit texture)
AerialEdson (some kit textures).


  1. the one said “not working with edit file” wasn’t me, its a name stealer >.<
    such things wouldn't happen if there was a real profile for everyone on this site

  2. EvoWeb Patch Version 2.1 Fix by Hawke

    – Unicolor of Teams fixed

    Just redownload the EDIT00000000 from the separate Downloads

    All In One Version 2.1: Download (lastly updated: 08.11.2019 – 23:45)
    – Edit File: Download (lastly updated: 08.11.2019 – 23:00)

    Can try and use also:
    Klashmanns Tactics for Premier League, La League, Serie A, Bundesliga, Ligue 1 and few others for EvoWeb2 Unicolor Fix:


    @koningfrikandel / backup. rename file to EDIT00000000 and copy in your documents folder.

  3. i tried installing sider and am not very familiar. i used the evo web instructions above and edited the side.ini… but liverpool became un licensed. just wanted to check if that is intentional or i did something wrong and broke it

  4. the latest sider 6.2.2 is still not fully compatible with the newest pes patch 1.02.01….I start to play a match and about a minute into the game it always crashes….I tried the new patch 1.02.01 without applying sider and it worked fine….I have all the latest updates: evopatch 2.1, sider 6.2.2, data pack 2.1 and pes patch 1.02.01. I can only play the game properly when I replace the pes patch 1.02.01 with the old patch 1.02.

  5. So friends i have the solution for editfile problem.

    All you need is to delete database files from your livecpk/ball-root thats all..

  6. Game updated and can’t play yet, because sider is not yet updated ?

    Then copy the previous Konami.exe back into PES game folder and play away with this patch & sider.

  7. Sider 6.2.3 released. Works with new Konami update. Replace old sider with new 6.2.3 and enjoy!

    For future… backup now your exe and use it next time, when new official update is released. It may work (only offline!), until new sider will be out.

  8. I am missing five teams from my game. I want to add the missing champions league teams, but can’t as the unused teams from the PEU League (Bundesliga) are gone. Is this the same for anyone else and is there a fix?

  9. If you added Abdulaziz’s Legends Pack to this patch, disable that pack as creates an issue, apparently, as one user reported, and creates Dummy players in this version.

  10. So i installed this patch after downloading efootball 2020. Opened up the game but cant see any change!
    Here is what i did:
    1 – Installed sider 6.2.3
    2 – Downloaded EvoWeb Patch 2.1
    3 – Copied ‘EvoWeb Patch’folder from downloads to livecpk of sider 6.2.3
    4 – updated the sider.ini file
    5 – Double clicked sider app and it open a small window
    6 – Clicked ‘Play’ from Steam
    7 – Started the game and turned off live update.

    Can someone please help figure out what i might have missed?

  11. After installing the latest game version 1.3 (clean install, live update deactivated) and installing this patch, some players in Bundesliga (e.g. FC Augsburg) do no longer have the correct names… I think I have done everything correctly…

  12. I don’t what to do anymore, game crashes as so as I press “Kick Off” worked fine before last two updates

  13. I don’t know if this only happen to me. regista ball has changed to champions league ball. I hope you can fix that.

  14. so…. are we not able to use edit mode and bundesliga again or do u guys wanna update this stuff, since its a fckn week now!!

  15. I have a problem. Every team have some players that are “unregistered players”, and they are also named Dummy…like wtf! What can i do?

  16. Just installed 3.0, and I still have issues with the Bundesliga where most teams have the same very low ratings as they did in the previous patch. I’m pretty sure I followed all the instructions as stated. Anyone else have this problem still?

  17. “Mazze”
    Yes! I download 3.0 and “Bundesliga” have only emblems and forms, but players defolt! Why?

  18. el mejor parche hasta el momento excelente trabajo!!! muchas gracias ojala en el futuro puedan hacer que la liga MX y la MLS(LIGA TAILANDESA A QUIEN LE IMPORTA?) pueden estar en este parche seria algo que ningún parche tiene y a mi parecer ya seria el parche mas completo que jamas haya existido.100% el mejor parche. Saludos.

  19. Please tell me the name of griezmann’s face folder in the patch as i want to delete that folder to get his original face which was given to him by Konami.

  20. firstly i installed the mode and played with data pack 1 and version 1.03.1 it wasnt loading the edit data but it appeared the emblems.
    Now that i downloaded all data packs and updated the dpfile list it loads as version 1.03.1 and data pack 3.01 but it doesnt appear the embems of the teams and the leagues.What did i do wrong.
    In both cases i use the edit file of 3.01 version in documents/Konami folder and wepes folder is empty

  21. I installed the 3.0 and there is the same problem with BvB, it is not the real Team. So what am I doing wrong? Because BvB was on the original game without patch.
    Thanks for the answer

  22. How To Install: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eX3dlopHpqs

    Note: this is if you update; if is new install also DO step 4 !
    Open sider.ini from \sider-6.2.4\ using notepad++ and add the lines

  23. Instalé la versión nueva 3.5 y la bundesliga tiene errores, hay solo 3 equipos licenciados bayern, leverkusen y schalke, el resto tiene los jugadores mal, algunos no estan y varios aparecen libres, como puedo solucionarlo?

  24. Al parecer hay que esperar el sider 6.2.5, porque con la nueva actualizacion de konami la version anterior del sider 6.2.4 ha dejado de funcionar

  25. was working fine on sider 6.2.3 on evoweb 3.1 patch. reinstalling with sider 6.2.4 and evoweb 3.5 didnt work. teams had old emblems and are unregistered. shld i do somethin esle?

  26. The patch is great but the Bundesliga isnt really working for me. It s Called PEU league (or somethin loike that” and some kits and emblems are not right (Bayrern Munich for example is completely right, but Borussia Dortmund or RB Leipzig don t have the right kits and emblems?

    I think I followed every step of the All In installation. Can somebody help me with this problem?

    Thanks in advance!

  27. Please need help. When loading edit file: “Unable to load because data is from different version …”. I already update dpfilelist by using DPtool, and set up DLC to 3.0 nothing happen. On game menu screen, my version 3.0 and 1.3.

  28. I had the same problem! Everything else seems to be right (except the EPL and La Liga are called the English League and Spanish League, respectively).

    Any idea on how to fix this???

  29. I just get the PES2020 PC version via stream and did update with EvoWeb Patch 3.5. I followed all instructions but I had the same problems with English Leagues (EPA & Championship) and other 2 Spanish Leagues. In addition to those problems, there are other 2 key problems
    – Bundesliga teams are in the PEU League with some teams are in incorrect sequences and wrong kit colors e.g. Dortmund, Gladbach; and
    – The updated kits are not working.

  30. Why does it says to overwrite the edit data and the winter transfer is 0. Dortmund full with dummy players. What happen?

  31. can we get some help, is dosent work nothing i have the samae problem with sistem file or edit and i still have the 3.0 data wtf..

  32. Thanks for the patch! It is unfortunate though that Konami added new players with the new data pack update which were only added by the team earlier via edit, so now my recently started ML saves are full with duplicated players with fake ones at their respective teams (I am managing Hertha). I guess there is no way this can be solved without downgrading the patch and the game to an earlier version.

  33. One thing I do not understand though is why Szoboszlai’s stats were battered into the ground. In vanilla and the Smoke patch he is perfectly fine. This definitely bothered me. I edited him based on FM stats which are actually make sense.

  34. I assume you have another “outdated” mod installed, like a Bootpack which has a player.bin or a legends mod.

  35. something is wrong with evoweb patch 4….Bundesliga players are named incorrectly and u cannot get to update squads correctly,….

  36. jaja….how did u get it to work….others seem to have issues….do you have the winter transfers and the real player names in Bundesliga?

  37. Hello! I need a hand. In My CLub I can’t make a team copy: I change a team from the game (shirt, emblem, etc.) on the edit menu and everything is ok. When I open my club the default team is displayed. The team I modified is the first of the PES Championship (we united). How do I solve?

  38. Greetings
    I wonder if you can help.
    After update my Pes2020 datapack to 4.0 EvoWeb Patch i can’t start a match cuz the game gets stuck loading..!
    is there any solutions?

  39. I thought it’s not, because there is no description about it, we should wait until next 3 days to get the new patch update, cmiiw

  40. yeah, the same. Any idea what are we supposed to do, or this requires another evoweb update. Or anyone facing similar issue?

  41. kits and logos dont work with my game :(
    Any idea? Installed like in the discription.
    Thank you!

  42. tenía intalado la version anterior del patch y funcionaba bien, pero despues de la actualizacion del patch ya no funciona en mi pes 2020, he instalado de acuerdo a las instrucciones..
    alguna manera de solucionarlo??
    porque el patch es genial y gran trabajo chicos

  43. To those having issues since the 5.0 patch, make sure you update Sider. This fixed the issues for me and gave me back the correct names and logos.

    Download the new sider update, copy the new sider.dll and doc folder into your old sider folder, load the game, and press SPACE and check you have sider version 6.3.5. If you do all this you will get correct names and logos for 5.0

  44. please fix the tatto for more player,not just otamendi, like sterling, sergej milknovic savic, ibrahimovic , and more have same issue

  45. is this a mistake with the tattos? ,example Firminio,when play, the arms look like terminator,but not in replay,the same problem any more players with tattos

  46. Hello guys!i have a problem.Ever time i play with my club team and C.ronaldo score the game crash.the same proble i have if i go to featured players in main menu!I run the last patch and the last sider.Any solution to fix it?
    Thanks for the good job .

  47. UPDATE Except this problems some times the game stuck in myclub when play online mach.All this problems change my courtesy rating beacuse have to many disconnections.
    Please for a solution.

  48. Hi,
    can somebody explain me what do I do wrong with BvB? I still don’t have the right players in Borussia Dortmund. Do I make a mistake?
    Please help me

  49. Same here. All bundesliga players, except for the teams already in the game, are wrong.

  50. Will the ICMP compatible patch be released to add Liga MX and Other Latin Americans? Thank you! excellent patch.

  51. If I update from EvoWeb Patch 5.0 to 6.0, will I lose then my MasterLeauge Team/save? If so, how can I prevent this to happen? And thanks anyway for your nice work

  52. Sorry, my question was poorly formulated. My MasterLeague save will remain, of course :) What I actually wanted to ask: I have created players in my MasterLeague team. Will these created players still exist (and will they look the same) after the update?

  53. hi everyone! I use this patch from the begining and i found it perfect except one small thing. The english leagues’ balls! When i play Premier League or Championship the default ball of the game is
    the champions league ball!!! Is there only me having this issue? Tried installing a ball pack by following all the instructions i’ve found but couldn’t make it… Any help will be apreciated, thanks

  54. Hi there! Best OF/patch ever, THANKS A LOT! Only one thing, similar as manotos mentioned today: I’m playing the BUNDESLIGA in Master League and cannot change the ball (it’s the white/blue Champions League ball). Any idea how to fix this? Thanks a lot in advance!

  55. Face face error, see Bundesliga Wolfsburg players, Freiburg players (Günther) but great patch :)

  56. Well maybe then you can help me. Mine doesnt work. No real emblems. Still fake ones. I made it strictly by the rule that is written, but it must be that Im doing something wrong. So please tell me the way you dit it

  57. Hello, it’s almost working, except bundesliga teams don’t have the correct players, just the logos and uniforms

  58. This is amazing! But how do we play PES with a master league? Every month they come out with a new DLC and we have to download a new version of the patch. How are we supposed to have a long-term master league going?

  59. hey, it’s 25 april, whe i open pes, it downloaded some stuff from the live updates, and now all kits and logo are missing. i’ve reinstall all the EvoWeb patch, but it’s the same. help!

  60. In greek language some teams like germany, russia has not names. They have ?????
    after latest update. On 5th version works correctly. Plz check it

  61. Cuando descargué el archivo Faces, al principio me descomprimia bien el archivo, pero al cabo de unos días, me dice q el archivo está corrupto y no me decomprime el total del archivo…
    a alguién más le pasa?

  62. I updated from a clean install of PES2020 and sider 6.3.6, auto downloaded till 6.0. But kits and logos of clubs and leagues (also league names) are not correct (are like default).
    What to do?

  63. Do i have to install every version (1 then 2 then 3 then 4 up to 6) or is just installing 6 all in one enough?

  64. Anonymous 26 April 2020 At 21:34
    Make sure EvoWeb Patch folder is in livecpk folder NOT EvoWeb Patch 6.0

  65. When I update to this version the bundesliga and the players of the non-licensed national teams are deleted. Solution please.

    Al actualizar a esta versión se borra la bundesliga y los jugadores de los equipos nacionales no licenciados.

  66. Tnx for patch. After fixes works with greek language perfect (I had problem with national teams that appears with ????) Tnx a lot!!!

  67. me funciono bien al principio desp de cerrar y abrir de nuevo el juego no me aparece los juga de classic europa me aparecen los q estan en el 6.0 . pero en editar si me aparece todo ayudame q hice mal? gracias de antemano

  68. 6.5 alison should start with not adrian!
    anyway good mod looking forward to the next one!

  69. When I started a new Become A Legend campaign, in the first international match, more than half the players were legends. I read the FAQs, according to them, I deleted the SYSTEM0000 file in my documents and started a new campaign. Same issue. Almost every single player is a legend player. I have applied the newest fix above for the 6.5 version too.
    Is there anything else I can do?

  70. My BAL mode international matches have all legends. I deleted the SYSTEM0000 file and even restarted the campaign. It did not fix. Again I got legends in the international matches. Any fixes please?

  71. Sr…I have install like introdution but when i play sider… the game always play with original, i need help

  72. Can’t add Hummels and Halstenberg to germany national team please fix.

  73. Thanks, very nice, just 2 gb, and gets all the things I wanted like licenced kits and so far no ML crash which was big issue for me in the ultimate addon patch

  74. Hi there, it all works fine, but the Bundesliga Players (f.e. Köln or Dortmung) got wrong names again. am I doing something wrong?

  75. Wonderful job, works perectly. I loved the fact you didn’t put all those relinks full of banners where you give up before downloading the file. Sorry if I try a request… can you add some more legends?
    I understand you had to do selection of 40 but some I miss some big names there: I know I’ll sound too much Italian-fan but the mod misses Totti, Pirlo, Del Piero: three of the biggest player ever in their role. Maybe balanced with other three in the world team: Adriano, Valderrama and some other I couln’t choose between some bigs left out. Bringing to a total of 44/45 for team I’d call George Best for euro too.

    Thanks for your work!

  76. Can someone tell me why my Ronaldo Fenomeno face is fake in game>?> On this preview pictures his face look scanned original? and my Zidan face too..Please help

  77. Since EURO 2020 DLC is coming on June 4th, shall we expect this patch to be incompatible with it or will it still work?!?

  78. Will Bundesliga division 2 be added? this is much more powerful league than many of the asian and central american leagues?


  80. Hi, the patch is working thank you so much for your work, there’s only one thing it’s about bundesliga the roasters didn’t get updated, how can i fix it ? thank you again

  81. today my PES 2020 has been updated to version 7.0 and my patch is not working because of that. Is possible to fix that or just to wait new version of Evo patch?

  82. Patch not working after datapack 7.0 update . Maybe we need to wait new update of evoweb patch.

  83. EvoWeb Patch works with Sider. No Sider based mods will work until Sider is updated for 7.0. Not sure if this patch will also need an update but if it does i’m sure it will be along soon enough.

  84. Need update for dlc 7 and game 1.07 plz with supporte coach pack for more coaches in ML

  85. Teams like the World Classics has player without Shoes, Ronaldo and a ton of more Legends face is back at default

  86. @adecki – is that for the UEFA DLC? Cus I just updated to sider 6.3.7 and all the kits, boots and balls worked, but I only tried Master League.

  87. small problem. In ML first season i have players like owen, fernando torres with 85 stats and age 21 is possible to fix it{ I think these players are legends and not players

  88. Really appreciate your effort on keeping PES updated. Any chances on seeing Colombian League teams updated? There are still players from 2018-2019 season and kits as well, not your fault but Konami’s, FIFA still got them updated.

  89. After updating to evoweb patch 7, all players wear a variation of white boots only. No other colors

  90. I like you tryin to add classic players but you messed up. Now there is 2 of every pes official classic players. One in classic tem and 1 in free agent and there is 3 of inizaghi one in team and 2 in free agent. Could you please release a version without classics. They are use less anyways

  91. There are generic doubles for high class players like Suarez in Free Agents. They mess the ML as they are way too good. Maybe downgrade them and rename them into some missing players? I’ve done it quite a few times yet they are back after every new Evoweb installation.

    It’s stupid that the game does not allow deleting players. Or have I missed something?

  92. Q: Sider works with 1.08 patch, edit file evo web patch 7.0 no, but I have dummy players ?

    A: Don’t update club squad & international squad, evowebpatch option file work fine.

    Disable soundserver, SoundServer.lua, ColorConfig.lua and fanview module or other modules if other issues.

  93. Is there a solution for boots? All players wear almost same variants of white boots with sider 6.3.8 and Evopacth 8


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