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Classics Era Teams v7.0 For PTE Patch 2017 5.3 by Fast Eagle


Classics Era Teams 7.0 For [PES 17] PTE Patch 2017 5.3

Download Classics Era Teams Update 7.0 For PTE 2017 Version 5.3
– 14 classic teams
– 3 classic national teams

– New faces added
– New players added (Stam, Rivaldo, Birindelli, Saviola, Berbatov, Kuyt etc)
– New kits added for Barcelona 04 and more
– Fixed colors of the radar dots for 1st and 2nd kits

mega mirror

Please choose which team do you want to see on next updates of “Classics Era Teams”
Link To Vote: Here.

Only works with PTE PATCH Update 5.3

1) Apply “Offline Mode – Clasic” on PTE Patch Selector
2) Copy “EDIT00000000” file to pes 2017 save folder (but first backup the original one)
3) Copy “COACH0000000X” to pes 2017 save folder
4) Copy “Classics Era Teams.cpk” to pes 2017 download folder
5) Copy “lighting_by_yogi.cpk” to pes 2017 download folder (Optional)
5) Generate DpFileList.bin

CPK order:
01. dt80_100E_win.cpk
02. dt80_200E_win.cpk
03. dt80_300E_win.cpk
04. ptepatch.cpk
05. ptepatch_kit.cpk
06. ptepatch_fac.cpk
07. ptepatch_ace.cpk
08. ptepatch_sta.cpk
09. ptepatch_adb.cpk
10. ptepatch_pla.cpk
11. ptepatch_off.cpk
12. ptepatch_ref.cpk
13. ptepatch_sco.cpk
14. ptepatch_enh.cpk
15. ptepatch_cla.cpk
16. ptepatch_upd.cpk
17. ptepatch_upd_2.cpk
18. Classics Era Teams.cpk

If you have bug with Messi (2017) reset him to default

If you find some error, please report.
Don`t reupload in others links. Use the original ones, respect our work.
Don’t use any of our work without permission.

I’m not facemaker or kitmaker. I just collect them, so don’t ask to make new faces or kits.
It’s time to rest. I’ll be back after 40 days.

Ahmed Kralani, Konami, PTE patch, CriPackedFileMaker, DpFileList Generator v1.6, Facepack Classico Pes 2016 – By Cleiton Silva e Lucas Horst, Classic Facepack by Chiheb27, PES 2016 Classic Facepack by Sameh Momen, Classic Face Pack by Stels, European Classics by dosho2, PES Next-Gen Editor, Lagun, PES2010_EDIT1114, Iceeman, pesstatsdatabase, Pesmaster, Pesdb, PES 2017 – DpFileList Generator by Baris, [PC] Face Converter v1.4, International_facepack 3 by Andrey_Pol gonduras2012, PES2014 Oriol Romeu by AM, MarioMilan, HD3011, Yasin02, Wikipedia, Google, dartion pes world, marebatigol, Cholel Cesc, Jaya Nur Ihsan, CUP Team, rema5, Delac, IDK, dosho2, HD3011, Tunizizou, Fatih Kuyucak, So-Yul, CRI, extream87, Baris, Geo_Craig90, Mansyah, Devil Cold52, 4ccEditor, Swoosh1968, MuminekBambo, cabanaxboxedition, aconvert, MRI_20, nemanjabre & miloshvelich, buffon99, scotivan10, M.Gamal, armandrillo, aliheidari2520, dupptie20, Rtmundo, CarrascO1Live ,OuiY2K7, Yogi, pesmitidelcalcio, pcsd.forumfree
Sorry if I forgot any one.


  1. Color and font of inter numbers are wrong, they are not yellow but white in first shirt.
    But your work is fantastic! Thanks

  2. in my opinion, you should make team from 10 years ago only. it’s funny when 2010-2013 called “classic”, which is the players still exist now.

  3. I’m not kitmaker, but maybe in next version I will try to change color

  4. First I would like to thank you for this great work and I have some suggestions I think it’s not necessary to make 2010-2013 teams(it’s not classic) and it’s will be great if you add as roma and fc valence 2000 also other classic national team like France Germany Netherland and Portugal ..thank you

  5. hi guys i have a problem
    i havnt any classic national team , i just have classic clubs
    what i must doing ?

  6. change your pte patch to offline mode – classic the classic national team is on the bottom league

  7. Great patch, it would be greater if you can add historic south american teams like Boca Juniors of 2000 or Santos of Pelé

  8. I followed the instructions here but I have only 16 stadiums (ptepatch_sta.cpk is not included)

    What can I do?

  9. Great job. For the next update can you fix Juventus numbers and names of the kits? For example the Home kit of 2002 has no name, and has yellow numbers. And fonts are not the real fonts of that time.

  10. great work please add these teams too
    Classic Roma (totti, de rossi, batistuta etc)
    Classic Lazio, Parma
    Classic Borussia Dortmund (koller etc)
    African Classics (kanu mboma weah okocha babayaro babangida eto drogba etc)
    World All Stars (messi ronaldo ibrahimovic neuer robben and best players etc)

  11. great job fast eagle i have one minor issue classics real madrid inter liverpool and bayern have only wrong emblem , is there a solution?

  12. Hey would be nice to have Boca Juniors 2000/2007 they won 2 copa continental against Real Madrid and AC Milan, also 4 copa libertadores among a lot of other trophies some of their best players where, Carlos Tevez, Riquelme, Martin Palermo, Nicolas Burdiso and many more.

  13. i never install this patch from the first time, is it okay if i just install this patch? i already install pte 5.3

  14. hello fast eagle your work is great but i have face problem with all EUROPEAN CLASSIC AND WORLD CLASSIC FACE GONE but other classic face team seem okays.

  15. yes, it’s very simple. Just copy paste files like in instruction or try to search on youtube for tutorilas

  16. maybe it can be some mistakes, because I don’t have checked players in world and european teams

  17. Hi everyone..I have installed the patch and everything is in order except the kits…None of the created teams has the correct kit…Has anyone encountered the same issue, and if so, can you reccomend a solution?

  18. Please follow instructions on youtube. Just search for Del Choc’s or Pc Proffesional channels

  19. got it, thanks. I`ve taken the next 3 teams and created : Classic Holland and Classic France :) do you plan to release another one? Would love to see Classic Spain, Classic England etc

  20. Thanks for your work ! I want to know if it’s possible to have france 98 for the new version ?

  21. first of all you are the best.
    i just wanted to know when will be the new update because i am using PTE 6.0 so the patch is not fully working(some classic teams dont have any players.)


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