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EPL Stadiums by Skool_101


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PES 2011 EPL Stadiums by Skool_101

– Includes the other 18 stadiums from EPL (the other two are Old Trafford and Villa Park), and are
created by ingame Stadum creator.

1.Bring the files from the save folder to Documents\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2011
2.Import the dt08.img folder to the kitserver. This is for better trufs in created stadiums
3.Use ingame stadium ceator to import the stadiums to the game
4.Assign the stadiums to the proper team by the given Stadium list. (Opional)

*You can aslo assign these stadiums for other teams too ;)
**Feel free to post or patch these contents anywhere, but make sure you entitle it with the credits

Skool_101 = internal editing of each stadium (proper colours, pitch sizes, etc.)
Jenkey1002 = better trufs for created stadiums
radeqq81 = original concept for these stadiums


  1. I’m sorry but what do you exactly mean by importing the stadiums using the stadium creator, do we have to edit the stuffs(seat colour, turf type etc.) ourselves for each and every stadium? Lookin’ forward to hearing from you

  2. eih ‘sherman’; import the stadiums using the stadium creator mean taht you have to go to edit mode in pes 2011 and ‘upload’ the stadiums to the game, you have to import the stadiums to pes2011..

  3. Fail – “The data is from another version” (something like that)
    Help? I have the latest patches.

    Thank you.

  4. guys, just pit the files in the save folder to Documents\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2011\Save. then u put the dt08.img in ur kitserver. after that just open the game and go to edit section, stadium creator, and enter import.

    this will automatically do everything u dont have to edit anything by urself. if a message comes like : “this is locked content” then go to extra contect section to enable the satdium parts.

  5. Thank you, yes but is there a way to delete the old created stadiums? b’cause there is a limit of 30 am i right

  6. u can delete them easily. just go to the edit section, then in stadiums, select the “stadium edit” place. from there, u can edit the name an every thing, execpet some default sadiums.


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