MyclubVisual 2021 by Spooky1611


A new year and another Myclub! Welcome to Myclub Visual 2021!
The idea of the mod is to enhance the visual experience but most importantly the information you have over your squad.

Tired of all the featured cards no matter what type to be purple in your formation screen? FIXED IT!
Tired of eventually not knowing anymore from what week your POTW came? FIXED IT!
Tired of every unlicensed club selection to have the same old, old Konami stadium in the background? FIXED IT!

I always try to come with a plethora of changes that enhances my managing and makes me calmer in knowing which version comes from what etc.

MyclubVisual 2021

PES 2021 Trophée Des Champions Graphic Pack by Milwalt


The PES 2021 Trophée Des Champions Graphic Pack Content AIO by Milwalt includes:

New menu-server Trophée des champions,
New CornerFlags Trophée des champions,
New Stadium Tunnel Trophée des champions,

PES 2021 Trophee Des Champions Graphic Pack

New Entrance Trophée_des_champions,
Referee kit-server Trophée des champions,
Scoreboard-server – Replay Trophée des champions,
New Winner Platform Trophée des champions.

PES2021 Josh’s Master League Text Mod


Here is my master league text mod (English only). This mod is mainly made for fixing some wrong copy and spelling by Konami.

Things that are fixed:
– A couple of spelling and spacing mistakes in news sections and press conference which are very often seen and noticeable. (“Victory AgainstCHELSEA” will now be “Victory Against CHELSEA)
– Changed line-up status of BAL in ML menu section to a generic one as there is a bug where if a player is injured in pre-season, the BAL player second will still list the player as starting the upcoming game. (this bug was in pes2020 and I’m pretty sure they haven’t fixed it). Now the announcement will just read something like “The lineup has been announced. Will RONALDO be on the list?”
– A BAL news status where it says your player helped the team to win in the last game despite being injured and not starting. Replaced with copy saying the player has a good influence in the locker room to give it a little flavor.

PES2021 Master League Text

Future releases will include more rephrasing of news sections to make the news read more like how headlines and copy are written in real football articles.

PES 17 20-21 Sider Update


The PES 17 20-21 Sider Update is compatible With All Patches.

– No probelm if you alredy have multi switcher
– you can run multi switcher by ”PES2017 Multi-Switcher.exe”

PES 17 20-21 Sider Update

PES 2021 Offside Mod by dazzaa


The PES 2021 Offside Mod beta 2 v0.991 by dazzaa features:

– offside mod beta2
– changed things around a little and added an extra stingmatch,
hopefully this will fix the crash.

Changelog beta1 v0.99:
– adds offside commentary + freekick commentary (Peter and Jim)
– was hard, there’s probably bugs, possible crashes.

pes 2021 offside mod

Adriano Inter Pes 2021 and Legends Goals + Others


Adriano Inter Pes 2021 and Legends Goals – Link.

Sekularac face pes21 – Link.

Ronaldo face for pes 2021 grdumbandafacemaker – Link

FSJ Jugoslavija kit by camilo londano for pes 18 and pes 2021 and ted files – Link.

Фудбалски савез Југославије је основан 1919. године у Загребу под именом Југословенски ногометни савез, функционисо је до 1941.


Kezman manager for master league pes21 dnai — Link

* not a manger but i do this only for fun; replace – A. BONINSEGNA.

Parma crvena zvezda partizan lazio ted file for pes21 by batistutaadrianobatigol – Link

PES 2021 Netsound Mod By D.A.A


The PES 2021 Netsound Beta Mod By D.A.A was released 22 Feb in 4 types – with 50%, 75%, 80% and 100% volume.

PES 2021 Netsound Mod

PES2017 New Mod ES_Gameplay22 by Eslam


The PES2017 New Mod ES_Gameplay22 by Eslam is compatible with all patchesa and features:

– Legendary level
– New Player movements
– Stronger protection
– The center system
– Increase the level of difficulty
– Realistic Goalkeeping


New Mega Choregraphy Pack 2021 For PES 2017


The New Mega Choregraphy Pack 2021 For PES 2017 includes :

Inter Milan

Mega Choregraphy Pack 2021 For PES 2017

PES 2021 National Tunnel Pack For PC


The PES 2021 National Tunnel Pack by LINzeennnnnnnnnnn is made for sider and includes tunnels for various teams, as seen in the screenshots below.

PES 2021 National Tunnels