Gentleman’s Club Gameplay For PES 2021


Gentleman’s Club Gameplay 1.1 For PES 2021 by IbraCadabra96

Hello ladies and gentlemen, I’m really happy and proud to announce that after three months of hard work, I’m here to announce a new gameplay mod for all of you.
First of all I would like to thank a lot of people who inspired and helped me to get into GP’s stuff such as tdth , tufkar84 , incas36 and Holland, without them I would have never been into this “new world” and probably this GP would have not existed.

Gentlemans Club GAMEPLAY For PES 2021

PES 2021 eSim REALISTIC Gameplay Mod


The “eSim” REALISTIC Gameplay Mod for PES 2021 09092021 by tufkar84 is a tweaked dt18 file.

What is eSim?
It’s a set of 70+ gameplay mods with the goal of having a more realistic gameplay, and multiple combinations for everyone to choose from.

I am sharing not only the dt18, but also the common folder for those who use the Gameplay Loader.

The MAIN goal of the mod is to basically make the gameplay even more a simulation, getting rid of arcady stuff like PERFECT accuracy or DEEP LINES that make the game easier and funnier for some people, but not people like me. I want the closest possible thing to a football match: very tight, very slow, but with bursts, since we are talking about TOP athletes.

1) having a more compact shape:
Width has been lowered, defensive line has been raised, but not all the time.

2) slowing off the ball players:
I have changed a few values that seem to have an impact on this, but the effect on the gameplay really changes from game to game and from team to team, so not easy to be sure about this.

PES 2021 eSim REALISTIC Gameplay Mod

PES 2021 Revolutionary Gameplay Mod by Alex


The PES 2021 Revolutionary Gameplay Mod by Alex is a gameplay mod with changed physics and game mechanics.

A new V7 version of the gameplay process. Even more exciting gameplay.
– More aggressive processor.
– Even more density and struggle.
– Better positioning.
– Difficulty in attack development.

PES 2021 Sponsors for all teams in TOP leagues by mayor130


mayor130: I had issues looking for mods that added sponsors for all the teams individually in PES 2021. After watching a few videos, I decided to add, manually, all the sponsors for the top 5 leagues and a little more. I don’t know how to explain it properly but here are the leagues I added:

1. English League
2. Ligue 1
3. Serie A
4. LaLiga
5. Bundesliga
6. Eredivisie
7. Russian Premier League
8. Scottish Premier League
9. Liga Nos
10. Turkish League
11. Swiss Super League
12. Jupiter Pro League
(UPD!) 13. 3F Superliga
(UPD!) 14. EFL Championship

PES 2021 Sponsors Mod

PES 2021 Liberty Gameplay by tdth


The PES 2021 Liberty Gameplay v3.3 by tdth. I have created new gameplay to address many scripted issues in PES 2021 such as:

  • Control: heavy, not responsive button. Prevent KONAMI from constantly injecting its own control to interfere with your play.
  • Cursor change: totally messed up, can’t change to the player you want.
  • Through pass: too much power, and too far away from your intended recipient.

PES 2021 Liberty Gameplay 3.3 by tdth

Even though the gameplay is not 100% perfect, but it gives a much better experience than before.
Please give it a try, and let me know if you like it, ok?
Watch and download it from here.

Version 2.0 has been created with below changes:

  • Control: Giving even more freedom in player movement and dribbling
  • Through pass: remove interference in player’s control during through pass
  • Tweaks in freekick viewing angle, remove delayed button press, and many more

Watch and download the v2 gameplay from here. Enjoy.

Version 2.2 has been created to
Clean up the mess that causes teleport bug
Tweak some parts of the game to give more freedom over control (in passing and movement)

Link to 2.2 is here

Step to download and install:
Step1: download latest sider
Step 2: download gameplay 2.2 from above
Step 3: Unzip the file to folder PES21_GamePlay_Liberty_v2.2 (select extract to….DONT select extract here)
Step 4: Move the folder PES21_GamePlay_Liberty_v2.2 to directory livecpk inside sider, so that it looks like this \ sider-7.1.2\ livecpk \ PES21_GamePlay_Liberty_v2.2 \ common \ match \ constant \ *.bin
Step 5: Edit sider.ini file to have this line: cpk.root = “.\livecpk\PES21_GamePlay_Liberty_v2.2 “‘
Step 6: Launch game via sider by double-clicking on sider.exe

Hi all,

Version 2.4 and 2.4 ULTRA-LIGHT have been created,
please find below the link and changelog:

The link to download is here (same link as version 2.0)

Version 2.4 Ultra-Light (8 Aug 2021)

  • Make the control super light, you probably won’t feel any interference anymore…

Version 2.4 (8 Aug 2021)

  • Revamp some parts of the GP to completely address teleport issues
  • Tweak cursor change so it will be more smooth

Version 3.0 has been created (21 Aug 2021)


  • Unlock new skill “Curved Through-pass”
  • Air-touch control
  • Much more freedom and flexibility.

Version 3.1:


It’s now easier to dribble;
More responsiveness in control;
Improve on passing in general.

Changes in Version 3.2:


  • Merging 3.0 passing + 3.1 dribbling
  • Fix defender’s movement issue from 3.1
  • Improve defend in general

Version 3.3:


Rebalance many aspects for smoother gameplay while retains all existing features
Fix issues from previous releases
Adjust the calculation of rating at the end of the match so it’s fairer for those players who don’t play attacking role
Improve further first touch
Improve accuracy and speed of long ball
Watch the demo here:

PES 2017 T-Shirts Mini Facepack 2021-2022


PES 17 T-Shirts Mini Facepack V2 21-22 Features full T-shirts miniface for first squad of


PES 2021 Immersive Personal Camera by pedritoperez


the best Cam that allows me to find the fun I am looking for and an impressive graphical improvement. All are invited to try, especially those who like to use the commoncam.

# I recently achieved the best balance between the visual and the gameplay I was looking for (for example, in the view of the fans, the size and the perfect distance can be appreciated and the ball also seems to look bigger, try it!)

# Also to my way of seeing it is one of the cameras that looks like the TV BROADCASTING CAM in real life.

# It also produces a balance in the vision since the rapid changes of the movements deplete and damage the ocular vision less (which is what I was also looking for)

Captura de pantalla

PES 2021 Ultimate Reshade For Ultimate Atmosphere


PES 2021 Ultimate Reshade – Reshade Shaders For Ultimate Atmosphere

This is a Complement For Ultimate Atmosphere Mod.
Feel The True Next Gen Now!

PES 2021 Ultimate Reshade Reshade Shaders For PES 2021 Ultimate Atmosphere

Lewpop’s Gameplay Mod PES 2021


The two main focuses for this one are:

AI variety – Balanced a number of values around the AI’s passing and crossing selection. You should see the AI trying a number of things that they don’t normally try such as early through balls, early crosses, long chipped through balls etc.

User responsiveness – Had to make a number of changes to achieve this as it’s heavily influenced by the way the AI are programmed to mark space. Kind of complicated to explain so I won’t go in to depth but feel free to reach out if you want.

PES 2021 Gameplay Mod Final Revised by Lewpop

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