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EVOPATCH 2.0 For eFootball PES 2020 PC Demo by Andò12345


PES 2020 PC Evopatch V2.0 Update by Andò12345

In 2.0 version is included a switcher between online mode and offline by mate MFZ69, in the offline mode are included some of the most important stadiums created for PES 2020 and it is designed to be 100% compatible with EvoSwitcher.

Download PC EVOPATCH 2.0 For eFootball PES20

– Switcher between offline and online mode by MFZ69
– Added v2 english announcement by predator002
– New stadiums by eFootball Netherland, lohan258 and Jostike Games
– Added compatibility with EvoSwitcher.


This is an update. You need to install first the EVOPATCH 1.0 version.

How to install:
Put all the files on game directory.

How to add EvoSwitcher
Put the modules folder of EvoSwitcher in EvoPatch+ folder.

– juce for the sider
– MFZ69
– eFootball Netherland
– lohan258
– jostikegames


  1. Breaks Master league.
    Just installed version 1.0 and 2.0 played my game in offline mode and the cutscenes in Master League now are just a blank black screen but you can still hear the audio playing from the scene?

    Also am in need of getting real team names and things for pc i cannot get the Pes Universe file to import past everton grrr


  2. Yeah, it’s meant for DEMO, clearly saying DEMO not FULL GAME.

    Why do people still have to complain about things that are clear to the most of us. v.v

  3. @Marcel

    Because all through the history of time humans can make a mistake.

    It is in the past and will be in the future.

    It is normal.



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