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Elgen’s non-capslocked, transfers + name bugs-fix OF V2


Alrighty.. A new PES for PS2 means a new OF!

After a couple of days with PES2k9 on PS2 now, I see a reason to make an OF, mainly because of the IMMENSE annoying CAPSLOCKED names.. So yeah, here’s what I’ve done so far:

V2 contains:
+ Fixed A LOT of name bugs etc. that occurred in V1
+ Done transfers for ALL major leagues except for few clubs in Other Leagues
+ Created and corrected most missing players + given them appropriate stats & decent looks
+ Since licensed teams/leagues are CAPSLOCKED, I’ve edited ALL clubnames in all the leagues to capslocked letters so it looks better
+ CAPSLOCKED names changed to non-capslocked names and gave real names to fake players:
> 100% in Premier League
> 100% in Ligue 1
> 100% in Serie A
> 100% in La Liga
> 100% in Eredivisie
> 100% in Other Leagues A
> 100% in Other Leagues B
> 100% in Europe A
> 100% in Europe B
> 100% in The Americas
> 6 of 8 in Africa finished, missing only Senegal & Tunisia
> 3 of 8 in Asia/Oceania finished, missing; China, Iran, South Korea, Thailand & UAE
> SOME classic players

What I haven’t done:
– Everything else that’s not mentioned above! Read for the reason to that!

Click here for V2 on X-PORT!

Click here for V2 on MAX-DRIVE!

Click here for V2 as .bin/.cue!


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