How To Install Faces In PES 2020 PC Tutorial by MFZ69


Tutorial How To Install Faces To Efootball PES 2020 PC Tutorial

This video by MFZ69 will show you how to relink faces in PES 2020 using tool, build cpk, add .cpk using DpFileList Generator and launch game.

Add Face In PES2020 PC

How To Add New Tattoo Mod in PES by Fajar Rifki


Tutorial by Fajar Rifki – How To Add New Tattoo Mods in PES

Learn How To Add Tattoo Mod in PES by Fajar Rifki

If you are new to installing patches and don’t know how to install tattoos in PES 2017-2019 check this video tutorial and enjoy your game even more.

*Necessary files are in description for you to start learning. All credits go to Fajar Rifki.

PES 2019 Tutorial How To Make Tattoo by erolkopuz


How To Make Tattoo In PES2019 – Tutorial by erolkopuz

If you don’t know, but you want to learn making tattoos for Pro Evolution Soccer 2019, watch this handy and full tutorial and start sharing your work to PES community.

Learn Tattoo Making For PES2019 PC

Credits: erolkopuz

Super PES 2019 Facemaking Tutorial by MinchoSheen


Making faces in PES 2019 is not easy, but you can do it once you learn it. This is a new facemaking method tutorial made by MinchoSheen.

Preview Nuevo Metodo Rapido and Sencillo

“Here I share you a new method, thinking in time and looking being faster… About texture editing still in Blender 2.67 (It is just faster for me, you know you can edit it as you want) of course big thanks to sxsxsx, MJTS-140914, juce, nesa24, Hawke, Tunizizou, Dnai” and so… click here and watch on youtube how to make faces in PES 2019.

The tutorial is in spanish, but I’m pretty sure you will understand the important things… You can see faceworks done thanks to this method and pes community HERE.

Tutorial How in Add Ball in PES 2019 Game


Tutorial – How in Add Balls in PES 2019 Game – Credit Hawke

– balls like roteiro and fevernova
– first download sider 5.23, copy to pes folder

Tutorial Ball Insert

Downloads ball from hawke links and see video preview.

– copy this balls to sider
– rename in sider ini root balls
– copy roteiro files to merlin nike. Check also the forum post here.

PES 2019 Free Kick Tutorial by GameTube


Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 Tutorial “Free Kicks” by GameTube

Watch Kick Guide For PES 2019

Watch here my tricks for free kick in game.

PES 2019 Tutorial BallServer For EvoSwitcher v4.2


Tutorial PES 19 BallServer by MjTs-140914 For EvoSwitcher 4.2

Ballserver 2019 Guide Preview

PES 2019 Change Net Color For Stadiums Tutorial by Hawke


Change Net’s Color For Stadiums Loaded via Stadium-Server

In this tutorial will show you how to change the color for net.

Preview 2019 Tutorial For Stadium Corners

Click here to watch it (6.03m) on youtube or save it on PC to see it offline (backup).

I will show you how to make Allianz Arena have Red and White striped nets.

How To Fix PES 2019 PS4 To PC Hair Animation Bug


Tutorial by Hawke: Fix PS4 To PC Hair Animation Bug [PES 19]

Preview FIXED Version

How To Make Game Work When New DP Is Released For PES 2019 ?


Guide – Make Game Work When New DP Is Released For PES

When new data pack is released, to run game again with new update, usually these steps work, until there is another fix, specially for the patch used.

– Download latest Dpfilelist Generator (in DP 4.02 case is 2.01 version from here)
– Then open the tool and activate all .cpk again
– Click on “Generate DPFileList”
– Then select in the upper left “DLC 4.02”
– Click “Update DLC” at the Top screen”
– Click “Generate DPFileList” again and enjoy the new data pack.

How to update your dlc to be 4.2? By downloading the update from Steam. Then generate the DPFilelist with the Generator and everything will be OK. Thanks @ SmichiW