PES 2020 8K Spectacular View Guide by Harry1312


eFootball PES 2020 8K Spectacular View [Guide by Harry1312]

This tutorial will teach you how to get the best graphics settings for your PES 2020 to look spectacular. Try it easy, fast and free. See guide on [youtube] here.

PES20 8K View

Fix Flickering / White Edge Pitch in PES 2020


How To Fix Flickering Edge Pitch or White Edge Pitch in PES 20

This tutorial is made by Andò12345 and saintric, last updated 13.10 2019.

Photoshop CS6
DDS Plug-In [Link]

– Download CGPE V0.7
– Open CGPE, go to tools/ftexconverter, go to convert ftex and select YourStadium\Asset\model\bg\st046\sourceimages\tga\#windx11\pitch_alp.ftex
– Go to YourStadium\Asset\model\bg\st046\sourceimages\tga\#windx11\pitch_alp.ftex and you’ll see, open it with Photoshop
– Resize with Photoshop where is violet and yellow until in-game the pitch won’t have problems


How To Fix PES 2019 Faces To Work in PES 2020 Tutorial


Tutorial How To Fix Shiny PES 19 Faces To Work in PES 20 PC

2019 faces are compatible with 2020 faces, but if you downloaded a PES2020 patch and trying to use the faces in pes 2019 but you are getting this problem:

Shiny PES2019 Face

here is the fix, thanks to crustcyb:
use any “face_nrm.ftex” file from a PES19 face (can be any face, it doesn’t matter), and replace the “face_nrm.ftex” file of the PES20 face (as you might know, the “face_nrm.ftex” file is inside “Player ID\sourceimages\#windx11” folder.

GDB Stadiums Convert to Kitserver – PES 2013 Tutorial


GDB Stadiums Convert to Kitserver – PES13 Tutorial by iiiddd345

There are a lot of GDB stadiums, but only for Gameplay Tool, so if you do not have the
Gameplay tool, you need to convert them to Kitserver. Here is how to do it:

1. Download this map


How To Use DpFileList Generator in PES 2017


If you do not know how to use DpFileList Generator with PES 2017 modded files (cpk) check this tutorial here, created by GameTube.

Learn Dpfilelist Tutorial Generator For PES2017

How To Add CPK Works In Sider For PES 2020


How To Make CPK File Working In PES 2020 Sider

CPK To Sider Tutorial PES

1. download CRIPackedFilemaker, and run CRIPackedFileMaker.exe as administrator
2. click ‘Open a cpk file’ and browse for your cpk you want to use
3. when cpk list shows, click the top right button to ‘Extract content files from a CPK file’. and create a folder named cpkname (what you want) and extract, ready, complete, OK.
– place ‘cpkname’ folder in sider \content\ folder
4. add this line to sider.ini, cpk.root = ".\livecpk\cpkname"

PES 2020 How To Change Commentary Language Tutorial by Ginda01


PES 20 Tutorial – How To Change Your Commentary Language

Do you want to play with other language than the one you got when bought the eFootball PES2020 game? This video tutorial will show you how to choose any commentary language available on steam platform just by using it. Don’t forget to make a backup first.

Commentary and Language Change Guide in PES 20 PC Steam Version

Click here to watch language commentary tutorial on youtube by Ginda01.

Enjoy your game now even more!

PES 20 PC Option File Installation Tutorial [Real Names, Kits, Emblems] by Ginda


PES 20 PC OF Installation Tutorial [Real Names, Kits, Emblems]

Learn Option File How To Install Tutorial For PES2020

This tutorial will show you how to install an OF (the short name for Option File in Pro Evolution Soccer series) on your PC, using as a base the “eFootball PES 2020 Option File by WEHK” with steps on where to copy, how to use EvoSwitcher, start game and enjoy the various kits and real names for teams, leagues and competitions in game.

Click To Watch: The Option File Installation Tutorial by Ginda.

Credits: Tutorial – Ginda and OF – WEHK team.

PES 2020 Edit Player Assignments by Volun


Edit Player Assignments in PES 2020 Tutorial by Volun

Preview eFootball PES2020 How To Edit Player Assignments

If you want to edit assignments for the players in 2020 game check this tutorial by Volun.

PES 2020 Demo Lag Fix Tutorial by GameTube


Tutorial How To Fix The Lag in PES 2020 – by GameTube

Download Lag Fix PES2020 PC

This tutorial will show you how to fix the lag in eFootball PES20 demo for PC. The tools used are available inside video description. Watch the tutorial here on youtube.