UEFA Turf For PES 2021 by guorfan


The special UEFA Turfs For PES 2021 PC by guorfan is designed for ucl matches to improve your experience, I took idea from watching UCL Classic Final 2003 Milan-Juventus.

Turf PES2021

PES 2020 Vanilla Turf Plus Mod by endo


Vanilla Turf Plus Mod by endo For eFootball PES 2020 PC.

Features v1.3.4:
Standalone version AIO
Full compatible with latest DLC 8.0
Improved bump (relief) map for all fields
Improved and added new details of pitch
Improved 3d grass effect
Added new lut’s set (neutral white tone).

Download Vanilla Turf Plus PES20 Turfs Preview

PES 2020 New Turf’s Addon by endo


New Turf’s Addon by endo For eFootball PES 2020 PC

La Liga stadiumpack by gavi83 and 6ons1 💥💥💥

Download Turf Addon PES2020

Benito Villamarín ✅
Ramón Sánchez Pizjuán ✅
Santiago Bernabeu ✅
Wanda Metropolitano ✅
Coliseum Alfonso Perez ✅
Estadio Municipal Butarque ✅

PES 2020 FrostBite Pitch 2020 + Stadiums by Makidan14


eFootball PES 20 FrostBite Pitch 2020 + Stadiums For PC

This mod by Makidan14 [is not similar to FrostBite Pitch Final] includes new 2020 FrostBite Pitch for all stadiums and extra pitches for Stamford Bridge, Bernabeu, Donbass Arena and more.

Download Frostbite 2020 Pitch For PES20

PES 2020 eTurf Super-Global Mod by endo


PES 2020 PC eTurf Super-Global 1.0 Beta 1 by endo

Is an attempt to create a universal turf mod for all stadiums of stadiumserver;
optimized for various stadium’s authors;
work fine together with eTurf v2.0 (live cpk version);
may contain different bugs.

Download eTurf Super-Global beta PES20

PES 2020 eTurf v2.0 Beta by endo


eTurf 2.0 Beta For eFootball PES 2020 by endo

Beta 2:

Download eTurf v2.0 Beta New Design For PES20

– noise effect reworked and reduced
– color optimized
– reworked 3d grass pitch effect
– work still in progress
– full support datapack 3.xx

eTurf v1.8 For PES 2020 by endo


eTurf v1.8 Mod For eFootball PES 2020 PC by endo

Download eTurf 1.8 For PES2020

Standalone version (AIO) all in one.
New main turf texture (original Konami texture reworked)
Authentic Konami normal map and speculars
Corrected level of red channel (for more green palette)
Other small fixes. Screenshots in HQ are here.

eTurf v1.7 Redux Edition For PES 2020 by endo


PES 2020 eTurf v1.7 Redux Edition For PC by endo

New high detailed main turf texture
New normal map and specular mask
New color filter (authentic KONAMI PES 2016 PS4 palette)
More bumps and new pitch details

Preview PES20 eTurf v1.7 Edition

Standalone version (AIO) ~ NOT FOR STADIUM-SERVER ~ only for KONAMI stadiums!

eTurf v1.6 For PES 2020 by endo


eTurf 1.6 For eFootball PES 2020 PC by endo

Preview PES20 eTurf Mod 1.6 For PC

This is a standalone version (AIO) all in one with new colors and other small innovations, in cpk and Sider version, only for KONAMI stadiums! NOT FOR STADIUM-SERVER.

PES 2020 eTurf v1.5 Final by endo


eFootball PES 2020 eTurf 1.5 Final by endo (as Cpk, for Sider)

Download Update eTurf Version 1.5

Standalone AIO – all in one, no need previous versions.

– revised speculars and normal map
– improved pitch detail