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eFootball graphic mod v0.2 (NO RESHADE) by endo


Engine tweaks:
Disabled dynamic resolution, now game has always 100% scale.
Disabled chromatic aberration and motion blur.
Increased effects quality, now game has epic effect’s values at high ingame settings.
Increased lod’s for skeletal meshes.
Increased view distance scale.
Increased post process AA quality to epic values at high ingame settings.
Reballanced post process quality preset.
Disabled FSR secondary upscale.
Increased antialiasing, now game has algorithm TAAU 5 Gen + 8 samples + sharpen tonemapper.
Increased anisotropic filtering quality from 8 to 16 samples.
Added gamma correction.
Another small tweaks.

eFootball graphic mod v0.2 NO RESHADE

Engine tweaks will be work fine only for high graphic ingame preset.
Please before installing the mod, set your game ghraphic settings to high.
Of course it’s not fully free for performance, but fall within recommended requirements. (GTX 1060/ RX 590)

Credits to Bogo36 for discovering, consultations and testing, thank you mate!

How to install:
Make a backup pc0000_console_win.pak (eFootball\pak).
Unrar and copy with replacement pc0000_console_win.pak to eFootball\pak.


  1. Good player… but here the mod v1.0 worked better, during the day there is no lag at night there is 1 little, in v2.0 I had lag day and night, so I’ll stick with v1.0


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