New Pitch For PES 2019 by Jostike Games


New Pitch For Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 by Jostike Games

Download Pitch Mod PES2019

PES 2019 Uniturf v0.2 For Stadium Server by Endo


PES 2019 Uniturf 0.2 by Endo For Stadium Server

Download PES 2019 Uniturf for Stadium Server v0.2 by Endo

This new version includes new fake pitch model, details and other small updates.

PES 2019 Enhanced Turf Pack REDUX Edition 5.2.1 Fix by Endo


Enhanced Turf Pack REDUX Edition V5.2.1 by Endo For PES19

Download Turf Pack PES2019 REDUX Edition 5.2.1 Fixed

Uniturf v0.1 Beta For PES 2019 by Endo


PES 2019 Uniturf Version 0.1 For StadiumServer Only by Endo

Download PES19 Uniturf Mod V0.1

Q: What is this?
A: An effort to create the only one general pitch set for all stadiums by different authors
for stadium server only!!!

Enhanced Turf Pack v5.2 REDUX Edition For PES 2019 by Endo


Enhanced Turf Pack 5.2 REDUX Edition AIOFor PES 19 by Endo

Download PES19 REDUX Edition Update 5.2 For PC

– added better 3D effect, more dense of grass
– other fixes and improvements
– standalone version AIO
– full compatible with Stadiums by MjTs-140914 and Data pack 5.1

Evo Real Turf For PES 2019 by Juan Manuel Martinez


PES 2019 PC Evo Real Turf by Juan Manuel Martinez

# Attention: For this mod to work, you should download the links below. In the links you will find the Stadiums + Evo Real Turf in format .cpk or .rar already included
# Just extract and put in your folder “stadium-server”

Let’s start with Ennio Tardini Stadium (Roof Fixed)


PES 19 Enhanced Turf Pack 5.1 Update by Endo


Enhanced Turf Pack Update v5.1 by Endo For PES 2019

Download cc turf 5.1 upd

– turf pattern, contrast and bump corrected.
– natural color, quiet tone, emerald shade, full removed vibrance affect.
– you can try to set conrast between 54-56, in game menu settings.

PES 2019 Blend of Turf Real Mexico and Endo 5.0


Blend Turf Real Mexico and Endo Turf’s 5.0 For PES 2019 PC

Download Turf Mixed with Endo

– more greener grass
– 3D pitch
– all stadiums have the perfect turf, I said all stadiums!
– compatible with Stadium MJTS

Enhanced Turf Pack v5 For PES 2019 by Endo (AIO)


PES 2019 PC Enhanced Turf Pack AIO Version 5 For by Endo

Download New Style Turfs Update 5.0

PES 2019 Enhanced Turf Real Mexico by Juan Manuel Martinez


Enhanced Turf Real Mexico To PES 2019 MJTS Stadiums

Download Beautiful Pitch 2019

Compatible with all MJTS stadiums.