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Dino Editor 2018 Beta 0.1 by Smeagol75


Dino Editor 2018 v Beta 0.1 by Smeagol75

Download Dino Editor 2018 Beta 0.1

Needed files from dt10.cpk and if there is a dlc replace old ones with the dlc ones.


You could change files over the pesdb, if you want to change playerappareance or GloveList or BootList found on the cpk where allocated and put on same folder than pesdb, If any one want to help please make a tutorial about tool usage, I have no free time for that. Thanks.
Please make a Backup of your files Always, this is a tool and I make many mistakes!

Beta version 0.1:
https://www.dropbox.com/s/9mlb8dcy56zzhj9/Dino Editor 2018 v_Beta 0.1.rar?dl=0


  1. I don’t know what I did wrong. Please could somebody help me?

    I unpacked the CPK, used the editor. Repacked the CPK but nothing happened. When I started the game, nothing changed. I removed my Edit data and nothing changed.

    Did I miss a step?

  2. Can’t save the changes. It’s better to wait.
    If possible newly created team players 23 (right now it has 16 players) will be great.

  3. I want to transfer Paulinho from Guangzho Evergrande to Brazil but I can’t! Because it doesn’t support Asian Teams! What can I do?! plzzz!!!

  4. Dear mates, please help!

    Can I change in Dino 2018 rules of konami cup competitions? I want to change numbers of teams from 32 to 48, and I want to have 6 teams in one groupe?

    I tried to change in Dino 2018 quantity teams for 48 max i 8 groups but without results in game. When I choose konami cup with groups I can only play with 32 teams…

    PES 2018 Xbox360 with patch.


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