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eFootball PES 2020 Option File PS4 V.2 by WEHK


eFootball PES 2020 Option File V.2 For PS4 and PC by WEHK

Download eFootball 2020 V1 Option File PS4

OF Features For Version 2:
Graphic installation guide
Main additions to WEHK v1
Bundesliga (made by the French CYPES team)
Updated Iran
European classic team, world classic team replaced Legends player (52 in total)
PC (the Chinese and English versions of the event name, download one of them)


OF Features For Version 1 Released Sep 10, 2019:
Kits: La Liga, Asian national team, more
Team logos: Serie A, Serie B, La Liga, more
The name of the club’s home stadium: Italian B, La Liga, more
Event logo and name (Chinese-English mixed) including new 2022 Qatar World Cup, etc.

This is first-day version. After that, will mainly quote foreign teams to other leagues, shirts, sponsors, etc – will return more energy to local football.


== Short installation instructions ==
After downloading, first insert the zip file into the USB WEPES folder into the USB (USB to FAT32 / exFAT), then insert the PS4.

1. Go to the game directory and go to [Settings] -> [Edit] (If you ask “Create Editing Data?”, please select “Yes”)
2. Go to [Import/Export] (if there is an orange point, do it first.)
3. [Import Team] -> [OK] -> Pick USB -> Press [Square] Select All -> [Go to the detailed settings. ]
4. Tick all the files, then press [OK]
5. Return to picking up after completion [import into the event] -> repeat steps 3 and 4

今次我哋會先推出一個首日版本,之後主要會引用外國團隊整嘅其他聯賽、波衫、贊助商圖片等,我哋會放返更多精力喺本地足球。 #香港加油 #HKAddOil

== 簡短安裝說明 ==
下載完先將zip檔入面嘅WEPES資料夾放入USB(USB要係FAT32 / exFAT),之後插入PS4。

1. 喺遊戲目錄進入[設定] -> [編輯](如問「建立編輯資料?」請揀「是」)
2. 進入[匯入/匯出](如果有橙色點嘅話,要跟佢做咗一次匯入教學先。)
3. [匯入球隊] -> [OK] -> 揀USB -> 按[正方形]全選 -> [前往詳細設定。]
4. 剔晒全部,再按[OK]
5. 完成後返出去揀[匯入賽事] -> 重覆第3、4步

== 內容 ==



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