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El Grande Patch [Update 07.07.2009]


Note by NightCaller3: During the OF editing, I’ve inserted about 1500 players from PSD (pesstatsdatabase), fixed formations and squads for more the 120 teams (I’ve re-edit all classic National teams, as well as, English, French, Holland and some other classic clubs). I must mention that a few mistakes are possible for teams before 1950, because it’s almost impossible to find all informations for those teams.

After the update has been released, I don’t know if I will completely finish squad and formation fixing, but if I decide to do that, I’ll do it much slower. Most of the teams from South America, Spain, Germany and Italy needs squad and formation re-editing.

I hope that people will be satisfied with this edited OF, because most of the teams are now equal (and therefore more fun to play with). My goal with this OF is to make a basis, not just for this classic patch, but also for classic patches in the next PES.

Special thanks goes to coolactive from pes-serbia (who helped me with a few classical players), and to people from PSD (pesstatsdatabase), who made stats for classic players.

CREDITS: Petar23, Zdravoumartini, Leo21, NightCaller, Oranje88, Tottimas, Dimke, Anatom, Vallter, Dartaxan, Rozan, Issak Jee, Danielinho, Pera11, Jvinu2000, Mare_93, Milosh-96, Randi, Joco23, Stevann, www.pes-balkan.com, www.pes-serbia.com.

Hotfile Uploading
Hotfile Uploading

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