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EPL CALLNAMES MOD 1.1 Very Special Edition by porridge


EPL CALLNAMES MOD 1.1 Very Special Edition – FINAL?


I’ve promised to leave this mod to die alone for numerous times, and as many times I’ve lied to you. BUT now I believe the end is near and to be honest, I wouldn’t mind if this really was the end.

I think I’ve basically taken the maximum out of this, at least very close to maximum. Sure, this mod won’t win any awards let alone be a 5-star product, far from it. There are certain callnames that shouldn’t be there; “Beckford” being the most striking example (minus two or even three stars). But mainly it’s solid. And soulless. Yes, I very specifically wanted to keep soul out of this, and by succeeding in that I can’t help but feel I’ve produced something quite unique.

As the final tweak I changed Darren Bent’s callname to just “Bent”, in order to provide Marcus Bent also a callname. A small but useless tweak and I hope everyone agrees with me that it wasn’t really needed.

EPL Callname Mod 1.1 Very Special Edition download links:

PESEdit 1.1 OF (two options: No Tommsen Chantpack or Tommsen Chantpack AllInOne+full 1.BL addon):

Thanks to becks90 for chants relinking.

Users of this mod should remember to backup the original OF.


  1. You AGAIN :D
    Man, you are really doing an outstanding job :)
    You know what, your new release will get me back to the original commentary system of Konami “currently using the FIFA one”

    And yea, you get a thumbs up from me too :)

    Is that OKie to import the callnames through Wild Editor !!

    Thanks for your efforts, highly appreciated :)

    Merry X-Mas

  2. porridge

    Thanks for your quick response :)
    So I’ve to make it on my own, just like your 1st release !! still fine with me :D


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