1. Please explain how to install this faces ! I ve File Loader Full by Jenkey1002 . I put this faces in it and dont work, its the same no-faces. Pls help me

  2. Cortez in the folder pes14win_dat i dont have the character0 folder !

    You said that I have to make folders with numbers not name, what ID ve to write ? e.g. Ivanovic instead of the name folder Ivanovic have to write “36396” ???

  3. I finaly resolved Cortez, but I dont understand why the black players , eg Mikel have the arms and the feet white , the face is normally black

  4. Hawke u r doing a fantastic job…and u deserve a lot man..CHeers..btw please create a perfect face for Frank lampard…

  5. I read the faceloader.html but Mikel or Ramires dont have skin color doc in the folder created by uploader !

  6. Try this bro…Create a Config.txt file in the FileLoader/GDB/Face/Mikel

    in Config.txt type the lines

    eye.color = 1
    #not avaiable yet

    hand = 1
    glove = 1
    #not avaiable yet

    skin.color = 6

    #skin.color has range from 1~6
    and save it …dont forget to map the player id in map.txt in the face folder

  7. thanks bro ! but one question , why Essien body is white cause I dont change nothing at him !!!

  8. I have the same problem. I put Anderson and his body is white. So I delete it and put it again for 2-3 times. In the last put, suddenly it turn black it self. I always check it every time i open the game and it is still black. But I don’t know why it turn black


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