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eFootball 22 Playable on PC (Tutorial) by Lex Luthor USA


eFootball 22 Playable on PC ((tutorial and improvements)) by Lex Luthor USA

First of all ***Attention / Remember ****
That’s enough for you to play without getting angry while we wait for the Konami update 0.9.1 and 1.0.0

I figured out how efootball 22 can be played on PC, here is a tutorial while Konami doesn’t fix the game, follow the steps below:

The key or secret to get it is to limit the frames (FPS) on your Graphic Card to ONLY 30 FPS

1 – Limit in-game frames (FPS) to a maximum of 30 on your GPU settings like mine (Radeon example)

2 – Configure your GPU and change the antialissing settings if you want as shown in Figure 3

3 – Use the tool by digitalfoxx, Jgames and Gerlamp eFootball2022 LOD&NoCrowd Tool to increase the LOD Distance in game to 200%


4 – Use the tool by digitalfoxx eFootball2022 WindowMode ResolutionChanger and pick 4k Resolution 3840 or 4096 x 2160 Pixels

5 – In settings game choose = Brightness 52 and Constrast 54 or 53


6 – If you want to change the camera for a better experience, choose ” Broadcast” or “custom 7 – 0 – 10” like the images


7 – For more realistc gameplay also use the mod eFootball 2022 no cursor ball By Endo




The result are the pictures that you can see below …You’ll have a Playable game only on PC without dropped frames and a beautiful graphic and turf



Tutorial by Lex Luthor USA.


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