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CROPES HNL Patch 2012 + UPDATE 1.1


CROPES HNL Patch 2012 + UPDATE 1.1

CROPES HNL Patch 2012
CROPES HNL Patch 2012 includes :

– Complete MAXTv Prva Liga (all 16 teams, with all players and kits)
– Complete 2. Hrvatska Nogometna Liga (all 15 teams, with all players and kits) + One team from 3rd division, to ensure even number of teams in 2nd division
– Domestic stadiums: Poljud, Maksimir, Kantrida, Cibalija, Stanovi, Aldo Drosina, Gradski Vrt, Šubićevac
– Domestic adboards
– Chants for some domestic teams and Croatian NT
– PES2012 DLC3.00
– Correct names of all teams, leagues, players and most of the stadiums
– Correct kits for all teams
– Up to date transfers
– Turfs by Tunizizou and Dr. Hany
– Copa Libertadores scoreboard by Stranxk (only in Copa Libertadores mode)
– ballpack with the best balls for PES2012
– Mini kits for lineups
– Real Copa Libertadores and FIFA World Cup trophies
– Ingame stadiums (by klashmann)
– Separate .exe, settings.exe, kitserver and save folder
– Separate DLC and dt04.img files
– Faceserver with more than 1100 faces, including over 80 faces of former and current HNL players
– MAXTv Prva Liga scoreboard with new video replay logo
– CROPES music pack
– CROPES logos for all teams (clubs and NTs)
– Domestic ML sponsors
– Champions league with all teams participating in season 2011/12
– 4 teams from 1st Bundesliga in Others Europe (Bayern, Bayer, Dortmund, Schalke)
– choice between various gameplays – Konami default, Jenkey and nesa/yair
– and lots of other stuff for you to find out …

Credits :

CROPES Edit Team (ante zd, Bago, Cuky, c_ronaldo_16, dynamyte, nani, teutonic, zlac)
CROPES members (kristian826, MII2o, toza, sudac, alex7, R.C.3, Gala, marinkohorta)
juce, Robbie (kitserver), [email protected], barcafan (Edit tools)
and others (matrix edit team, tottimas, SKILLS_ROONEY, Stranxk, KO, klashmann69, Tunizizou, Dr. Hany, -cave, Stelios, BPB team, yair/mehtab/nesa, jenkey, PESEdit team, all kitmakers and facemakers)

Install instructions

1. Manual update of DirectX 9 (just in case) – download, run and wait until DX9 is updated

2. Make sure you have enough free space on your HDD – Patch installation is pretty big. After it is installed successfully it takes about 2,7GB. Also have in mind that you need to have free space on C: for temporary files which are created through installation process. It is advised to have at least 1-2 GB of free space on C: before you start installing CROPES HNL Patch 2012, even if you are installing it on other partition.

3. Installing CROPES HNL Patch 2012

a) Download all 20 parts

b) Extract with WinRARright click only on 1sr of 20 .rar files – “hnl2012_setup.part01.rar” > Extract Here. After extracting process is completed you should have TWO install files – hnl2012_setup_part1.exe and hnl2012_setup_part2.exe

c) [OPTIONAL] Temporary disable your Anti Virus software – Some AV’s wrongly detect rld.dll as a virus and they delet it. If you already had this problem, you know what it is about. You won’t be able to run this patch without rld.dll file in correct place. After patch is installed you can activate your AV again, but make sure to add PES2012 folder to exceptions/exclusions.

d) Run hnl2012_setup_part1.exe – Because of large size of installation file it could seem as it has stopped responding. Just wait few moments and it should continue normally. Now you only have to follow instructions through installer. As destination folder for part 1 it is advised to choose your PES2012 folder (it should be found automatically. if not, you can set it manually using Browse button)

NOTE 1: Part 1 can be installed at any place on your PC. If you choose to install it in your PES2012 folder there is no fear that any of files you have will be overwritten. Installer will create folder “CROPES 2012 HNL PATCH” and all files will be installed there. That means that this patch is 100% separated from any other patch you might have.

NOTE 2: Installer for Part 1 will automatically create separated save folder: “My Documents\KONAMI\PES 2012 CROPES HNL PATCH”

e) Do the same with hnl2012_setup_part2.exe
VAŽNO: PART2 1000% MUST be installed in PES2012 folder!!!

NOTE: For Windows Vista/7 users – After Part 2 is installed there might appear “This program may not have installed correctly” message – It is all right. Just click on “This program installed correctly”

f) Download fix and run hnl2012_fix1.exe. FIX MUST BE INSTALLED IN SAME PLACE AS PART 1!!!!

4. Run the game using Cropes Launcher 2012.exe (shortcut on desktep) or through link in your Start menu (“CROPES HNL Patch 2012”)
If you can’t run CROPES Launcher 2012.exe you need Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5 SP1.
It is advised before you start patch for first time to set correct Scoreboard ratio for your screen. By default, patch is set with 16-9 MaxTV Prva Liga scoreboard. Ratio and type of scoreboard you can chaneg through CROPES Launcher 2012 on Scoreboard tab.

5. Play fairly and have fun!


Download Part 1 – 105 MB

Download Part 2 – 105 MB

Download Part 3 – 105 MB

Download Part 4 – 105 MB

Download Part 5 – 105 MB

Download Part 6 – 105 MB

Download Part 7 – 105 MB

Download Part 8 – 105 MB

Download Part 9 – 105 MB

Download Part 10 – 105 MB

Download Part 11 – 105 MB

Download Part 12 – 105 MB

Download Part 13 – 105 MB

Download Part 14 – 105 MB

Download Part 15 – 105 MB

Download Part 16 – 105 MB

Download Part 17 – 105 MB

Download Part 18 – 105 MB

Download Part 19 – 105 MB

Download Part 20 – 72 MB


* Fixed Launcher (Win XP & 32 bit Windows 7 related crashes)
* Fixed appearance of some players, couple of new faces added in faceserver
* Bootpack – 81 HD boots
* Fixed textures for stadium lamps
* Fixed buggy short names for Lučko and HAŠK
* Correct image of Kup Hrvoja Ćustića trophy
* Fixed MAXTV logo in lower right corner on 4-3 MAXTV scoreboard
* New kits for Hajduk

Download Update 1.1 – Part 1 – 52 MB

Download Update 1.1 – Part 2 – 52 MB

Download Update 1.1 – Part 3 – 52 MB

Download Update 1.1 – Part 4 – 42 MB


  1. Ho scaricato le 20 parti della patch…ma quando ho iniziato ad estrarre i file alla fine si è interrotto perchè la parte 1 e 13 sono danneggiate.
    Come mai……

  2. italiano dasa mafia špageti audi quatro pizza dopileti , konfeti šporeti špageti korneti bonđorno fegeti eto vas na meti

  3. kad krenem igrat bilo šta,master ligu običnu ligu sa dinamo javlja mi grešku i izbacuje me van

  4. Grazie cro4ever molto gentile ….l’educazione di una persona lo si nota a primo impatto.Comunque ho potuto scaricare il tutto è funziona perfettamente,grazie agli autori di questa patch.A questa persona di nome
    givmidžvaku di origine credo albanese.. dico che se viene in Italia gli offro
    il pranzo spaghetti alla marinara . Comunque ti potevi risparmiare tutte queste parole italiano dasa mafia špageti audi quatro pizze dopileti, konfeti šporeti špageti korneti bonđorno fegeti eto vas na meti.
    Va bene… purtroppo le persone ignoranti sono dappertutto come dice il proverbio “paese che vai usanze che trovi”.
    Grazie cro4eve molto gentile.

  5. Scusa cro4eve ,visto che nella patch non esiste la cartella img …mi sapresti dire se questa patch è una beta?

  6. Evo ovako skinio sam sve djelove i kada sve obavim instaliram udem u igricu igraci i imena klubova nisu pravi ako neko nesto zna molim da javi.


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