1. 3D turf?? lawl. Thanks for this, looks almost authentic :) the signs are slightly off and there’s a new clock end at the emirates now. this is rly great though!! thanks for the hard work.

  2. to jenkey 1002:can you make the HD turf for Wolksvagem Arena for PES 2011 by gide? The stadium is awesome but the turf isn’t so good.

  3. thank you but 1 serious thing is missing..
    there is no stadium preview before the match and no stadium preview when we choose stadium to play..
    please fix it..
    thank you

  4. yes can you please do a better anfield because the crowd are backwards and the replays have blocks all over the screen please can somebody do a new version or atleast a update thanks

  5. hey GRIFF,i’m getting bad textures and double white line too….why is this possible?I thought JENKEY was an expert doing turfs.I hope he fix this problem and upload v3 if its possible

  6. ok mate,stamford bridge comming soon :) plz wait, Im a chelsea’s fan too. But I have no time now cause have some exams.

  7. Guys can anyone tell me how to create a PES 2011 stadium like this one ? Please !!!!! Is there a guide ? Pleaseeeeeeee :D

  8. jenkey,answer please..how can we fix the problem with the double line?or tell us which is the bin (or bins) describing the turf..thank you..

  9. I wanna know how i can switch name “stadio de sagitarie” to “emirates”.Is there any possibility? TY


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