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CG Pes Explorer V0.5 by shawminator


CG Pes Explorer Version 0.5 by shawminator [PES 18, 19]

Download PES 2019 CG Pes Explorer

Beta Release of my explorer for PES, compatible with both PES19 Demo and PES18.

Read through the included user manual.

Link : http://www.mediafire.com/file/75qsqyy4lyny408/CGPE.zip/file

Any bug or issues report here and i will update the second post and use it as a check list
That way we can get a stable release hopefully for the full game coming out.


  1. Como usar o CG PES Explorer Version por Shawminator:

    1. Extrato de CGPE com WinRAR.

    2. Abra o CGPE como administrador e, em seguida, selecione o arquivo PES 2018 / PES exe 2019

    2a. Depois de selecionar o PES 2018 / PES 2019 exe, uma segunda janela geralmente aparecerá novamente, nesta segunda janela especificamente para aqueles que usam o LiveCPK Sider da Juce, se você não usar o Sider, simplesmente o ignore (Clique em Cancelar).

    3. Depois disso, digite o nome do perfil (grátis)

    4. Feito! Depois disso, o CG PES Explorer Version do Shawminator está pronto para uso

  2. Hi shawminator,
    I have a issue Right from the start with choosing the PES2018.exe file. After I choose the PES2018.exe file, the Explorer give me the message: “Wrong sign in the path”. But I choose only the regular path from steam??
    Can you help me out please? Thanks for Reply!

  3. Hi shawminator,
    I have a issue when I select the PES2018.exe in Explorer when he asked to choose it. After I choose the exe, the EXplorer give me the info: wrong sign in the path!
    But I don´t know why? So the Explorer failed to load.
    Can you you help me out?? thanks


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