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EvoSwitcher v4.1 Update For PES 2019 PC


PES 19 EvoSwitcher Update 4.1 by Ginda01 and MjTs-140914

Download EvoSwitcher 2019 v4.1

– Update scoreboard by Cesc Fabregas
– Update all anthem teams predator002
– Fix anthem bug, Fix ribbon UCL trophy by MJTS-140914
– Add Ligue 1 Scoreboard v2, Coupe de France Update Pack, Trophée des Champions Update Pack by FuNZoTiK
– Add Scoreboard Copa Del Rey by Hova_Useless
– Add EvoDynamicCamera (X-Input Controller support) juce, nesa24, MJTS-140914
– EvoKit Update CDR, LaLiga, SUPERCOPA ESPANNA by Glauber Silva

How to Install:
Backup sider.ini
Make sure v4.0 installed. Download v4.0 from here
Extract and Install to PES Directory


Password: EvoSwitcher v4.1 Update

Credits: KONAMI, EA, juce, nesa24, MJTS-140914, ginda01, Txak, predator002, Westham77, Cesc Fabregas, FuNZoTiK, Furkan6141, sincover, StevenA97, shawminator, mauri_d, Chuny, Lucasvillakapo, 1002MB, zlac, Hawke, mota10, EAXposed, Ivankr Pulquero, digitalfoxx, Buzzy, PES Oficial Mexico and spursfan18.


  1. There’s a bug when playing at final champions league. The field just black. Please fix it. Love ur work

  2. Hello
    Now in CL matches I can hear the anthem in backroung but it’s covered by Konami’s anthem. IS there a way to deactivate konami’s anthem so I only have the Cl one? Can you fix it please?
    Thank you!

  3. There is a problem when I was playing the logos or emblem of club just becoming half. Please help me

  4. Scoreboard and entrance scene work with smoke patch?
    Cause in my pes 19 with sp19 (smoke patch) it’s not working


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