Home PES 2021 Scoreboards eFootball 2022 Scoreboard for PES 2021 by afandix

eFootball 2022 Scoreboard for PES 2021 by afandix


eFootball 2022 Scoreboard for PES 2021 by afandix

– Like eFootball scoreboard
– With Replay Wipe New eFootball
– All board stats, Replay card, Big Score, Small Score, Result team like eFootball 2022
– Live goal, Highlight, PK scoreboard its modification themes

Efootball 2022 Scoreboard PES 2021 Preview

The scoreboard was just tested in the Local Match / Exhibition mode so there might be some erros in other mode. Maybe I’ll fix it later.
And I don’t have much free time to make scoreboards, so, this is my first and last work.

Download 2022 Scoreboard for PES 2021 [mega].

How to Install: see scoreboard server.

To set up your scoreboard in the scoreboard server place the No Logo (or change the folder name as you like) folder in scoreboard server folder
and add the following line to your map_competitions.txt file located in the scoreboard server folder

# eFootball 2022
0, No Logo

Use sider manual selection to use this scoreboard


# Exhibition
65535, No Logo

to use this scoreboard as default in Exhibition mode only

Big thanks to,
TheDeath11 and spursfan18 – for scoreboard offsets and scoreboard template.
juce and zlac – The Sider.
shawminator – For the amazing CGPE.
eskpist – Wonderful Hexx tool.


  1. Hate to be that guy, nice work, but I think its time waste, nobody likes efootball 2022 scoreboard and menu colors.


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