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Enhanced PES 2020 AI+Ball Physics by Ameobinho


[Mod] Enhanced PES 2020 AI and Ball Physics For PC

Ameobinho: I’ve been trying to tweak PES 2020 gameplay for the last month or so, and I think that I’ve fixed most of the issues with the game and it is at an incredible state after DLC 8.

Fouls/Physicality are present
AI varied and intelligent
Ball physics tweaked
Team/Player ID visible

Download Enhanced AI Mod PES2020

It has transformed my game into the most realistic football game I’ve ever played.


Game speed 0.20 is default, No need to change it.

Also you don’t need to write anything in the config file, Just install the module files and update sider.ini with this line

lua.module = "GamePlay.lua"

In game load up the sider overlay and adjust to these values:

ball_weight = 3700.00
ball_stopforce = -0.46
shootingpower = 1000.00
game_speed = 0.20
player_reaction_speed = 5.00
input_delay = 0.10

Then you can adjust the game speed in game from -2 to 2 if you want.

Based on the feedback I will explain my findings and definitely credit all the contributors as tt’s basically my combination + and Nesa’s amazing gameplay sider module. Have a look and let me know how it goes!



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