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DDS Ripper v1.2 by sovas


Can you find what my program does?
Yes, you are right. It can export dds files from stadium bins (so edit it in photoshop)
and then import them back to original bins. Simple yeah!!
Make your life simple.


Changes in 1.2
* Auto Rename functionality added

Changes in 1.1
* The Save to bin function saves BLACK DDS into BIN Files now

Changes in 1.0
* New Graphical Interface
* Added Black DDS Support
The Save to bin function saves only GRASS DDS into BIN Files

Changes in 0.9
* Added Non-Original Bin Support (Experimental Stage)
Tested with many Non-Original Bin files.
I am waiting for your testing.

Changes in 0.8.1
* Save DDS issue fixed

Changes in 0.8
* Code form Scratch
* New Interface
* Multiple file Extraction Support
* Added Some options


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