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D&B Elite Option File (Xbox 360) V2 by Daymos


D&B Elite Option File (Xbox 360) V1 & V2

V1 Needs to be installed before Konami update V2 After

Combines the quality from Dragonskin (pesfan) and the creative Premier kit logos from Kristoffs (pesrepublic)

Myself & Beasley remade all the England League kits from scratch including detail from club emblems to correct goalie kits with sponsers..

All leagues (except the German league) correct with badges logos etc..

Celebrations, hairstyles and even the most recent transfers are all in place.. we will update bits and bobs now and then, but for now.. enjoy

Extends from V1..
All premier keague emblems and logos have been digitally remastered to look DAMN GOOD!!

Many kits designs and colours have been amended to look more accurate and realistic

Appearances have been tweaked to make players look a little closer to their real life counterparts.

BIG THANKS to all who gave advice, support and praise!!

How to install

This works for all non modded Xbox 360’s

1st make sure you install the konami update as this OF wont work on a Xbox 360 without it..

Make sure you put the files in the memory folder with the same name 00000001.. basically where the existing pro evo 2009 saves are already located.. you have to make sure something is saved already so the folders are created automatically in you 360 before hand.

Copy all the contents into your pro evo game folder and if it asks to copy and replace.. please do.. alternatively just manually erase your data and then copy over new contents (i would not recommend this as, if you have replays and master league data avaliable etc.. it means you have to erase the 140 odd other files 1 by 1 so you dont effect your own files)

Once copied over… you will notice that there are a few more files than last time..

You will also find that because of the konami update.. it will look like you have copied some files twice.. ie 003, 004, 004, 005 (ignore this strange behaviour because if you erase one.. you will be missing a file in slot 82 or 95 etc..???) just copy and ask no questions..

when you now load up the game.. go to edit and have a look at the prem emblems..

If Blackburn and Chelsea emblems are White instead of Grey then it has worked..
Trust me.. if you have been using V1 then you will notice straight away..

If this is your 1st option file then just to see the Arsenal emblem should be comfirmation enough that it has worked..

Please note.. make sure you copy over every file otherwise some poor team will be without a sponser.. ps West Brom is meant to be like that.. lol

Make a save so the file becomes yours

If it all works.. lovelly.. please enjoy and supply feedback for V3.. Im looking to find the best teams to put in the spare slots for V3..

V3 will also come with the Xbox 360 Chant pack hopefully Feb release

If it dosent work.. please check these forums for answers or just give us a shout..

I have enjoyed making this file and i appreciate all the help from those in V1.. I have been doing mad late nights with 3-5 hours sleep then off to a 9-5 plus dealing with a 20 month old baby.. plus some important 3d projects on the side.. its been long to say the least but also rewarding too..,

I dont charge for my Pro Evo services but if you really like my work please fell free to donate anything you can afford in this here credit crunch..

£0.50 would even be appreciated for a drink.. (Juice) lol

Many Thanks


[email protected]


  1. OH BOY`I want this option file soooo bad, but i`me not computer savvy and don`t know where to start.I got my daughters msi (windows7)and an xbox 360 and pes12 game. what else do I need and what steps do I take. I would be very very grateful if you would spare some time to help me out. I wonder if theirs a step by step example on youtube. CHEERS MATE Thomas Dunn


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