EGY Super Patch 2021 v8.0 By MODY 99


The EGY Super Patch 2021 Version 8.0 For PES 2021 By MODY 99 has been released.

Changelog v8.0:
– Compatible With Versions 1.07 and DLC 7.
– Implemented Latest Live Update 24/6/2021.
– Updated Egyptian League Players Data & States.
– Updated Egyptian League Teams Kits.
– Updated Euro & Copa America Teams Squads & formations.
– Updated Some Graphics For Better Atmosphere.

EGY Super Patch 2021 v7.0 By MODY 99

Euro 2020 Full Mod For PES 2021


Euro 2020 Full Mod FOR PES 2021 Includes:

  • Euro Menu
  • Euro Font
  • Euro Ball
  • Euro Trophy
  • Euro Adboards
  • Euro Scoreboard

Euro 2020 Full Mod For PES 2021

EvoWebPatch 2021 For PES 2021 Season Update


EvoWebPatch 2021 For PES 2021 PC Version 6.0 Released 25 June by Cesc Fabregas, Hawke, Hoppus117, mota10, Nemanja, scottish_carson, ziyech.2304.

Current Patch Datapack Status: DP 7.0 (updated with the current Game status) 

Version 6.0 Features:
– Full Datapack 7.0 compatibility
– All Euro 2020 Teams updated (Rosters + Lineups)
– All Copa America 2021 Teams updated (Rosters + Lineups)
– Brusque, Londrina, Remo & Vila Nova Updates included (Rosters + Lineups)
– Faces folder updated (a lot of new Faces for EURO 2020 teams added)
– New Minifaces Server: Separate National Team Minifaces for all EURO 2020 Teams + Argentina + Brazil
– New Minifaces for all EURO 2020 Team Coaches
– Newest version of the Boot & Glove Pack including several assignments via Bootlist/Glovelist
– Kit Updates for some National Teams (Ukraine, Ecuador, Uruguay, Costa Rica, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Iraq, Iran)
– Some minor Graphical Updates

EvoWeb Patch 2021 Version 6.0

ePatch 2021 By MODY 99 For PES 2021 PC


The ePatch 2021 v12.0 By MODY 99 has been updated on 25.06.2021!

Changelog v12.0:
– Compatible With Versions 1.07 and DLC 7.0.
– Implemented Latest Live Update 24/6/2021.
– Updated Euro & Copa America Teams Squads and formations.

ePatch 2021

PES 2021 2nd German League Mod by Ben23384


Update 05.06 – The SP21 2nd German League Expansion 2135 with promotion by Ben23384 – created 2nd German division for Smokepatch Expansion 21.3.5.

It replaces the Asian Fake League.

SP21 – 2nd German League Expansion 2135 – V7 includes:
– New Editfile for Smokepatch 2135
– Switched German League with French League
– French First Division is playing in Fake-Europe
– 18 German Teams in 1st Division
– 22 German Teams in 2nd Division
SP21 2nd German League Expansion Version 3 (DLC5) includes:

– New Editfile for DLC5;
– Fix some player stats.

Credits to PESGalaxy Team for Database and Kits and SiuMing for TEditor.

PES 2021 2nd German League

– All 18 2nd divsion teams
– Real kits and faces
– Real stats
– Teambanner, rivals and tactics
– Real teamnames and logos
– Kitserver GDB

Ultimate Master League Mod For EvoWebPatch 2021


Ultimate Master League Mod For EvoWebPatch 2021. HUGE CREDITS TO PogChampion FOR MAKING THIS MOD!

Check out the Original Mod made by PogChampion.

Ultimate Master League Mod PES For EvoWebPatch 2021 Recognition

PES 2021 Ultimate Master League Mod by PogChampion


PES 2021 Ultimate Master League Mod by PogChampion.
IMPORTANT! This mod was made on VirtuaRED Patch v2 so applying it to any other patch or default game might not work correctly!

Features included in the mod:

  • – New updated ratings
  • – Improved player growth
  • – Increased longevity of the player’s careers
  • – Real wonderkids will now turn into superstars
  • – Unexpected players turning into stars
  • – Realistic player market values
  • – Real formations, tactics and formations
  • – Young free agents moved to their respective A teams
  • – Position changes
  • – Reduced ratings for fake free agents

PES 2021 Ultimate Master League Mod by PogChampion Transfer Market News PES 2021

PES 2021 / 2006-07 Season Downgrade by galvarinoantinanco


The PES 2021 / 2006-2007 Season Downgrade by galvarinoantinanco is a project that brings the old PES 6 to the new PES 2021 engine.

New patch update from 05/29/2021 includes:

– DLC 6 full compatibility.
– Around 800 minifaces by The Moroccan .
– Kits config updated by eulinho .
– Fantasy Entrances for almost all competitions.
– New faces (Cech, Pepe Reina, Luca Toni) and some faces fixed.
– Manchester City, Nantes and Lille callnames updated, some invisible boots fixed and new re-worked stats.
– Added World Cup, Champions League and English League Intro.

I’ve also created a Installation Video Tutorial for this update if anyone’s having problems.

Around 5.800 2006-07 players added to the database.​
Original FM07 stats converted to PES 2021 for all players using SMcCutcheon editor and TheMadScientistFM database.​
Real 2006-07 players, line ups, numbers, rivalries and managers for all teams.​
PS2 Icons + ISS Icons for all positions (optional, only English for now)​
Added PES United as Default ML Team​
Custom Menu by Buffon99© and backgrounds for all competitions​
guorfan 2006-07 Champions League adboards​
World Cup real trophy, fantasy adboards and entrance.​
Euro 2008 Fantasy scoreboard and adboards​
894 faces in total, a lot improved, retextured or fixed​
All available faces imported from PES 2016 PS4 Version with the hair animation bug fixed.​
Kits for almost every team thanks to eulinho Buffon99© The Moroccan Boniface Muchelenje wima_2 Raul F.
13 exclusive faces for the patch and more to come!
PES6 original intro converted to PES 2021 by geniowe2002
1800 Minifaces by The Moroccan added to the patch

PES 2021 Season Downgrade



PES 2021 LFA Patch Features:

  • New 2020-2021 kits
  • Extensive list of new national teams
  • Removed all fake and duplicate players
  • Replaced all fake and duplicate teams
  • Bundesliga, MLS and JLeague replace fake leagues
  • New concept mini faces
  • New players and updated rosters
  • Challenging gameplay
  • African clubs replace classic teams


Moroccan Expansion For SP21


Botola Pro / The SP1 Moroccan Expansion was released on 11.05 2021, compatible with PES 2021 Smoke Patch 21.3.4 or newer and:

  • fills the fake European league with teams for the Moroccan league (instead of J. league)
  • teams from Germany moved to other European teams
  • possible to export and import the edited teams into future patch versions
  • adds new editable teams in this league with editable free players

* players and other settings are done by (Nour Benhaddou).

PES 2021 Moroccan Expansion SP21