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CG FMDL SUITE V2 For PES 2021 by Shawminator


CG FMDL SUITE Version 2 For PES 2021 by Shawminator

This is an updated version of the existing tool. this also included a fully functional blender script to export FMDL from blender (Bypassing Unity)


The script is a modded version of the following pes-fmdl-blender by the4chancup, the original can be found here.

I’ve added in helpers and a few different export for the different parts such as lights effects, staff positioning. the helpers include easy shader and texture assigning, renaming parts to correct format for export etc;
the script also has an import function so can see full stadiums,
I have started a You Channel which i will be uploading vid tuts on how to use the script as its bit different from the unity version – here. There are 3 vids up already one you can see the process from blender to pes.

The advantage of this is that you export you fmdl with the correct internal names rather than everything being ROOT.
also the tool part of the file creates the fpk/fpkd, fox2 files and packs them all with intervention. so no need to build everything or edit fox 2 files etc……

ianscott42 has been testing the process and i believe he has managed a full stadium from blender to pes using this process, maybe he can right up an opinion on this vs unity method as obviously i biased towards my method being easier.



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