1. please make more stadium…i want to replace all original stadium in pes2011 with new stadium ;)

  2. @gide that is from far preview but see from near when u will get replay it looks low quality instead of that u would have used konami turf and can u change that turf ? overall stadium is good keep it up

  3. @gide

    The stadium itself looks great and if you can please change the picture to emirates stadium in stadium select and in stadium previews

  4. @sahil yes but the anfield rd convert by panos has many mistakes the fans behind the goals are facing the wrong way and on replys there is many blocks come on the screen so iam hoping somebody can make a update and fix all these problems

  5. Impressive work. Would it be possible to create the old Wembley Stadium with the original twin towers? I have tried to find it everywhere but no one has tried to create one. You’re help would be really appreciated. THanks

  6. ok so…like sahil say you need to change turf…you can do a image/preview and on stadion is “arseom” changed it to arsenal.com ..i know you want moving sign but its not moving..by the way ITS EXCELLENT WORK KEEP GOING i think you are best stadion maker…AWESOME thank you…

  7. hey gide,love u r work,but i need some kinda help,can u upload a stadium map?

    in the sense which unnamed file for which stadium????..are they same as in Pes 2010?

    it would be easier coz we ppl can change turfs ourselves,Thanks

  8. You can replace a turf with the full turf map of Dr.hany here in
    PES 2011->Turfs…anywhere in this is it :D and download a turf pack (for example: the old trafford pack) and you should name it to the names of the map (unnamed_53 to unnamed_58 i think) and copy it to your dt.07 with afs,ggs or kitserver.

    Great stadium and great turfs :D


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