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CRI File System Tools (4 Modding Tools in 1)


CRI File Systems Tools ( CRIPackedFileMaker ) V2.40.13.0

– collection of tools from CRI Middleware, used to create data from the CRI File System library. If you’re new in modding world, this tool will help you in modding world to easily unpack, edit and create data from CPK File. Includes 4 tools that have different functions:

– CPK File Builder
– CRI Packed File Maker
– CRI Packed File Maker for Console
– MakeCpk (Excel)

Download CRI File System Tools 2.50.03

CPK File Builder

“CPK File Builder” is an application from CRI File System tools that has a user-friendly GUI view that works to create a .CPK file. CPK file itself has a same function as .RAR file. Usually CPK files are used to compress game data so the game size is smaller. One example of games that use CPK file is Pro Evolution Soccer game series. CPK File Builder is a GUI version tool to create a CPK file. Register files and directories by dragging and dropping them. You can change as you like the directory structure and group files. The tool is also equipped with a function to optimize file allocation.

CRI Packed File Maker

“CRI Packed File Maker” is a simple application of CPK builder application. With CRI Packed File Maker, you will easily create CPK files by drag & drop function.

Console version CRI Packed File Maker (Expert User Only)

This app is used for those of you who prefer to use the CRI Packed File Maker console version (run through CMD) using some CMD commands.

Excel CPK file creation tool “MakeCpk”

This tool lets you directly create a CPK file using an Excel worksheet. You can easily create a CPK file simply by defining a file list in a worksheet and clicking the button.


Inside there is also a manual (CRI_File_System_Tools_Manual_e.chm):

CRI File System Tools Guide

CRI File System tools is an application built to run on .NET Framework 4.0. Especially for Windows 8.1 / Windows 10 no longer need to install .NET Framework 4.0 / 4.5, because it already include in Windows operating system 8.1 / 10.

In addition, CRI File System tools can also be used for 32-bit & 64-bit operating systems.



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