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eFootball 2022 Mod by Bogo36


Update 02 December 2021:
If Konami doesn’t give you an update then I’ll give it a try.
New experimental Unlocker to give you all Teams (National, Thai League and so on).

But this is a little bit different. Its was hard to achive this because you only get all these Teams if you start the Online Process, but you cant start the Match with the Online Process.

If you start a Game with this Unlocker you will see this Menu:


Start at “1_Settings” and select your Stadium and Settings. After that you will get automatically back to the Menu.
Select “2_TeamSelect” and select your Teams. You will again get back to the Menu.
Select “3_StartMatch” and your Game will start.

I removed the Lineup Menu before the Match because changing the Formation is not working. It will softlock your Game with this Screen:


Dont change the Lineup during the Match or you will also softlock the Game.


With some Teams the Kits will get replaced with some “Placeholder Kits”. The Kits of the Licenced Clubs and all National Teams i tried work.
Its not perfect, but i hope you still have some fun with this!
And remember to Backup your old File.

*This is an updated version of FPS Unlock Patch 0.9.1 For eFootball 2022 by Bogo36.


  1. In my opinion people shouldn’t do anthing, because konami is being such a badass to the fans. They deserve zero respect for what they does to us. And as extra, konami it shouldn´t release any game until it gets is normal back. As we can see they only care about koins and android releases.
    Android is very bad and slow and konami love it, because it makes you angry to you. And you need to force yourself to buy more stinky slow mobiles all the time. Is more worth then give to the PC and Console users a chance, but no, instead of that the market grows big with the stupid mobile. As we know, the apple mobile is better and the profit goes even bigger. You don´t have money for getting one? Get a job, save money, food and get one.


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