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Classics Era Teams v5.0 For PTE Patch 2017 5.1 by Fast Eagle


Classics Era Teams 5.0 For [PES 17] PTE Patch 2017 5.1

Download Update Classic Era Patch
– 11 classic teams, new 2000-2005 team
– 2 classic national teams – Brazil and Italy

mega mirror

+ Fix For Del Piero face and Trezeguet’s nationallity: Click Here.

Only works with PTE PATCH Update 5.1

1) Apply “Offline Mode – Clasic” on PTE Patch Selector
2) Copy “EDIT00000000” file to pes 2017 save folder (but first backup the original one)
3) Copy “COACH0000000X” to pes 2017 save folder
4) Copy “Classics Era Teams.cpk” to pes 2017 download folder
5) Generate DpFileList.bin

CPK order:
01. dt80_100E_win.cpk
02. dt80_200E_win.cpk
03. dt80_300E_win.cpk
04. ptepatch.cpk
05. ptepatch_kit.cpk
06. ptepatch_fac.cpk
07. ptepatch_ace.cpk
08. ptepatch_sta.cpk
09. ptepatch_adb.cpk
10. ptepatch_pla.cpk
11. ptepatch_off.cpk
12. ptepatch_ref.cpk
13. ptepatch_sco.cpk
14. ptepatch_enh.cpk
15. ptepatch_upd.cpk
16. ptepatch_cla.cpk
17. Classics Era Teams.cpk

If you have bug with Messi (2017) reset him to default

If you find some error, please report.
Don`t reupload in others links. Use the original ones, respect our work.
Don’t use any of our work without permission.

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Sorry if I forgot any one.


  1. fix del piero from juventus 2001-2006
    does not have its face ,have a generic face fix that

  2. also man utd is in this patch
    pls ask for something that is not included in this update, not for something that is already inculded

  3. I be error when click play: “unable to open this Internet shortcut. The protocol “steam” does not have a registered program.”

  4. Strips aren’t working properly for Liverpool. The only ones that are ”working” are number 3 and 4. And they don’t have numbers and names on the back of the kit. Number 1 and 2 strip,and the goalkeeper strips are blank white and don’t work. Please fix it.
    My other request is to add Real Madrid in Mourinho era (from about 2010 to 2013/14)
    Great work, thanks!

  5. for me kits no.1 and 2 work perfectly because are original from konami classic kits. I don’t know why for you it doesn’t work properly, except if you have wrong cpk order. Today or tommorrow you can vote on poll to choose which team to be added next

  6. I can send you stats about Sandro Mazzola to add him in Classic Italy players.
    Many thanks for your job!

  7. thanks man, now I found it too, and I will add him in v6.0, but which player to replace

  8. I can send you stats about Sandro Mazzola to add him in Classic Italy players.
    Many thanks for your job!

  9. To be perfect classic patch it needs to include also: clssic as roma, parma, porto, chelsea,atletico,lazio and national teams germany,holland,england,france

  10. just keep on making the whole classic European teams or classic national teams the u post up. I hate it when I have to start a new ML as just to enjoy legends
    anyway great work. thanks for this pack

  11. it would be great if u can add faces in both legend teams and in world classics and European classics

  12. Sorry but i’d like you add Tardelli real face in Classic Italy players in 6.0 such as Meazza, Riva, Rivera, Conti, Cabrini and Mazzola instead Antognoni.

  13. i can’t found any classic national teams at all. just classic club teams appeared after using this patch. how to fix it…? thx.

  14. can you add liverpool 2006-2012 (which has torres in it) and england 2006 world cup + add berbatov in man utd 2008. thanks!!!

  15. VERY NICE WORK FAST EAGLE i was looking for a patch like yours for pes since 2013 now this dream came true thank you very much by the way can we get

    MAN CITY FROM 2008 TO 2013
    REAL MADRID FROM 2009 TO 2014
    LYON FROM 2001 TO 2008
    ROMA FROM 2000 TO 2002
    DORTMUND FROM 2009 TO 2012

  16. Hey man, can you help me?
    When I set my CPK order like you say it should be oredered for the patch, when I enter a match, it doeesn’t work. I mean, it loads the stadium but when I click skip, it doesn’t skip, and at the end nothing loads. I only hear fans chant and see black screen. It wasn’t like that before. When I checked the Data Packs in the DpFileList Generator, the error started.
    Please help,thanks!!!

  17. Hey man, when I ordered the CPK’s like yours, the kit’s were great but the match won’t load. What happens is that when I enter the match, it won’t skip the intro, and the black screen appears and I hear the fans chants. I think it’s because of the data80_100win and data80_200win.
    Can you help me please?
    Everything is great but i can’t find a way to fix it.

  18. you can find the fix here. Just download data pack 2
    delchocweb . com/pes-2017-data-pack-3-dlc-3-0-patch-1-04/

  19. I’ll try it right now. Man, thanks for the engagement, I really appreciate it.
    Go on working, you’re great!!!

  20. i have a problem with teams
    brasil and italy only that come with correct power of players .

    another team come with problem in players name and power and everything

    please help me

  21. Dear Fast Eagle,

    please make it compatible with PTE 5.2. Tnx for your hard work.



  22. i want to play a master league without the classic teams how do i unistall them?

  23. just uncheck “Classics Era Teams.cpk”, “ptepatch_cla.cpk” and copy the original edit file that you have backed up before

  24. i unchecked the classic teams but the teams are still there, the only difference is that they dont have the logos or the kits..maybe they got saved in the edit file? is there a way to restore it to default?

  25. nevermind i was pasting the old edit file in the download folder not the save folder :D..thanks anyway!

  26. Pele has the correct, new face, however he has the wrong colour body. i.e. black face, white body. Please fix. Great work in general, thank you ;)


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