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CG PES ORGANIZER For PES 2021 by Shawminator


CG PES ORGANIZER Tool For PES 2021 by Shawminator

This is a new tool I’ve being working on, those of you who have played fallout 4 or skyrim will know exactly what i am going to be talking about.
from playing FO4 and using the MO2 to arrange and store mods it always struck me as odd that as a community here we have no structure or order to patches released.
I know it may take a a lot to get all modders to comply to the same formats but I thought I would throw it out there to the public to test the waters per say.

The main stipulation is that this is a Sider only tool, so if you want to use CPKS it is not supported atm, need to see how much interest there is.
ok so the point of this tool is for those that don’t know is to organise all the patches /mods you download into separate areas, so that nothing is overwritten, no default files are touched, basically keep everything tidy. no files ever go near the pes folder. everything is done in a separate area.

Within the CGPO folder you have the following:


Downloads is where you keep the Zip files of the downloads,(Only zip are compatible, No RAR sorry)
Maps is where the maps from the various sider modules get written to when u enable a module
mods are where they are extracted to from the zip files
Profiles are for the info files, like whats enabled, installed etc…..
Sider is the where you put the files that juice relases.
Tools is not used ATM.

the tool its self looks like this.


The above you can see i have various modules and patches installed, but only have a few enabled.
the VFS panel shows what the final structure will look like. the red stadiums server.lua shows that it is overwritting an existing file,. this is depenedant on the order in the left window.

you can also use this tool to config you sider.ini, ie enabled/disable luas,

Sider config

Once your happy with the set up you can then just click run, if steam is not logged in it will tell you and then wait until steam is up and running,
the tool will then start to build the vfs to be used by sider. the length on this various on what your are including.
it will then start sider.exe and from there the game will load.

The sider log tab will then come into focus and update the output from sider, its nice if you have a two screen setup, the tool will lock until the the game and sider closes.



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