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DpFileList Generator 2020 V1.1 For PES 2020 by Baris


PC DpFileList Generator 2020 1.1 For PES 20 by Baris

Download DpFileList Generator 2020 Update 1.1

Released by Jhoow Gamer, the new [PC] DpFileList Generator 2020 v1.1 is now compatible with the full game released; credits to Baris.

To use see the picture above, select DLC v1.0 and dt80_100E_x64.cpk, add your modded cpk file (new ones will be added last in the list) and generate DpFileList.bin.

Link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/lmiwva3vk5nw18m/ (size 1.61 MB)

Why only dt80_100e is selected?
Because the other two cpks are empty and to be used only for the next DLC updates.

Update: the official release by Baris is now available here.


  1. Question: But for me, why can’t I choose DLC?

    @ Nikhil Naik For now, you need to uncheck dt80_200e_x64.cpk and select NO DLC as the option and create the DPFileList. That’s working for me.

  2. Hi, could you pass me the dt80_200E.cpk file that accidentally deleted it from my game folder


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