1. Stadium build is nice but on high settings the turf is poor and can barely see the white lines.

  2. try the hd turf full pack of jenkey bhoywunda.gide can you make newcastle’s,liverpool’s,chelsea’s,schalke’s.it would be nice to make a pack of your created stadiums.thanks and keep the good work.

  3. gide can you make juventus (delle alpi), psg (parc des princes) marseille (velodrome)?, nice work, man…

  4. Stamford Bridge and Anfield pls
    This one completely rocks
    I modified it to replace sum sagiterrie stadium…
    can i change names of default stadiums?

  5. can you update the emirates stadium also???the turf for that stadium sucks…btw nice job

  6. pliz how can i replace any stadum i put the files in dt.07 file but ididn’t find the staduim?????????

  7. hi man you did it in stadium creator?? or you are using any soft? i want to make stadiums too …

  8. Thanks you very much.
    but, i don’t have rose park stadium..
    i just want replace another stadium such as Estadio dragao…
    because i don’t have rose park stadium…please help guys
    always good luck and happy new year!

  9. i have used this, but i couldn’t find this stadium..
    could u help me? what’s happened with this??

  10. ↑ this file (city of manchester) replace the rose park(villa park).

    You must rename rose park to City of manchester in setting.

  11. You bastard, you put this stadium to replace Old Trafford, now I can not straighten back to normal, your gay!


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